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Dearest Mom or Mommie Dearest?

11/26/2006 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood mothers and daughters share a very special bond. Star moms are usually very particular about the way they raise their daughters, especially because they know the trials and tribulations their child will have to overcome from growing up in the spotlight. This sometimes forces that mother-daughter connection to grow stronger... but not always.
Demi moore and Talullah: click to launch
Sometimes money and attention interfere with the love, leaving only feuding and heartache. Here's a loving little look at some of Tinseltown's more famous celeb moms and their female offspring.


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There are other pictures of Zahara that are wonderful. I think she is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous actually. I think it is weird that people would post comments that are mean about children. Kind of sad.

2886 days ago



2886 days ago


(quote)I hope you can truly find a proffession one day that belongs to you, it truly saddens me every thing that occurs minoritys are put to association, the dynamics of this society needs some curing,and people that need love need people with love, and truly there is beautiful and not so attractive in every race and if people know about culture and understand human reaction and see differences with culture you would also know in general native indians that are now majority extinct and people wonder where the native population went will its all of us that have it in are genes , also there was some deformity that native tribes had including overbites with teeth overcrowding which was commen in some native tribes which if you had braces and there probably is someone in your family that could have an overbite and chances are there mixed with indian, including many blacks in this country also are mixed with indian and its quite unfair for people to suggest its the other way around , and us europeans do have deformitys ourselves also with are nose sometimes long and patruding bump, sometimes jaw line make goes inward because teeth go inward or thin lips, but if you think about all of this its only a deformity if you make it one even though all cultures have beautiful people outward and most important thing is within and I am talking about this for people to see wake up, we do have problems ourselves and to know we are human beings we all make mistakes and not to chastise each other on our mistakes, we all have hearts we bleed we cry,we need to love and care for one another and if you cannot see then my friend you need a change of heart, I hope we all can love not hate one another.
Posted at 4:45PM on Nov 26th 2006 by OBSERVER!!!! S.S (quote)

This has got to be the longest running sentence, as well as one that says absolutely nothing that I've ever seen.

2886 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

What a role model Angelina Jolie is for her two daughters; bi-sexual, druggie, anorexic, whore, home-wrecker....yea, go for it soon as you two grow up momma can show you both the ropes.....How do you feel about this Mr & Mrs Pitt Sr.?

2886 days ago


Gosh I'll be didn't even look like Demi to me. I thought the child was the star! I guess with that plethora of plastic surgery and the big sunglasses......

2886 days ago


Hey folks, the poster " OBSERVER" makes that same very long, ongoing, unending, no punctuation and nonsensical mini-book in other blogs beside this one.

OBSERVER, please get off the blogs and take a few classes on sentence structure and staying with the subject matter.

2886 days ago


Demi's kids look like aliens, the kind from space, not
the illegals. Also want to add that Observer's note makes
absolutely no sense whatsoever. I read it twice to try to figure it
out, but what in the hell, Indians and teeth, I was soooo confused.

Also agree with the comment angelina never cracks a smile, she must
be terribly unhappy. Just goes to show you being the sexist
woman boinking the sexiest man, having your own private jet and boo
koo bucks, won't make ya happy. Maybe it's all these negative
posts, LOL.

2886 days ago


TMZ is no longer a celebrity gossip site. It is now just a site for illiterate, red-neck bigots to type hate words about everyone regardless of the color of their skin, religion or whether they are little children. It is now a sick site and I feel sorry for all of you who obviously have mental problems. Get help or spend the rest of your lives being the miserable people you are. Why would anyone want to associate with these type of morons?

2886 days ago

Heaven Nose    

II see, and, ehum, what exactly is the point of this post?

"Heaven, Elbows and Ventral Esthetics Never Noticed Or Seen, Essholes."

2886 days ago


So this is where all the High School drop outs are during the day. Posting on TMZ. TMZ should have a poll asking if the poster has graduated High School and then flag the ones that have not. The rest of us could simply skip those posts and read the more literate ones. Your hate mail seems funny when you can't back it up with proper English. Or maybe that's your point. So over the top literate that you must be joking? Your message is getting lost in translation kids.

2886 days ago

Thinking in Type    

Actually, I am a lawyer. I probably have more education than our esteemed #39 poster. I am not "white".

2886 days ago

What the Heck!!!!!    

sattelite you have no business you jerk reposting my message what kind of a chicken are you, your such a pathetic human being.!!

2886 days ago


Yeah right you're a lawyer "Thinking..". What kind of loser a** Lawyer hangs out on TMZ blogs??? LOL Please tell me so I'll stay the hell away from your practice. And who the hell cares what color you are??? No one asked! Oh by the way I am a Rocket Scientist so I should know.

2886 days ago

Thinking in Type    

I'm a lawyer that has enough people working for me in order for me to be able to mess around on the internet. Unlike you, I don't have to work my ass off at the 7-11 or whatever "lucrative" employment you may actually be engaged in (that is, provided you are not sitting at home collecting welfare).

As far as having you as a client, don't worry, I am not likely to go out of business by not having you as a client. I don't handle bankruptcy or child support cases.

Finally, if I am a "loser" for visiting this site, what might you be since you also viist this site? Get a life!

2886 days ago


That doesn't even look like Demi.
Is she wearing her Grandfathers dentures?
Because if she paid for those chompers, she was RIPPED OFF!

2885 days ago
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