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Brangelina's Wild Ride in Vietnam

11/24/2006 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie traded turkey for pho yesterday as they made a surprise visit to the capital city of Vietnam. But the parents of three –- and no doubt more – made things a little more interesting by cruising around Ho Chi Minh City on a motorbike, but sans protective headgear, if this photo is to be believed.

The couple swooped into Vietnam after a visit last week to Cambodia, where their adopted son Maddox was born. After their two-wheeled tour of the city, Brangelina dined on the native cuisine at a popular restaurant converted from an old temple. When asked by a reporter from a local newspaper about navigating the crazy streets of the old Saigon, Pitt replied, "There will be no problem."

Foxy Brown Bitches Out, Disses Jay-Z

Foxy Brown, never the world's foremost diplomat, burned bridges with her old record label (and its powerful honchos) during a recent radio interview and then got so obnoxious with her hosts that they had her tossed out of the studio. Page Six reports that during an interview with Power 105.1 radio in New York, the sassy rapper wouldn't acknowledge that she'd been dropped by Island/Def Jam records or that Jay-Z was upset over her lack of productivity in the studio. Upon further questioning, Brown blurted out, "What people don't know is that I initiated Def Jam ... they could never drop me. I am a multiplatinum artist." Then, when asked about the manicurist-assaulting charges on which she was convicted, Brown balked – and host Egypt wasn't having any more of Brown's 'tude, and threw her out of the studio.

Famous Kazakh to Borat: "I Like!"

Finally there's someone from Kazakhstan who actually likes Borat. A leading writer, Sapabek Asip-uly, has nominated actor and "Borat" creator Sacha Baron Cohen for a national award on Thursday, saying that the goofy, mustachioed fake-journalist has "managed to spark an immense interest of the whole world in Kazakhstan, something our authorities could not do during the years of independence." (Our thoughts exactly, Mr. Asip-uly.) And the novelist adds that if state officials can't laugh at themselves (and the fermented horse urine they drink and the young women they force into prostitution in their early teens, as Borat would say), then Kazakhstan "becomes a laughing stock."

Party Favors: Klum Child Has Enough Names for Entire Jolie-Pitt Family ... Brando Eats Powdered WHAT? ... Leo's Mom Stil Loves Gisele

Heidi Klum gave birth to her second son with singer Seal, a tot named Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, on Tuesday, reports Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin. According to Klum's official website, the baby was 8 lbs 11 ounces, and is "healthy, beautiful, and looks just like his mother." ... Charlie Sheen is auctioning off a letter Marlon Brando sent to him when Brando had to miss his 26th birthday party, and it's a doozy, reports Ben Widdicombe. "I'm feeling like a very large turd on a very thin stick ... I'm holed up in bed and taking everything from sled dog urine to powdered East Indian vulva." Even from the grave, Brando manages to shock ... Leonardo DiCaprio may have moved on from Gisele Bundchen, but his mom, if Page Six is to be believed, has not. After the Victoria's Secret show in L.A., Mrs. D and Gisele walked a dog the ex-couple shared.

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No Avatar


Foxy Brown there's a classy gal for you. Can you please just slither away so we never have to look at her no-talent ugly face again??

2898 days ago


Holie is nothing but a skank and she's not pretty. And no, doubt anyone is jealous of her. She never looks clean and she's now ruined Pitt and he's stuck with her because no one else will ever want him after he's been with that trash.

2898 days ago


No one will want Brad Pitt?? Are you on drugs or just stupid??
And no Angelina isn't pretty, she's drop dead gorgeous. I'm sure you're Victoria's Secret material yourself, right? Speaking of trash... if the shoe fits wear it Barb.

2898 days ago


angelina jolie is NOT that pretty....photoshopping does wonders. this picture is all natural with her looking skinny and knobby-knead. wonder you never see her in shorts...grossss.....

2898 days ago


No one will want Brad Pitt??? Barb, are you drunk? And Angie is not pretty??? Gosh, no, you're not drunk, you're certifiable...

The pic above is fab, even in candids this two look like they are shooting an ad. Love their freedom and unconventional ways.

2898 days ago


Shelly it sounds like you've come out of the closet and admitted you're not only ignorant but also a lesbian. AJ is not pretty, decent at best. I have to agree that she's a whore and one of the worst people ever. Every move they make, the media is called becuase they are starving for attention. Attention is the most important thing to them. If not, they'd give donations without anyone knowing like so many other good and decent people do. And condeming someone for what they think is so trash-like on your part and odds are you're sitting there with your bon-bons in your size 22 wide ass tent of a dress. Dumbass.

2898 days ago


but what about their kids?? the kids!!??!!??

2898 days ago


Be careful Sarah, if you think AJ is pretty Pache might accuse you of being a whore, lesbian, overweight and stupid. Sounds like someone is a tad jealous of Angelina doesn't it? And Pache you've got quite a command of the English language. I'll venture to guess you're a literature professor at an Ivy league college. ha ha ha ha ha

2898 days ago


I have to laugh at reading all of these posts. First of all, who in their right mind would be jealous of Angelina? I can't think of anyone or any reason why someone should/could be. And it's crazy to think she's beautiful, she's not. Crazy, yes.........beautiful, no. Brad never looks happy and never shows her any attention like he did to Jennifer and that says a lot. I feel sorry for him and feel sorry for the kids that seem to miss out on a normal childhood due to the parents carting them around everywhere instead of letting them have a normal life. They'll grow up screwed up just like the mama.

2898 days ago


All i have to say is if Jen gave him what he was looking for, he wouldn't had to look elsewhere. Brad actually looks more relaxed and happier then ever. Just because he doesn't have a perma-grin stuck to his face like he used to have for those stupid red carpet pictures with his boring ass ex-wife doesn't mean he's not happy.

2898 days ago


Just because Brad doesn't act like that screwball Cruise in public means nothing. Perhaps Angelina is secure enough in herself that she doesn't need to be groped in public to prove anything. And no, in the picture here is definitely not her best but the woman is beautiful. But the kids, how awful their lives must be, travelling the globe, seeing the world for themselves. Yeah that would sure suck. And as for the oldest 2, saved from a life of starvation. Those bastards Pitt and Jolie, how DARE they rescue children like that. I hope they don't turn out like their "mama" as you put it. Incredibly wealthy movie star, UN Goodwill Ambassador, doing her part to make the world a better place for kids. I say we need a few more screwballs like her, definitely more than we need people like you.

2898 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

HaHaHa. Some of you are clearly blind. They are TOGETHER, are always together. Angelina is flat out beautiful, no photoshopping here, no retouching, no shading, no nothing and she just glows, love has that effect on one. Brad looks the happiest he has in years, just doing his thing with his lady. No fake red carpet smiles for the cameras, just being himself and doing what he most clearly wants his life to be. It is sad that some women are describing Angelina as this or that, such bitterness indicates great self hate. Ask yourself, what is it about this woman with this man (neither of whom you personally know) that elicits such responses? How does their relationship threaten you? Why are you not supporting this couple, hoping that at least one relationship makes it against all odds? Don't you see that if they can make it work then there is hope for us all? Bitter unhappy feelings make bitter unhappy people.

2898 days ago


I don't care what anyone else thinks but for me personally Brad and Angelina are freaking HOT together. Hotter and better people together than they are apart.

Love them!

2898 days ago


Anelina is a real women. She's hot! All the JEALOUS women have arrived. They stink up the Angelina posts with all their freaking whining crap about how they aren't worthy of shinning this women's shoes. And how even if they went out a got plastic surgery they couldn't be a hot as she is. Their husband want to f*ck her so it hurts their feelings. OK not all women are threaten by her beauty, but all the ones that are come here to post and whine. They make up words that make them seem really pathetic. They think they're really sticking it to her when they just end up making themselves look jealous and petty. Real women don't need to feel superior, they all ready are.

Go jealous girls Go, We're all laughing at you!!!

2898 days ago

Ms Kris    

Every couple of days this week I saw stories "2 LYING, CHEATING, BODYGUARD BEATING UP ON ANYONE WHO MOVES" that they were here or there.





2898 days ago
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