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Is PETA the Cause of Pam and Kid's Split?

11/28/2006 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pam and Kid's GQ spread: Click to launchPamela Anderson's passion for animals might be one of the reasons she filed for divorce from Kid Rock. In an ironic case of bad timing, December's GQ Magazine crowned Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock their "Newlyweds of the Year." Sorry TomKat.

In the article, the trashtastic two were asked if Pam's work with animal rights had gotten Rock to abandon his love for hunting. Kid replied, "Now I shoot the deer and she saves it." A shocked Pam responded, "What did you say? That's divorce right there. You shoot anything, it's over."

They say meat is murder, and perhaps in Pam's case, also grounds for divorce.


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Some dude    

Man, if Pam and Kid can't make it, is there hope for any of us?

Anyone that didnt see this one coming should be punched in the face with sense.

2883 days ago


I guess they should have talked over their beliefs BEFORE getting married? It's like a hardcore atheist marrying a holy roller, except a deer rifle is involved. Nah, this wouldn't cause any friction...not at all!

2883 days ago

So Sick Of...    


2883 days ago

Heaven Nose    


Hey, Every A-hole Voting Elected Nerds, Not Ogres Silly Essholes.

2883 days ago

total awesomeness    

She is such an asshat...what does she think her impants were tested on?

2883 days ago


Good for Kid-if that is the case!

F***ing PETA activist are the absolute worst. their self-righteous drivel makes me want to vomit.

Fire up that rifle Kid...and club a seal while you are at it.

2883 days ago

the wise old owl    

Pam Anderson must have a revolving front door at her house. That way it's easier for the men in her life to come and go. She is a terrible role model for her sons. Her lack of respect for the institution of marraige is inexcusable. Let's hope her kids don't go looking for someone " just like Mommie " She needs to fire her stylist, and get rid of her make-up artist she pays $8,000 a day for. When she goes out she looks like a prostitute. SHe could really use some " CLASS".

She is one of those BIMBO's who just doesn't learn from past mistakes. She just keeps making them over and over again. My husband said he would " RUN " if she came anywhere near him. We already know she spreads hepititus and most likely has many strains of STD. No man with any CHARCATER would want to Marry that. Kid rock is no better. Talk about unattractive. He looks like a chicken. I would do hurdles and back flips to get away from that guy. He comes off like a stupid red neck.

Pam, you might want to take some advise from Christy Brinkly, Michelle Phieffer or Jaclyn Smith. They are older than you and look a hell of a lot better. Sometimes LESS is better.

My suggestion to you is DON'T GET MARRIED . You are not good at it. I do commend you for your support of animal rights. You seem to have a big heart.

But you really need do something about your " IMAGE ". As far as the $$ goes. They each have their own and plenty of it. There wont be any battle over that.. I am surprised Kid didn't know she was a whore and a slut BEFORE he married her. Dahhhh............

2883 days ago

blah blah blah    

All the more reason why one should compare likes, dislikes, interests in life, etc, etc.
Pamela is nothing more than a train wreck waiting to happen. She reminds me of another Anna Nicole Smith.
It's just a matter of time before she lands herself like ANNA.
She is so self absorbed if her lusts and wacky sex acts (and don't mind sharing them all publicly) that she don't even deserve top be a mother for god sake.
Just my own opinion!

2883 days ago


good move Kid!

there is no one in this world more onbnoxious than a PETA activist. Self-righteous little f***tards trying to persuade others of their morally superior position while ignoring all the other things they do that a reprehensible. and with pam that is a long list.

fire up that rifle Kid - and club a seal while you are at it...

2883 days ago


PETA is a disgusting organization.

2883 days ago


I don't understand why these A**HOLES are saying club a seal or kill a deer. THOSE ARE SICK *&%$. They call animal lovers hippies. Can't you do better YOU SICK PEOPLE. And again with these people that think it is o.k. to kill animals. DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS THAT CAN'T STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES. SICK.... As far as Pamela goes, for all you guys talking crap about her, you would probably be asking her out if you didn't know her. Sounds like jealous people to me.

2883 days ago


hmmmmmm........if it smells like tuna will she let kid eat it?

2883 days ago


f*** PETA and Pam Anderson...just came back from Elk hunting and have nice new fur in front of my fireplace...dont give up hunting for this whore

2883 days ago


Maybe she should have stayed home while she was in her first months of her pregnancy, instead of out on location making a movie! What is more important?

2883 days ago


Pam is great. I am glad she has enough self-respect to get rid of Kid Rock. I applaud her work for animal rights.

She is also very beautiful. I would be thrilled if my body looked like hers.

2883 days ago
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