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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

11/20/2006 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry SeinfeldWith pal Jerry Seinfeld already Letterman's scheduled guest on Monday's "The Late Show," Michael Richards appeared via satellite to apologize for the shocking incident at the Laugh Factory on Friday night. TMZ obtained the horrifying video of Richards in a bigoted tirade against a heckler.

According to a source, Richards was close to tears during the apology.

Our cameras caught Seinfeld leaving the Ed Sullivan Theatre after taping his Letterman appearance. He told us, "It's all on the show tonight."

Seinfeld's reps confirmed to TMZ that "Michael appeared via satellite and apologized."


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I was never a fan on Seinfield anyway. I don't see what was so funny about acting stupid. The same thing with Jim Carrey.

I appreciate when people are honest about their bigotry and hatred. At least you know where they stand as opposed to people that smile in your face then stab you in your back. I wish more people would let the public know how they really feel up front and out loud, rather than say it behind your back or behind some anonymous computer name as happens here.

2857 days ago

Simon Weaselthaw    

The Jew Controlled Media Fabricated this whole story.

There were no negros in the audience.

2857 days ago


This guy is an A*HOLE pure and simple. I don't care what comedy he's done in the past...this was unacceptable.

2857 days ago



So friggin' what...they got there money back. Nobody cares if Michael said what he said...the ones who say they are offended really are happy.

another whiteboy MO FO

2857 days ago


Wow!!! Lots of angry people out there. Lets not get all worked up. Its simple, this guy is an idiot and he F'd up. We should not take the words of an idiot so seriously. He had to walk off the stage because the audience started to turn on him. That was the biggest statement of the night. There are lots of idiots out there. We should be glad that this one exposed himself and basically committed career suicide.

2857 days ago


You cannot condone a comment like "Cracker" as not being as bad as the word "Ni..g.r", it is all bad. You can not refer to the word slavery in the US without recognizing slavery throughout the world, including the jewish slaves in Egypt (which is on the continent of Africa) for over 400 years. It is ALL WRONG! You cannot have two black men calling each other "N...." as a term of endearment, then expect others not to use the word. You can not have 2 levels of acceptance, that is why there is so much contreversy over what is considered acceptable. You cannot have a comic like Chris Rock making racist jokes (and who really knows at what level of truth is in his jokes, he uses racist remarks a lot!) and then say it is okay because he is black. Racist comments to any race are offensive and inappropriate and if you cannot understand that, then you are not undestanding of other races. Each and every person in the US came to this country to escape from something painful; it is sad to dismiss the pain that other cultures have gone through just because they are not black. This incident was not about black suffering, it was a verbal altercation between a white man and some black men, it was offensive to all that were witness to it, but they, including Richard's acted like animals, were rude and vulger. That is what it is, and stop trying to make this a topic for the Reverend Al to come down on all people of races other than black.

2857 days ago

Realistic, not racist    

The guy in the audience needs to be accountable, as well. Haven't we all said things when we feel cornered and embarrassed, that we may have later regretted? There is plenty of racism in black comedy, but you never hear any feedback on that! Everybody howled when Richard Pryor used the "N" word. Chris Rock is the biggest racist I've ever heard. His routines are replete with deprecating remarks about white people. It's just another excuse for blacks to bitch about how bad they're treated. I'm sure you're all driving, or walking around, precious cell-phone in hand, bitchin' about this to anyone who'l listen, and the person on the other end is screeching "FOR REEEEEEEEL???"

2857 days ago


Richards comments were out of line. but Jeff raises an interesting point, black racial epithets are a remnant of historical prejudice against African-Americans by the whites whereas white racial epithets are not grounded in history.

While I understand his argument i don't think we should really distinguish between racist comments on either side, this is why. Although the n-word has it's roots in historical persecution, no one using it today participated in this activity. Also, white racial epithets are not grounded in historical prejudice but the idea of hatred behind them is the same. Surely blacks did not lynch whites en mass as Jeff pointed out, but not because the idea never crossed their minds as revenge against the truly horrible treatment they recieved in this country. The power dynamic within the culture here never would have allowed this to happen so instead of racial epithets with hints of persecution, whites can only be called names. The feeling behind the name is the same and I think it's shameful when anyone stoops to that level either to insult a person or to get a laugh.

2857 days ago


The sad part about it is, regardless of race,creed, color ( and I'm from da hood )
No one should be using the word, not even with an a at the end. Now to hear a celebrity say it, especially the way he went about it, makes him really look racist in people eyes.
Cancel Christmas Kramer!

2857 days ago


The bottom line is this. Who the hell isn't tired of walking on eggshells around every single minority, special interest group, or religious extremist. I can't stand this God forsaken political correctness. What other group of people wait for you to get close in your car and then just drag ass across the road so whitey can wait. The daily idiots yelling for reparations like they had Massa whipping their ass. I have nothing against an AMERICAN (not anything hyphen American, your either American or your not)who works and provides for their family. Do you see anyone bitching because they are Eastern-European-Americans. I need reparations because my immigrant great-grandparents were called stupid Pollacks, no get over it and move forward.

2857 days ago


"So friggin' what...they got there money back. Nobody cares if Michael said what he said...the ones who say they are offended really are happy.

another whiteboy MO FO

Posted at 7:20PM on Nov 20th 2006 by Gary"

You're missing th point...who the hell would want to go to a "comedy club" just to hear:

"50 years ago you were hanging upside down with a fork up your ass."

That's not entertainment in my opinion.

Richard was extremely irresponsible and could have endangered the welfare of the audience members in a riot situation. But luckily, the audience members were better than that - and calmy & simply left. (I know I would have FLEW off the handle...and probably would be arrested.)

Do you think I would want to be a white audience member in that audience after those comments....HELL NO!

He's obviously racist...duh, and I don't see him bouncing back from this...ever.

2857 days ago


Why didn't the heckler have to appologize? The jerk could dish it out, but he couldn't take it. Why does the one who started it get to set the limits?

2857 days ago


Michael Richards committed an egregious error in the comedian's book of protocol...he let a heckler get to him. You can see he tried to make jokes about it at first, but he let himself get buried before he could do what we usually do when there's hecklers around...turn a negative into a positive.

I have been doing standup for only 5 years on the circuit and have had my balls verbally busted by hecklers more times than I can count, and a lot of the old timers will tell you to turn it around on them so that everyone leaves with a smile, even the assholes who tried to get to you in the first place will eventually either leave or STFU and enjoy the show.

He didn't have to play the race card...he could have actually turned it into humor and played the over-the-top "cracker" nerdy whiteboy stereotype for a good part of his act. He used a slur to be edgy and it backfired on him really badly. I think he let Hollywood get to him to where he felt like he was invincible on the stage. Dude, you're a comedian and a are a jester, nobody is safe on the stage when it's all in jest. I hope other comedians out there don't let hecklers get to them like this and learn how to work it into the act. There's always gonna be hecklers in standup, and you can't let them ruffle you when you get interrupted.

2857 days ago


Syndication switched today's Seinfeld episode to the one where they act in haste and mistakenly take a handicapped persons parking spot. An outraged community overreacts and flips their car. Remember that one?

Nice try. I'm sure that's going to help us "laugh this one off".... (cynical chuckle)

2857 days ago


well said alice #13 i'm with you..

2857 days ago
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