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O.J.'s Publisher to Media: My S**t Don't Stink

11/17/2006 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judith Regan isthisclose to nailing herself on a cross. The embattled publisher, who is taking some nuclear heat for publishing the O.J. Simpson book, "If I Did It," went on her Sirius radio show today to defend her vilified actions. With her producer, Howie, pumping her up, Regan accused the media of just being jealous. Oh yeah, we wish we could support killers too!

"It's shocking how disorganized they are in their thinking ... in terms of the media," Regan opined. "They literally invented this notion that I paid him $3.5 million, which I did not."

No, she says, she "contracted with a third party for the rights."

And there's this dish on Judith: Sources tell TMZ that after she saw "The Devil Wears Prada," she wanted to become the Meryl Streep character. In fact, we're told she adopted the habit of walking into her office and flinging her bag and coat onto her assistant's desk -- an assistant, sources say, Regan referred to as "hot." A Regan rep adds: "I never saw her do that."


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12 years ago, a mother of two and a vital young man were brutally murdered – and more women are assaulted, raped and murdered every day. Domestic violence is a huge problem in this country. I wish Fox and Judith Regan would stop exploiting this tragedy!

If anyone wants to email the network and ask them NOT to air this special the address is or You can also call Fox at 310/369-3553, its Viewer Comment Line at 310/369-3066, or its Entertainment President Peter Liguori at 310/369-1000.

2840 days ago


What kind of a sick f*ck do you have to be to write a book about how you would have killed someone? I wish there was something the Brown family could do to prevent this from being published. What a moneygrubbing a-hole. Is he that hard up for money and publicity that we have to hear more of his crap?

2840 days ago


TMZ, please stop giving this vile, piece of $hit attention. Don't you think if we ignored this pompous a$$hole, he just might go away??

There is nothing anyone can do, he was aquitted, he lost the Civil Case, yes he owes the Brown family and the Goldman family all proceeds should have gone to the families. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. The media is fueling this rotten scum bag with all the fire he needs to get more attention. Let's stop this nonsense and ignore this worm.

I can't believe I spent this much time commenting on this slimeball. Let's just stop it already.

2840 days ago


So does the Goldman family get all the profits from this heinous book?
Paging Mr. Goldman! Get your lawyers out there and get what you can.
I can't believe someone hasn't taken OJ out and beaten him to a pulp yet...just because.
He has no filter, no shame no nothing. Can you imagine what his kids will think? God help them.

2840 days ago


they seem as if they deserve each other.....but if i were her, id watch my throat...ummmmm, i mean back.

2840 days ago


I don't blame Harvey Levin for having a story on here regarding this. Didn't he cover the trial for many months? I saw him on television call O.J. a piece of garbage. I believe that was the comment. I thought that was an overstatement. I don't believe it is giving time to anyone-the "publisher" and the "writer" already are pushing this in the public's faces. When people say "get past it already" I always wonder if the families that were left behind will ever feel that way? Of course not. Once again the psychopath is dredging everything up-literally.

By the way many years ago I used to work with Eric Spencer and I remember Mr. Levin being very nice to everyone-Mr. Spencer as I remember was a friend.

2840 days ago


Everything has its limits and Judith has crossed a serious line here. A third party is necessary so OJ doesn't have the cash taken from him and given to the people he lost the civil suit to. Judith is now washed in the blood of the victims who died at the hands of OJ.

2840 days ago

patty cake    

Tony Soprano's crew needs to buy this bitch a pair of brick Jimmy Choos and take her for a swim in the Hudson

2840 days ago


#19 I didn't intend to make it seem as if the families "should get past it", I was referring to the Media/TV/Blogs. Personally, I think the more attention you pay to something/someone/a$$hole$ they feed off it and want more.

I understand Harvey covered the story along with Court TV, I watched the trial every night when I got in from work and got the updates throughout the day. I was repulsed by the verdict. I just don't care to continue dealing with someone and there is nothing that can be done. It seems a waste of time, effort and energy.

I'm sure the families will never get past something like this, their lives were affected by a great loss of life. My heart goes out to them to have to continue to deal with this idiot.

Have a great weekend, "see" you Monday.

2840 days ago

Roy Wolin    

I am hoping that there would be recourse if the "killer" tries to have the money go to his 2 kids.

There should be a boycott on the Fox network by decent people.

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC should capitalize on this outrage.

2840 days ago

coco puff    

I like judy reagan, you like? I want make sexy time with oj and her.

2840 days ago


How DARE she publish this book?! Apparently, it is all about $$$ for her--It is pure filth. The poor Brown and Goldman family STILL deal--on a daily basis--with the loss of their family members.

2840 days ago

coco puff    

OJ's a innocent man and was set up the racist LA police. All you dumb crackers are stupid. My mans gonna make a sh*t load of money and that Jew Goldman ain't gettin sh*t. HA HA HA!!!

2840 days ago


She has no taste or class. A money grubbing whore. Anyone who spends a penny to make her rich off this sleaze book is just as bad as she and OJ are. Disgusting people!

2840 days ago

Heaven Nose    

I loved OJ as Norberg in The Naked Gun. He's a very comical person, even though he is a ruthless killer.

Black guy kills white woman, of course he's guilty ;)

2840 days ago
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