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Victoria Steals TomKat's Thunder

11/18/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham: Click to watchThe end of days is here... well, at least the end of Katie Holmes' days as a free woman.

Today is the day Tom and Katie get married - finally - and the A-list guest-listers are going all out for the lavish ceremony. While guests like Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Brooke Shields looked classy and gave their well wishes to the couple as they left their hotel for the wedding, Victoria Beckham turned the paparazzi crush into the "Posh Show."

The former Spice Girl exited the Hassler Hotel with what can only be described as an oversized black plate wedged precariously on her head, posing for photos and turning the entranceway of the hotel into a fashion show.

With other guests like J. Lo, Richard Gere and Jenna Elfman in attendance, it sure sucks for them if they were sitting behind Beckham!

And in case you're wondering -- Cruise and Holmes have tied and knot and are officially husband and wife, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.


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Los Angeles Times quotes: Armani, who was among the guests, told The Associated Press that Cruise, then Holmes, walked down a stone ramp lined with flag bearers in medieval costumes and to the roll of drums.

He added that the 20-minute ceremony ended with ''a never-ending kiss'' that prompted some of the guests to shout ''stop, stop!'' unquote.

Sounds like some sort of a Hollywood movie. Sequel...the divorce.

2842 days ago

J Doe    

it looks like parasite WASNT invited !!
there are NO pics of her being there..she MUST BE PISSED, she does after all consider herself to be royalty..(yea right)

the scientology church must be dying to get their hands on paris's millions & gullable mind...

2842 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

To #11 and all that say they are not legally married because it's not official in the US. The other sites are posting that TOMKAT made it official prior to leaving for Italy.. I personally am bored of Tom's antics the past year and a half but COME ON PEOPLE do you really think that he and Katie wouldn't of made things proper and formal before this wedding. The media cluster ef''s everything for drama sake. I'm sure the both of them made sure their marriage would be official and legal before this ceremony in Italy.
Give them some credit for cryin out loud!!!

2842 days ago


Why wasn't Tom and Katie's hairdresser Oscar Blandi not there? If I remember, he did the infamous Vanity Fair cover.

2842 days ago


It is bad form NOT to wear a hat to a wedding if you're English. Ditto big horse races.

2842 days ago

Lenn K    

Vicky, please get something to eat or you will just blow away. Second thought maybe that hat will get you airborne. Tom and Katie, my God I believe were at the beginning of the Apocalypse because everything is just so crazy.

2842 days ago

Syl C.    

61. From what I understand Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson's and J. Lo's hairdresser did Katie's hair and rumor has hit O. Blandi was crushed. That doesn't surprise me from these two they're quite phony and discard people as if they were kleenex tissues. V. Beckham always outdoes everyone when it comes to functions no surprise there.

2842 days ago


oKay at least TOM had friends and former co stars there. No one from Katies previous movies were there. What happened. This chick better know who she is crossing ..getting married to Cruise doesnt mean she has immunity.

She will find herself in some very hot waters after the divorce. Is the hairderesser the reason JLO showed up at this wedding....poor oscar......:)

Before Tom , she wasnt even on any hollywierdo lists...She just bumped up the A list and is wearing desinger gear..spending like crazy.........I hope her settlement is generous.

What an interesting couple...ahhahahahhahah

2842 days ago


As for the Hat...How Rude...Not surpose to outdo the Bride...Dah...I think Tom gave Katie her Dream...Young Girl meets a Prince and they get married in a Castle...What every young women in love dreams of...I think he should of come in on a White Horse....With all the problems in the world it really so bad to just have a Dream for the Day???Geez we have tomorrow to go back to reality!!! And Life goes on.......

2842 days ago


first of all congrats to Tom and Katie... i've always thought from the very start that they were so cute together. you can see it in his face that she truly makes him happy and he feels alive... it's just we aren't use to seeing him like this.. i can't wait to see some wedding pics..... Second..victoria i know british wear big hats to big events and such.. i really hope she took it off during the wedding. but i doubt it... and it was completely rude to make it look as if it were a runway.. she could have just went in and out.. not stand there and pose for attention like the media whore she is.. that was just ignorant and shows lack of class.. it's the bride's day.. not your day to show off some god awful non eatting ass

2842 days ago


very nice 67.. love your comment.. i loved my wedding but if i had all the money and hook ups that they did i sure as hell would have had that whole fairy tale weddng they had....

2842 days ago


It looks like she has a huge pretzel on top of that silly hat! Boy she should have looked in the mirror before she went out in that. The only reason this skank is getting any attention is because she is kissing tomkat's alien asses for some bizzare reason!

2842 days ago


I wouldn't call showing up to a wedding looking like a cartoon character upstaging anyone, but then again this IS the bullshit wedding of the year so why not?

2842 days ago


When a photo is released, I bet Tom will look much thinner
than he did a few days ago -- thanks to photoshop.

2842 days ago

Jay Z    

Biggest publicity stunt ever!!! Most of the invitees don't know Tom or Katie, let alone each other. They were invited because of their public recognition factor.

2842 days ago
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