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O.J.'s Publisher to Media: My S**t Don't Stink

11/17/2006 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judith Regan isthisclose to nailing herself on a cross. The embattled publisher, who is taking some nuclear heat for publishing the O.J. Simpson book, "If I Did It," went on her Sirius radio show today to defend her vilified actions. With her producer, Howie, pumping her up, Regan accused the media of just being jealous. Oh yeah, we wish we could support killers too!

"It's shocking how disorganized they are in their thinking ... in terms of the media," Regan opined. "They literally invented this notion that I paid him $3.5 million, which I did not."

No, she says, she "contracted with a third party for the rights."

And there's this dish on Judith: Sources tell TMZ that after she saw "The Devil Wears Prada," she wanted to become the Meryl Streep character. In fact, we're told she adopted the habit of walking into her office and flinging her bag and coat onto her assistant's desk -- an assistant, sources say, Regan referred to as "hot." A Regan rep adds: "I never saw her do that."


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Mad Balls    

Quick ....

.....while his hands

.....are up

" CUFF "EM "

Quiet Waters shhhhhhhhhhhh.

2865 days ago


The sheer panic and terror that Nicole and Ron went through in that violent attack on them that left Nicole almost decapitated and put so many peoples lives on an unalterable path of sadness and utter loss is beyond words.

To allow Simpson the priviledge of the 1st ammendment is the saddest part of all.

Our great country is founded on the strength of men and womens sacrifices and the sweat and ingenuity of great people and first and foremost the grace of God.

So although he gets to excerise the rights of our constitution it is our right to stand up to people like him and this publisher and say ENOUGH!!!

Yes, I am curious and I do think this is an altered confession as we know he will censor himself. I am in the field of security and have been in law enforcement for going on 20 years.

I have a deep deep feeling of contempt and absolute disgust to see people attempting to make a profit from an unspeakable act.

To begin to try and understand what Nicole and Ron went through it helps to go to and read through some of the horrific cases there.

It will make you sick to your stomach and give just a sliver of a glimpse into the depravity that man is capable of commiting upon each other.

The evidence told the story and unfortunantly it was not presented as well as it could have been, obviously.

But it revealed the truth of how they were killed and it revealed who killed them.

There lives, their dreams everything was taken from them with no regard. Let us never forget the true victims in this and all the people who were profoundly and forever impacted by this.

Don't let the person responsible for this or anyone profit from this.

I am not sure but I think the Goldmans and Browns don't really want the money they feel that this is the only thing that Simpson will truly feel a loss for, money.

How sad.

2865 days ago


JUDITH REGAN: I've read all of your comments defending your actions and nothing you say changes what I think of you -- you are scum. Your statements are a bunch of rationalizations. The concept of the book "IF I DID IT" is sick. You are simply enabling this narcissistic bastard to grab the spotlight while you line your pockets con mucho dinero!! BASTA!! Do you really think people can't see you for who you are & your actions for what they are. get real, miss thing!!! Spin away, baby! Keep comin' up with those twisty little excuses and bullshit you got going down! It is so not working in mi casa!

I think you miss the point that this is deeply offensive. If this book had been written by someone respectable who had gotten an actual confession from simpson, and that person was comporting themselves in a respectable manner -- it might be diff. But hey, this is done in the most despicable way possible so keep spinning, baby and let your peons spin away for you too. You lie down with pigs you don't come up smelling like a rose. Ya know???

2865 days ago

Mad Balls    

I wonder if 200 years from now the page will load right and the " lets' go to prison Dynamic X ad right next to OJs' Big ass head wil still be there . Someguy in the future driving his space car and getting a BL8W J0b from a hot blonde from mars and will drain his dylethium crystal while laughing at the irony HAH HAH HA HA -- OJ and " LETS GO TO PRISON " HA AH AHHHH AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA .

2865 days ago

Bob Harvey    

Why the big interest? We all know how he did it (Mark Fuhrman told us that) and how he got away with it (Johnny Cochran is in hell right this very minute for that). There is no story, just a chance for this piece of garbage to profit.

2865 days ago


The 3.5 million dollars is being given to OJ and Nicole's children-who are adults right now. Who knows if they are expected to give some of it back to him? I wish his children had a spine and would refuse this money. Imagine being paid from a book written about how your father would have murdered your mother. The children need to remember their mother, cut their strings with their father and get real jobs. I rather work hard and earn my own money than to sell my soul for the money. OJ is wanting to be a celebrity again. He loves the attention. He will be on book tours. Shut him down. Do not give in to curiousity and listen to his message. He will be teasing you to put him back in the headlines.

2865 days ago


Rasheem- Fu&k you. Go move to Iran and you can hate all of us privleged white people from thousands of miles away. On behalf of all the whites and the Jews, we don't care what you think. You're probably more racist than we could ever be, and most likely a criminal. Go blow yourself

2865 days ago


This is disgusting! What really irks me is the local FOX affiliate news channel here in Dallas asked viewers for their opinion via email or phone about FOX's upcoming interview earlier this week. The results were astounding with a huge number of people vowing to stop watching any FOX program if this interview airs promoting this book. I have to say the newsman acted embarrassed when he told his audience that " FOX's decision was final and the interview would air. Although Channel 4 was obligated to support FOX's decision they were under no obligation not to report what the viewers thought ". So why bother asking what we want when they don't really care? Did this happen else where in the country on your local FOX affiliate news station? I honestly hope people stick by their threats but the cynic in me seriously doubts it.

2865 days ago


OJ - take care out there on your book tour as you crave attention! Some crazy might take the opportunity to make themself famous for being the one to off you; gaining their own chance for attention & a future book.

2865 days ago


What a sad, sick situation for his kids. I don't think $3.5 mill would be enough for the amount of therapy they need. Why does he do this to his kids? Let's see, 21 year old Sydney is at Boston University. Think she's gonna do well on her exams this semester?

2865 days ago


Why doesn't somebody do a Jack Ruby on this guy?

2865 days ago


Maybe OJ's coming......right between the eyes....Pick me, pick me.....
Where's....the assamahole' Mark Chapman...who shoots a great man for stardom.........where's the stardom seekers.....when you
need one ?
Disgusting...that the media seeks financial gain from promoting his book ..maybe Fox will help Charles his right to fame and fortune. what's up with the media pigs................uh...more money and ratings...
"Just say no to FOX "..
Anyone want to make t-shirts.....

2865 days ago


#62 I am sure that Johnny Crochan is in hell for getting OJ off. Please, you need spiritual guidence.

2864 days ago


America is a free country and if the woman wants to do an interview so what, if you don't like it don't watch it!!!!!!!! All the nasty comments and media hype is only making it more popular, so if people were smart they would just shut the hell up about it. People are dying everyday in Iraq yet, starving in africa, sex slavery in thailand get a life to all those people who cant focus on more important things!

2864 days ago


With all the interesting books around, why would anyone buy a piece of crap book by a double murderer? Judith Regan and Fox have a right to publish this piece of crap, but I hope it is a bust. I wouldn't read the putrid book if they paid me. A BOYCOTT is the way to go.

2864 days ago
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