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"Michael Richards" Gets His Ass Kicked

11/28/2006 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Still fuming over Michael Richards' tirade, WWE superstars JTG and Shad Gaspard (aka Cryme Tyme) decided to get even with the embattled comic by kicking the living crap out of him ... or at least someone who looks like him.

On last night's "Monday Night Raw," the WWE brutes lampooned the "Seinfeld" star's now infamous rant. In the sketch, the duo confronts a Kramer look-a-like after he calls them both the "n" word.

Let's just say ... it doesn't end with a friendly handshake.


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Well it wasn't funny to you, but it was HILARIOUS to me!!!

2888 days ago

Puh der Baer    

puttygirl, I'm an engineer with one of the largest telecom corporations in the world, and I've worked and traveled all over the world, able to speak two foreign languages well enough to get by, and several more th show politeness and that I'm not the "ugly american". I've got a degree, and have been back to college to for self-betterment (and it was paid by my company at the time).
I hardly qualify for white trash.
"Party girl". Woooo-hooooo!!!!! Party!!!! Party!!!!! Come'on guys, look at me!!!! Wooooooooo!!! PARTY!!!!!!

2888 days ago


Puh der Baer
You know something dude, you sit here and spew off all your accolades and etc about what degrees you have and what you have accomplished in life seeming to put yourself on a pedastol to make yourself seem better than anyone else at thier expense. Let me tell you something if you claim to be better and have a better education than most, why in the hell are you for one a racist pig, and # 2 why are you even following up this ignorance in the first place. Seems like an " intelligent" person would be here trying to spread peace and harmony instead of adding fuel to this redundancy. You are just 1 person out of a trillion people on this earth dude. You really think anyone cares about your opinions? No because at the end of the day you have no more power than the next person here. Your 1st amendment right only gives you the power that it says, to speak your mind and no one cares dude honestly. So be intelligent enough to exemplify intelligence and not hate, because to me all the education that you have had and all of the nice jobs that you have had just proves one thing, that you still are dumb and have some more social learning to do. Maybe you need to see Dr. Phil and have him try to help you with some of your hateful ways. Hate is so juvenile dude, and you need to grow up!

2888 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Touche', Dell!!! At least you show a bit more intelligence and don't take the lowroad with your rebuttal.
All I'll say in my defense is I brought up my "accolades" for partygirl...I really am far removed from white trash.
But kudos to you for putting me in my place without hitting below the belt.

2888 days ago

blah blah blah    

Seems like an " intelligent" person would be here trying to spread peace and harmony instead of adding fuel to this redundancy.
So be intelligent enough to exemplify intelligence and not hate,
Maybe you need to see Dr. Phil and have him try to help you with some of your hateful ways. Hate is so juvenile
Posted at 10:39AM on Nov 29th 2006 by Dell

POST #78 Deli
I applaud you with your post! For GOD"S sake, we need more people like you and I in this world. It would make such a better world for us to live in

Maybe TIRED OF ALL THIS MESS should read your post and act on it!

2888 days ago


Puh Da Baer
Dude, I'm black and honestly I dont hate anyone for color reasons. I dont hate you even if you dislike our color for any reason. I try to live life straight down the middle, like I stated earlier, it takes more to hate and less to love. I just thought that I would shake ya up a bit because a pet peve of mine is hating someone because of color? That to me is absurd, we should all try to put ourselves in others shoes sometimes just sit back and think about how things would be if we were in some other people's shoes sometimes. Like I always say, you never know what someone else goes through until you have walked in their shoes. But Im glad to see that you took my comment well, it shows that you dont have as much hate as you have the potential of having.

2888 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

I have a question for the black community. Why is it that you are so hellbent on not forgiving Michael Richards, or any other person that you feel disrespects your race? Why is it that the majority of you want to solve your problems with violence? These ARE the two main reasons why whites hold such dislike for you. None of you have gone through a generation of slavery, yet you hang on to it like a festering wound. You seem to forget that NONE of us were there EITHER, so why do you hate us for this? Some of you brag about us not wanting to meet up with you face to face because we're afraid of you and what you could do to us...MORE references to violence. Do you hear us saying this kind of crap to you? You all need to get over this now. There isn't a person among us who has not had a run-in with name calling of some sort, but if we all got as angry as you people did, and refused to let it go, there would be NO peace in the world. This is just too trivial an episode to make so many people so angry, and for the media to keep it going like this. There must be other, more important issues we can talk about. And as for Gloria Alred, this "grab all the spotlight I can" chick needs to give it a rest too. Her face is spewed everywhere these days. Must be nice to make money off everyone else's problems!

2888 days ago


WTF! Yeah, this will help fan the fires of racisum. Violence begets violence. GOD people. GET THE F**K over it.

Now I am just waiting for the black kids whom end up mortally wounding some white kid they thought they heard him say N***R.

Black folks need to stop harping on this subject, cuz it is done, over, and quit being an angry fool!

Race wars are a comin!

2888 days ago


Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the most racist people I have ever seen...and that's coming from a black guy!!!

2888 days ago


TO #63


2887 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

Go get some therapy dude! You need it big time. You are one good reason why people criticize your race. If you hate white people so much, go back to your homeland, eat a banana and CALM DOWN!

2887 days ago


I'm not racist but that idiot got exactly what was owed to him! I'm even white and agree with what cryme tyme done. If that would have been a different situation, I guess it really wouldn't have been that bad ?Would it? Why be racist? about anybody? There's no sense for it! ANybody else would have got the sh*t kicked out of them anyway!

2887 days ago


They edited out most of that video...its only a minute long here and its over 3 minutes on WWE's site.

2887 days ago

The Outcast Legend The Wolf    

Alright people, this is crazy. The two guys who beat up on the "comedian" (which btw, was an independent wrestler, NOT Michael Richards) are wrestlers, who play a role. They are a comedic "thug" team by the name of Cryme Tyme, who, while in a steriotipical way, are nothing more than a comedy act. They steal sh*t all the time from people, it is part of their "gimmick". Is it right to portay them as such? Hardly, but then again is it right for rappers to promote themselves in a similar way just to sell records? It was all just a joke skit, as a way for the WWE to get more people to watch their show and garner people talking about them. And guess what? It worked!

2887 days ago


LMAO @ the video. I love Cryme Tyme. This is what should have happened.

2887 days ago
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