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"I'm Not a Racist" -- Really?

11/21/2006 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a moment in Michael Richards' apology on Dave's show that you just gotta see. Richards, who went on an unbelievable racial tirade (and it was all caught on a tape exclusively obtained by TMZ), said "I'm not a racist. That's what's so insane about this."

Richards said his diatribe was the result of "free association," adding, "It fired out of me."


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blanco boy    

i heard the n's were saying that michael was a bust .his career was over and he wasn't funny and should take a hike ,,.probably with afew mf's thrown in ..
but we may never know ..
it's amazing how the media covers up for n's ..isn't it?

2892 days ago

j.r. holliday    

Not one word has been said about the black guys calling Michael a "White ass Cracker mother $#&@^# As a white man, being called Cracker is offensive to me! Where is my tmz or any other media support?

2892 days ago

Marge Temple    

Blanco Boy, You people wouldn't of had to "put up with us " as you say if your great, great, great, great, great, great, great,great grandfather would of left us in Africa, not turned us against our own
people by saying to each tribe that the other tribe are going to kill them and the only way to stop this is for one tribe to help the White Man enslave the other tribe, then the White Man comes back and enslaves the second tribe, then bought the black man here for free labor-SLAVERY,AND BRED LIKE ANIMALS, and stole the Red Mans land. You "W" folks ain't never done anything but kill and steal! You people should be 'ahead', Everything you have you got it free, by trickery and theft! Enjoy it now, because you better stop these 'foreigners' from coming over here and taking what you took! Marge Temple!

2892 days ago


I want to say that I am a racist. A racist against any person of any race who hates people for their color or origin. Last year I saw a guy with "white power" and other racist tattoos on his person try to start something with an all black taco bell crew. I would have gladly helped them kick his ass if it went there. I regret the time I didn't appologize to a hispanic boy who was minding his own business pumping his gas when a car drove around him and two white boys fliped him off and called him a "sandn*gger" I was so ashamed of my race. I though, "we were once immagrants too" but I don't understand why black racisim is accepted. just because they were in slavery 100 years ago or whatever. sure they have struggled since then, but they are making great proggress in overcomming it. but why is it that they are still so easily offended by it? I mean, there are no living former slaves to say "it brings back memories of those days" or whatever. sure I can't understand because I'm white.
How can you promote equal races and then flip out when a white guy drops the n-word yet you listen to music that promotes it (yes I know it's not accepted by all blacks, but why don't they take offense and do something about it?)

don't say I don't know racisim, I've been discriminated on plenty of times by black people, it ain't fun, and I don't like it either.

I don't know what they other guy was talking about that you can be racist and have black friends. thats stupid. I love all of my black friends and co-workers , they are great people, most of them don't let racisim phase them at all and it makes them that much cooler.

I base my feelings towards people on respect. I come into any situation with an open mind and and alittle respect, if they respect me and bounce it back then I build my respect on thiers, skys the limit. "respect earns respect" it's what I live by. if you can't respect that, then you are a peice of dirt no mater what color you are, white, black, red, yellow... and I'll take that and walk away, (I don't bounce disrespect)

now if you'll excuse me I'm going to watch The Kramer on Sienfield.

2892 days ago

Dick Willey    

I ain't racist. I just hate n*ggers.

2892 days ago

blanco boy    

to yeshana. # 310.
you know personal attacks are just a show of lack of argument..
also if im so ignorant ..let me say your post was ,,really enlightening about your intellegence..
what you meant to say i think was .."..ignorant people like yourself and richards " instead of " 'your selves?".
get an education need it a lot..

2892 days ago


To "Larry"... Ok, I couldn't resist but to come back and see if you would respond to my statement in 279. Your response was well constrained and sensible, albeit grammatically challenged. I am impressed. ;)

As for only poor people bragging about their self-worth, I guess you don't know too many people with money. Some of the richest people I know (multi-millionaires) are simultaneously the biggest braggarts. Admittedly, I am not rich. Rich to me is someone with at least an estimated wealth of $2 million. I'm not there yet. However, I still stand by my claim that I am probably more successful than you, which I am basing on the stances you are taking and the your use of the English language. Now you can continue to question my "professionalism" and doubt my claims, but I think deep down inside you know it's true. Good luck, Larry, some day you too may graduate college, find a beautiful woman, and actually live in a house.

I know I shouldn't be rubbing it in, because there is always someone out there who has it better. But for some reason, I am enjoying this...

2892 days ago


Bradley26 I agree. I do not understand where some of this revisionist history comes from. Since when did blacks build this country? Am I missing something? My undergrad degree is history but I never heard that before now. I think some of these comments are vicious, particularly those that result to name-calling. However, alot of whites are tired of blacks walking around as if they are still owed something by white America. Slavery could have been 4000 years ago and it wouldn't matter. It's never enough. It's interesting when you look at the asians who come to this country and can't even speak the language, yet most of them are Dr's, computer programmers, engineers, etc... That doesn't happen by walking around with a big chip on their shoulders. It does appear as if alot of blacks want something for nothing, hate whites and trust me, given the chance would treat us like dog crap.

2892 days ago


What he said was meant to offend and he said it on purpose. If you cant tell that from the video then you are in serious denial. With that said, blacks should stop playing the victims. The more you play the victims the more racism is going to stick around. The more blacks get up on stage and pick on whites the more whites are going to feel compelled to do the same. What white people did in the past has already had it effects, its time to fix things. Its not cool for blacks today to act as if they themselves were the slaves because most of them by this point HAVENT BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE. Slavery is over, its about time to start acting like it and stop blaming the man. If you want to advance in life u do what you have to do. Stop saying the white man is getting you down and using that as a crutch. Yes there is pleanty of racism out there, yes there are hard times, but you can fight back in a smarter way. Obviously complaining and blaming hasnt done a thing so how about educating your children and yourselves and taking over the freaking market. Like for example, Mexicans, if they keep taking the crap jobs and not learning how to speak english how the hell do they expect to get somewhere in America? They are going to be stuck cleaning toilets. MOVE UP IN LIFE. Dont worry about this stupid guy, after his comments he will get whats coming to him. Let him burn his own light. Live in reality and do something

2892 days ago


Actually BLANCO BOY I meant exactly what I said and I have an education it is unfortuanate that you on the other hand do not , read your own freaking post you sound just like what you are, a self loathing racist moron, probably from a white trash background, who gets off on spewing hate on a comment board because you would never have the courage to spew such hate and filth in front of any BLACK PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THIS BOARD!!! oh yeah you spelled my name incorrect , next time you send a blog put your dictionary by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2892 days ago


hey I didnt make 252? I did 250. or maybe it changed, at any rate what I see is there at 250.

what did I say that was wrong? unfair?? come on, talk to me.

papawahala, if that is your real name, I take a hardline stand against racism, and want the truth put out in the light for everyone to see. you should be thanking me for such openness and honesty.

what words of mine did I put out there that were bad?

Mark? why do you say that on a national forum? I met her before we became lovers and she had divorced me before you and I had even slept together, so get your facts straight, or I mean facts right.

2892 days ago

Tracey Lloyd    

Robert Van Horn: you just illustrated my entire point with your comment about "out of line blacks"

are Black people the only ones who heckle at comedy shows? NO.
Are Black people the only ones who call someone a motherfucker? NO.

Why, then, were they so "out of line"?

Oh, right, I forgot....Massa was talking....

2892 days ago


well put whiteboy. I'll be watching Kramer as well. I love Michael Richards and this incident changes nothing for me. I was shocked when I first saw the clip, but his apology seemed sincere and I accept that. While he was over the line I'm sure those idiot hecklers were pushing his buttons. Who wants to go to a club and listen to fools like that? Get over it boys.

2892 days ago


just a little something along the lines to think about here, imagine yourself being beaten down either verbally or physically by another "group/race", and still be manage to refrain yourself from either using verbal or thinking mental remarks towards that other person(s). Now if you can honestly say to yourself oh fuck yeah i can do that no problem,then honestly, you must be related to Jesus or someone of extrodinary mental, physical and verbal power. This man is clearly not a racist. I have absolutely nothing against any race. i am friends with people of origins like black, mexican, peurto rican, even people from iraq, that have just moved here that live in my area. Where the fuck is Borat then as well, why is he not on Letterman apologizing for his "horrid actions" and how for some reason can call an african american, "a genuine chocolate face"? That was fucking 2 hours of non-stop racial remarks, yet for some reason that can still all be funny to people. Even the white man still takes a beating. Even in my bathroom at school there is vandalism on the walls saying "you want the solution to world peace? SKIN THE WHITE MAN!" Am i going to public affairs, complaining about how im white and i am honestly am disgusted with things like this, no because skin color is nothing, absolute bullshit, people need to stop living in the past, and need to start living in the future. For fuck sakes this planet is falling to shit, and people are still concerned about racist remarks. Im sure racism will be a huge deal when were all floating in the fucking water figuring out how were going to continue treading water for the rest of our lives. An yes i am completely against the KKK, Skin Heads, White Power shit, its all a bunch of bullshit, few months back me and my jewish friends ending up beating a group of skin heads from my old school to a fucking pulp. reason being? they support something that is completely beyond the past, and if theres any skin heads or kkk members on here. Fuck yourself, if u want you can come on up here to canada, and ill fucking show you how a nice gold 9mm works! Have a nice day! and remember like forest gump said. "SHIT HAPPENS":)

2892 days ago


Hey Leslie thanks, good points, there were many blacks and other races who built up America. its wrong to say America was white and they used black slaves to build everything then never paid them, so we's all wants reparations

The Chinese came to the US by the zillions to take any work they could, so many of the Chinese men? it drove people to demand change to US immigration policy. A similar uproar has been taking place over Mexican labor recently.

But slavery? much of this was done fairly. no one can justify abuse of slaves, but slavery in itself is not what is so bad. Its hard to even talk about after the uprising of outraged blacks in America since the 70s, we had the tv special ROOTS to portray whitey in a bad way.

There has been now decades of revisionist history built up around what really took place with Blacks in America, the wrong and errored accounts show blacks always harmed, always discriminated against, but those fail to show how blacks as a community have acted or tend to act; where crime and bad reputation were earned, the label was not put on them unfairly.

We all know even with a wrong label, years of good action will be the real test of character. its unfortunate that black people do not get treated fairly.

but as of today? we needed to have the discussion, and Kramer helped spark the debate, he is a civil rights advocate that the late Dr MLK would be proud of

2892 days ago
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