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Bored Borat -- I Did WHAT to Pam and Kid?

11/28/2006 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For a man usually observed in a state of superhuman animation, Sacha Baron Cohen -- aka Borat -- seemed supernaturally bored while waiting for his bags at LAX yesterday, and blissfully unaware that Borat's obsession with Pam Anderson may have inadvertently precipitated the Pam and Kid Rock breakup.

So just what is Cohen contemplating in this Rodin-esque pose? How he's going to once again dupe the world as Bruno, the gay Austrian fashionista? What to do with all the filthy lucre he's going to make from "Borat," which just crossed the $100 million mark in the U.S. box office?

Or, perhaps, how f***ing annoying air travel can be?


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Its NICE !!!
God who knew an Oxford educated man will have to stoop to doing a Russian accent to get laughs...

2888 days ago


Sasha Baron Cohen was a member of HABONIM, an openly ZIONIST youth movement, as reported by the Guardian:,,1869802,00.html...

Also note that all his bios, online and offline, include this line:

" Baron Cohen himself is Jewish and comes from an active Zionist background."

Which of course was provided by his PR (if he didn't like being portrayed as a Zionist, you bet it wouldn't be on his bio.)

I have also discovered that early in his career Cohen created a character similar to Borat. He was an ALBANIAN. Surprise surprise, the object of Cohen's racist, anti-Jewish tirades was another national from a predominantly Muslim country!

2888 days ago


So what, #1?

2888 days ago


I know what he's thinking!

"Hmmmmm, those dupes in 'Borat' were paid just a couple of hundred of dollars for screen time that any moderately-budgeted Hollywood movie would pay at least five figures. That means I made 'x' amount of dollars off those sad sacks. Maybe I should do the honorable thing and fairly pay them for their time. Wait! Me? Honorable? I make millions off exploiting people! Damn, that reminds me, I've got to call my investment banker and see how much return I've gotten for my investment in those diamond mines of Sierra Leone."

2888 days ago


I'f he knew about the situation, he'd probably be thinking what I'm thinking: "Kid Rock-get a life, or at least a f****** DVD player. Her 'other' movie has been out for years-and you're just hearing about it now?"

2888 days ago


#4, do your research, he did not go to Oxford, how dare you. I like!

2888 days ago


Poster #1 ... so what? So he believes in establishing and maintaining a Jewish homeland. That in itself is not a "racist" movement. The displacement of Palestinians is due to the wars that Israel had to partake in to DEFEND itself from it's neighbors. Learn your history and stop repeating stupid phrases you hear from your liberal friends.

Poster #3... you are stupid to infer that because Cohen is Jewish that he owns stake in a diamond mind. Sure, a relatively small number of Jews may do so, but what makes them different from Christians or Muslims who own similar interests?

Man, the double standards against Jews on these boards is pathetic.

2888 days ago


I can't believe people actually think this guy is funny.

2888 days ago


He's thinking about how stupid people are to pay to go watch Borat. The movie sucked! Had a few funny parts but overall was a loser....not that it isn't making him a fortune.

2888 days ago

U Know Who    

#3 Like your employer pays you fairly for your time .....right.

Or in the case (which I HIGHLY doubt) that YOU are the owner, you pay your employees EXTREMELY WELL. To the point you just BARELY turn a profit?

I'm sure you work for some benevolent, not for profit.


You're just a typical hateblogging hypocrite?

It's called capitalism ....child.
Is Bill Gates GIVING away XP yet?

2888 days ago


#8, he did graduate from Oxford, he did his thesis on Judism and the civil rights movement.

2887 days ago


#8, he did graduate from Oxford, he did his thesis on Judism and the civil rights movement.

2887 days ago


#5, man, you are way to trigger-happy with launching the anti-Semetic salvos. I wasn't making a jewelry-Jew connection with the diamond mine. I was making an exploitation connection, that is, SBC scrimps on paying those hapless souls who have made him a very, very rich man.

By the way, for those who think SBC is edgy and daring and brilliant, read this:

2887 days ago


#10, you are a typical American dimwit, Cambridge is not Oxford as Harvard is not Princeton, you Americans always speaking out of a**hole

2887 days ago

coco puff    

I like movie, you like? I think I go travel now. I not use to baggage, wife is dead now.

2887 days ago
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