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What the Hell is David Blaine Up to Now?

11/21/2006 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Blaine: Click to watchBlaine's back and doing what he does best -- performing somewhat lame stunts and passing them off as a magical feat -- this time it's being locked into a gyroscope suspended 50 feet over a concrete parking lot and spinning for four days.

To his credit, he will attempt to pull a Houdini and escape a padlock before 6:00 AM on Friday. If he is successful,100 children and their families (chosen by the Salvation Army) will receive a shopping spree at Target. Something tells us he won't let 100 needy families suffer on the day after Thanksgiving, but Blaine did fail in his last high profile stunt by not breaking the world record for holding his breath underwater. Blaine attempted to break the record after submerging himself in a water-filled sphere for seven days. The stunt proved to be more challenging than he originally envisioned, and it nearly cost him his life.

The "magician's" other stunts have included standing on a 100-foot pole for 35 hours, and being buried alive in a clear plastic coffin for a week. Poof.


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It isn't magic.
SO the poor kids get nothing if he doesn't get out? HoHoHo!

2891 days ago


This whole stunt was created by Target in an effort to cover their corporate asses over all of the Salvation Army flack they received by not letting the bell ringers stand in front of their stores! $Big deal $500.00 gift cards from a $57 billion corporation... They should be ashamed of their self-serving asses...

2891 days ago


He's whoring fo Target... plain and simple........A Target Whore....

2891 days ago


This is one very strange dude. There's people locked up
that are saner than this guy.

2891 days ago

Blaine is #1    

David Blaine DID stay in water for 7 days... and held his breathe LONGER than any other magician in the WORLD. That is FACT! His stunts are just what they claim to be... STUNTS! And if ten people make a dollar donation to Salvation Army, then MORE POWER TO HIM. Those who think he is lame, are probably confusing him with the other magician (the one that even Paris Hilton dissed). If Paris Hilton disses you when she's NOT drunk, you made the "ZZzzzz" list! lol

2891 days ago


this guys is a f***ing joke? hey david blaine, when the f*** are you going to perform a real magic trick? why don't you try shooting yourself in the head and see if you can come back to life or try to take an elephant's c**k up your ass you big homo. then and only then, we might give you some credibility. get a life you f***ing loser!

2891 days ago


What a dork. He should bang paris hilton without a condom! Now that would be a scary stunt!

2891 days ago


This guy has what these negative people who have commented on this article will NEVER have. He has guts, determination, and a desire to push the limits of his body and his mind. It's clear this is no magic trick, but the author of the article is obviously the idiot for saying so. I'm sure that the little pukes who are calling this guy names can't hold their breath for 30 seconds, much less the several minutes that Blaine has done. And I doubt the simple minds here can do ANYTHING for more than an hour or two in a row. You people just don't get it. And that's ok. Not everything in this world is done for you. I read these comments sometimes, and no matter what the article, the comments are usually the same. They are ugly and negative. And it's clear to me that the people who typically make "comments" are pathetic individuals who don't get enough attention to suit themselves.

2891 days ago


TMZ what's up with not having the Paris pukes story? Other sites have it???

2891 days ago


Someone give poor number 20 a life and a tissue! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! On a gossip web site bitching about mean people! What a turd!

2891 days ago


prof (number 20) then you are even more pathetic then the individuals you talk about. They are saying what they want and if they are SO pathetic (as you say )why give them attention?

2891 days ago

Dan S    

Who cares if he's an attention whore. Everyone watched Copperfield disappear the statue of liberty and walk through the Great Wall. Stunts are cool to watch. That's all there is to it, and if he wants to be the guy to watch, more power to him. And hey, he's whoring for charity... I'd say that's worth giving him another half-hour-special of fame.

You're all commenting on this article... you wouldn't have read it if you weren't remotely interested in Blaine's stunts in the first place. He's not claiming it's magic. If anything, he's claiming it's spiritual. And the core of that is simply a test of what a human being is capable of. Let a thrillseeker have his thrill, and everyone else can have one vicariously.

And in response to Kat,
Houdini didn't die attempting a stunt. He died of a ruptured appendix.

2891 days ago


I don't know why everyone is so down on this guy. I have a regular job and it's not so great. Yes, he likes the attention, but what he does is not harming anyone, so what's the big deal? I think it's kind of amazing that he can do all of this stuff. I would puke in the first minute on this gyro thing, I would freak out in a minute in a coffin, same with being underwater for days or isolated on a platform high above the ground. The stuff he does is very strange but people do a lot of strange things that aren't entertaining, and what he does is, to some, entertaining. It's certainly interesting and unusual, if not objectively entertaining to everyone. I kind of like this guy. He's strange. Everyone doesn't have to be the same.

2891 days ago

your all gay    

you are all such fruitcakes it is hard to believe, go put a bullet right in your shit for brain heads, eat shit and die you fuckin dipshits

2891 days ago

Syl C.    

I have tremendous respect for David Blaine and what he does. He is a very magical person and when I have seen him perform you lose thought of anyone or anything around you because he is that magical. He totally encompasses the mind. He is a good humanitarian and always reaches out for the normal joe's in this country. I hope it goes well for him. Good Luck David!

2891 days ago
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