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Borat Wasn't Sexytime for Pam and Kid

11/28/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock and Pam AndersonPam Anderson and Kid Rock's short-lived marriage was doomed by Rock's "male insecurity and major anger issues," says a friend of Pam's – and it seems that Borat, of all people, might've been the final goofy straw.

As TMZ first reported, both Rock (real name: Bob Ritchie) and Anderson filed for divorce yesterday. And, according to a source in Page Six, the couple went to a screening of "Borat" at a Beverly Hills home two weeks ago, and Rock didn't like the movie one bit, screaming at Pam, "You're nothing but a whore! You're a slut! How could you do that movie?" in front of the assembled crowd after the film was shown. (Anderson plays the object of Borat's obsession in the film.)

And since that night, says the Post's source, "it has been icicles between them." Pam left her Malibu home Sunday with her sons and decamped to Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica until Rock takes his things and vacates the property. She posted a terse statement on her website yesterday reading, in part, "Unfortunately impossible." No word from Rock's rep on the incident.

Britney – "It's My Party, and I'll Slack if I Want to"

She spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday away from her kids, and now Britney Spears is slacking off from the studio as well. Though she was working late into the night at Sony Studios earlier this month in New York, Britney has been missing recording sessions of late because of her Paris Hilton-inspired nightcrawling. "The label [Jive Records] is very worried," says a source to Page Six. Britney has been telling pals, apparently, "I gave birth for 2 ½ years, and now I want to party." What's more, the pop tartlet tried to get Christina Aguilera's manager, Irving Azoff, to help create her new album and resurrect her career, but after she only offered him a 5 percent fee, Azoff balked. According to a rep, "[Britney] is not scheduled to record in L.A., and she never went to Irving."

Duff and Madden -- Dunzo

One of teendom's more visible couples – actress Hilary Duff and Joel Madden of "Good Charlotte" – have officially called it quits. The Chicago Tribune reported that Madden, during a guest DJ appearance at a club in the Windy City, talked about being a single guy, telling clubgoers that Duff had broken up with him ten days earlier and that their age difference (he's 27, she's 19) caused problems. Today, Star magazine confirms the split with his band's manager, who says, "Joel is, at present, single." No word yet from Duff's camp.

Burnett Touched by Engagement to Downey

Reality show uber-producer Mark Burnett and actress Roma Downey are engaged, according to their rep. Burnett proposed to Downey over Thanksgiving on a trip to Mexico. "They have never been happier," said publicist Jim Dowd. Added Burnett, "I have found my angel." (Awww.) Downey was the star of the long-running CBS series "Touched by an Angel," and Burnett is the producer of "Survivor," "The Apprenctice" and the recent "Gold Rush."

Party Favors: Could Bruno Be Nixed for Baron Cohen? ... OJ Getting Offers from Nets ... Erik Estrada Tries to Be Real Cop

All the publicity (good and bad) that "Borat" has generated could make it difficult for Sacha Baron Cohen to make his next movie, which features him as a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashionista, Bruno. The Los Angeles Times investigates the problems that Borat has caused for Bruno, including the fact that Baron Cohen's cover might now be permanently blown ... OJ Simpson is being hounded by networks for yet another "blockbuster" interview, says Rush & Molloy. What's more, there are hours and hours of tape, brokered by agent David Hans Schmidt, that might surface, which could provide a confession (yeah, right) ... Erik Estrada, who never learned how to use a gun properly the whole time he was on "CHiPs," will now be doing so. He joins La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, and other reality-show vets in Muncie, Ind., as they train to be officers in a new unscripted series for CBS.

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No Avatar


Britney's comment about "giving birth for the last 2 1/2 years" says it all!! She would rather go out and party than take responsibility for those babies!!! I bet she even regrets having them! If she's wanting sole custody of them; her lawyer should tell her to watch what she says!! Poor washed-up little girl (she's certainly not a woman)!

2855 days ago

tired of it all    

Kid Rock is just finding out that Anderson is a slut and a whore? Where has he been living for the past 10 years? DUH!

Britney wants to party because she has been pregnant for the past 2 years, girl you spread your legs to create those babies now be a f*cking adult and take care of them! Dumba** slut!

2855 days ago


Oh this is so made up, he dumped her because he was sick of her issuing a press release everytime she farted, she has no shame in trying to get her implants into the tabloids. He knew she was a whore when he married her, duh!

2855 days ago


Please, he dumped her when he saw how hideous and mishapen that freak's breasts are without air brushing. She's obviously a deeply disturbed and unhappy women to turn herself into that, god help her poor kids.

2855 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

I suspect that Britney will be washed up ere long. I can hardly wait! This little no-talent slut makes her new best friend Paris seem like a model of decorum--almost. These millionaires whores give "celebrity" a bad name.

2855 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Britt will never have a career again unless it is in the porn industry,and hanging with paris will most likly get her in that career,I would hope that no lable would touch her ,she will sell less C/Ds than her slum husband ,whitch we all know he sold less than 2000 copies,the way britts acting we should hope that the kids do go with there dad, she should pay child support,Did anyone think 5 years ago that this would happen to Britt?

2855 days ago


Britney has been anchored to her home for 2 and a half years. Sounds like Cabin Fever to me. Plus, before if she wanted to go out she would have to worry about Kevin lighting up a joint around the baby and if they went out together, seeing Kevin grind up against dirty whores who would actually touch that nasty dude.

Pamela didnt even sleep with Borat in the movie. He chased her around a CD store and a parking lot. All they did was show 3 seconds of her Tommy Lee DVD, which they made when they were MARRIED, and it wasnt even graphic footage. Yes, they poke fun of her not being a virgin, but ladies with 2 kids dont typically aren't virgins. Youre talking about a woman who installed a stripper pole in her kitchen , and you call her a slut NOW? Get these 2 on the Dr. Phil show!

2855 days ago


well hillary duff can not have broken up with *both* benji and joel...

2855 days ago


Hard to believe that Britney could throw away the one gift her ex-loser husband gave her. He actually made her an object of sympathy with the public and most people were pulling for her to make a comeback. But then, inexplicably, she starts to hang with and emulate the most reviled whoere on the planet? WTF is she thinking? WTF is her family telling her? Incredible... She's definitely done...

2855 days ago


Britt won't be a complete and total flop! She will always have a fan base. But she will never come close to being as big as she was! I don't see a Mariah like comeback in her future!

2855 days ago


I was a "party girl" until I had a kid. Then that all stopped and I made the mature choice to pour all my energy into my child, not into finding the next party hot spot. And she's doing this when her divorce is not even final? I think she wants Kevin to have at least partial custody so she's not stuck with the kids. Too bad, I thought just maybe she'd be a better mother than a singer or exhibitionist (whatever you call what she supposedly does).

Pam, let that loser go. Maybe you should try staying single for like a couple of weeks or something?

2855 days ago


No one had Britney Spears chained up in the basement of her mansion for 2 1/2 years. I highly doubt that K-Fed held a gun to her head when they were having unprotected sex and making babies. Britney was a mother, not a prisoner. Everything that happened to her for 2 1/2 years was of her choosing, so now it's the children who will pay the ultimate price and be brushed aside. Back in August the woman was singing the praises of domestic life to Matt Lauer, saying that she was proud to be a devoted wife and mother who stands by her man. Well, she has two little men at home who love her and need her to be present and sober. Britney is an opportunist who can turn her devotion on and off as it suits her own selfish desires.

2855 days ago

in the know    

When I first started reading this website I thought it was for purely entertainment purposes. Instead I discovered the site must be for housebound, severely depressed and very frustrated angry people. There is so much hate, and vicious comments left here, I think the people commenting could use more counseling than the celebrities they are bashing. FYII!!! These are total strangers which you never met and probably never will! Opinions are great, but pent up anger at strangers because of flaws in your own life is disturbing. Most of the people commenting on this site must be under 21 or desperate housewives. The people who are calling various celebrities trailer trash, write comments that only an uneducated person would write. The pot calling the kettle black. These celebrities whether you like them or not, had something you didn't. Charisma, talent and most of them are extremely hard working. Most wealthy socialites have used nannies for years while they attended social functions and continuous parties in the evening. It has gone on forever. Big deal. Britney is 24, immature , but a far better mother than many mothers I had contact with growing up. I guess you are alll perfect parents, never make bad choices, and are basically robots. Get out of the house more often please! This site is for entertainment not your daily therapy session.

2855 days ago


Why drag Borat into Kid Rocks divorce she did a film he like most americans didnt get the film so he got angry the dumb red neck. Ive never seen pam be a slut if looking good and not being a fat slb makes u a slut then bring on the sluts. Borat is amazing he showed americafor what it is a racist sexist homophobic country that it is. boo hoo joke o n you maybe youll watch what you sauy or do next time instead off sueing them like the people in the film "oh oh i didnt know it was afilm i signed away my likeness so i could be on reality tv but i thought being drunk and a woman hater was cool." till i saw it in the theaters. a holes

2855 days ago

north woods    

Pam needs to do all adult porn, then she can spread her hepatitis to all of em.
kidd can join in and film it.

2855 days ago
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