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O.J.'s Publisher to Media: My S**t Don't Stink

11/17/2006 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judith Regan isthisclose to nailing herself on a cross. The embattled publisher, who is taking some nuclear heat for publishing the O.J. Simpson book, "If I Did It," went on her Sirius radio show today to defend her vilified actions. With her producer, Howie, pumping her up, Regan accused the media of just being jealous. Oh yeah, we wish we could support killers too!

"It's shocking how disorganized they are in their thinking ... in terms of the media," Regan opined. "They literally invented this notion that I paid him $3.5 million, which I did not."

No, she says, she "contracted with a third party for the rights."

And there's this dish on Judith: Sources tell TMZ that after she saw "The Devil Wears Prada," she wanted to become the Meryl Streep character. In fact, we're told she adopted the habit of walking into her office and flinging her bag and coat onto her assistant's desk -- an assistant, sources say, Regan referred to as "hot." A Regan rep adds: "I never saw her do that."


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A 'how I'd have done it': O.J. Simpson writes a book

By Edward Wyatt / The New York Times
Published: November 15, 2006

Judith Regan, whose publishing imprint, ReganBooks, will release Simpson's book Nov. 30, also conducted the television interviews, which will be broadcast on Fox in two one-hour segments on Nov. 27 and Nov. 29. ReganBooks and Fox are owned by News Corp.
According to a news release, the book and the TV special, which has a working title of "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," will depict Simpson describing "how he would have carried out the murders he has vehemently denied committing for over a decade."
In its news release, the network quoted Mike Darnell, executive vice president for alternative programming, who said: "This is an interview that no one thought would ever happen. It's the definitive last chapter in the trial of the century."
At least one other network said it had passed on the chance to bid on the TV special because it thought the content was of questionable taste.
This is the sleaziest and most disgusting thing I have heard in a long time. Newscorp should be ashamed of helping Simpson to profit from the murders we all know he committed. Ms. Regan is basically a Newscorp puppet helping facilitate the corporate greed. I’m sure some will buy this book, but I will not be one to do so.

I think the powers that be at Fox TV should know how the public, their viewers, feel about giving airtime to OJ. I am writing to let them know I will not watch the planned interview specials or any of their other programming for that matter. In addition, I think a boycott of the products of any sponsor of this program would also be a good idea.

Mike Darnell, mentioned in the above article can be reached via email at or snail mail to Mike Darnell, Exec VP Alternative Programming, 10201 W. Pico Blvd. - Bldg 100, Los Angeles CA 90069. Mr. Darnell’s superiors, co-presidents of Fox TV should also be informed. They can be emailed at the following addresses: & Both Mr. Newman and Ms. Walden receive snail mail at Fox Television, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Bldg. 88 Rm. 259, Los Angeles CA 90069.

2842 days ago


BOYCOTT the Book

BOYCOTT any media attention re: OJ and the book.

Show TMZ!

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2842 days ago


Regan, you are scum for making this book happen. 'nuff said.

2842 days ago


Man, JUDITH REGAN is one SKANKY bitch! Her friggen "explanations" and such are her RATIONALIZATIONS for being a complete & total douche bag! I'm all for freedom of the press and I wouldn't ever say this book should be banned, but I sure as hell hope it is BOYCOTTED!

This bitch is so full of herself & she's got a whole bunch of folks out there making excuses for her sorry, lame ass. I'm an avid reader and I've made a note to myself and to all of my friends who read NOT to buy jack from ReganBooks or HarperCollins -- a company who supports this skank despite the millions of people they offend to the core for the sake of more bucks in the coffers.

SKANKY BITCH Judy!! Stop rationalizing your bullshit. Obviously babe -- peeps can see U for who you are -- rich white trash.

2842 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Just remember everyone, this is a demand-fueled economy. All everyone has to do is do not buy the book, tell the advertisers you won't buy their products, and O.J., who is a killer by the way, will go away.

2842 days ago


Hey there JorgeRod, I'm totally with you. There is nothing that this slimy Regan bitch can say to justify her actions. She's just some powerful mogul who thinks she untouchable. As I was just saying to my husband, the only way to let Judy Regan & the scumbags at Fox know that it isn't working is to NOT buy their books or watch the shows.

I don't care if she negotiated this through a 3rd party or if she gave simpson 3.5 cents. the point is that she is publishing something which goes beyond the boundaries of decency. Just seeing simpson over the years always laughing in the face of the verdict & trashing the Browns & Goldmans & always trying something new to stick his murdering face in the limelight is gruesome enough. But not for Judith Regan who has to go publish this vulgar crapola that rips the scars off wounds not even healed is just gross.

Don't buy the book; don't watch her interview!! Boycott, Boycott, Boycott1

2842 days ago

Allred Tree    

If you can wait, just wait until it hits the dollar stores. By then anything of any interest will have been so overly talked about , broadcast (whether by t.v., radio, internet, BLOGS, etc.) that you probably won't even want to spend a dollar and will be thrilled you spent the money on a different book that has nothing to do with this publisher or her company or anything to do with this case. A nice, current dictionary, bi-lingual perhaps for a suggestion.

2842 days ago


I was at Border's yesterday & I bought the McGreevey book for a friend who i thought would like to have it. Well i noticed it was published by REgan books so today I returned it and got my money back. I'm never spending another time on any book published by Regan books or any of Harper collins other companies.

2842 days ago

mahaatma the end, it's all good.....for whatever reason the spotlight is now on OJ's fat, lazy, lying ass again, just the way he wants it.....maybe this time, though, will be enough to bring out the deranged murderer in someone watching this circus....somebody sick of his shit.....maybe this time it's OJ that gets offed.......maybe Sidney will do it......she's been more than a little violent lately, dontcha think?.....if it wasn't Judith Regan and Fox, it'd be somebody else.......he WILL get his......karma's a bitch......

2842 days ago


#49 -- Right on! i was gonna buy this book on Amazon by this comedian I like but when i saw it was pubbed by Regan books i bought something else instead.

#50-- You are totally correctemundo!! Whatever is in that book will be talked about to death in the media so even if you are curious , your curiosity will be satisfied a thousand times over and then some. So, no need to spend a penny on supporting a shitty company like Rregan books who doesn't care who they hurt. Judy is a nasty biotch!!

2842 days ago

K Baker    

To say that NO ONE will buy the book is absurd.............but, the majority of the population will not buy it!!!
Maybe people will browse at it in discust while in the local book stores, if it makes it that far.
I am sure we all never have to worry about it being in the public libraries...or there will be protests, for sure!!!
I can not believe that this publisher didn't KNOW what she was up against and what to expect, BEFORE, making this severe decision.........she did know, and she got what she asked for!!!!
There are so many, many, subjects in this world that as she says"need to be MADE KNOWN"
Her definition of a publisher.............
If this publisher thinks that she exposed someone in order to HELP the abuse on women in this world???????
Was that a last minute excuse or what?
Better that she write her OWN story or publish many books on the subject from the victims!!!!
I have a feeling she is going to be on to another profession...volunteer work at a woman's shelter possibly?
Or maybe this is all a ploy to become famous and interesting enough that people will buy her own book, a secret desire...........
All I have to conclude is.............
She made a slpit second decision that will change her life and the lives of the victims in this sad, terribly sad, event in history!!!
We all support the victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2842 days ago


O.J. just remember what goes around comes around. Your late Mother must have been so proud of you.

You day is coming OJ. We can only hope you have a more painful and lingering death than Nicole and Ron did. At least you killed them quickly.

And to write this book while you have 2 children by Nicole is just sick.

2842 days ago


#52 -- Yeah, looking at the book in disgust is what i hope will happen. And you are right, OF COURSE Judith Regan knew what she was up against, but she's a power mogul & things that boundaries and decency are meant for other people and she is invincible, ya know?? She's used to operating outside of the box and so she figures she'll take some slack & make some millions and go about her own sleazy ways. I hope people will stop this heartless B**ch in her trax.

I hope the book has the shelf life of expired milk and her books end up in the remaindered bin or better yet in the gar-bahge!!

For anyone out there who is sick of rich pieces of crap like JR making their own rules, send her a message and don't buy the piece of crap she's peddling.

2842 days ago

Wendy babbitt    

With OJ's new great American novel, I can envision the late Johnny Cochran writing the endorsement on the back cover. His lawyers were such a bunch of arrogant schmucks. First, there's Bob Shapiro who had some dorky picture of him and his wife in a hot tub in People Magazine while this crap was going on. Then there's the publicity slut Al Dershowitz, who no doubt opines in his sleep. Then we have F. Lee Bailey -- glub, glub, glub. And finally, the ever so pious Barry Scheck, who ironically runs the "Innocence Project." Hope you guys are enjoying the money. Thailand's supposed to be nice this time of year.

And as for editrix Judy Regan , she likes to work closely with her auteurs for purely chaste reasons. Somehow, I'm comfortable with her working that closely with OJ. I wonder if anyone will show up at her funeral.

2842 days ago


I surely do stink!

2842 days ago
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