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Claws Back at Rachel

11/28/2006 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie didn't waste any time responding -- in spectacularly bitchy fashion -- to her former stylist Rachel Zoe's statement to TMZ yesterday about their professional split.

On her MySpace blog, Richie took a page from the gossipistas and posted a not-so-blind item that makes a rather pointed reference to a "35 year old" (Zoe is 35) who, Richie alleges, has an eating disorder, from which Nicole herself has been rumored to suffer. Here's the unedited posting:

What 35 year old raisin face whispers her order of 3 peices of asparagus for dinner at Chateau everynight, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publisist instead of a nutritionist?
HINT: Her nickname is lettucecup..."

Zoe's reps had no comment on Richie's riposte. Yesterday, sources told TMZ that Zoe was unhappy with choices Richie had made in her life, and ended their working relationship. Zoe also told TMZ, "I have nothing but love for Nicole and wish her only health and happiness."


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Nicole should be thanking Rachel. Apparently because of RZ, Nicole was able to shed all those extra pounds and start to look human.

2863 days ago


Immature people.

2863 days ago


That's killer stuff! Don't mess with Nicole!

2863 days ago



2863 days ago


Sh*t - looks like she deleted all of her blogs. Does anyone have a transcript of her original blog?

2863 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Normally, I would be encouraging these two to settle their differences in the time honored tradition of the "bra and pantie pillow/tickle fight" but not this time: It be like watching survivors from a nazi death camp fighting--no "sexytime".

2863 days ago

Laurie R    

God, i love nicole. i loved her in the first season of the simple life and i do now. she was funny, witty and beeyotchy in that first show and it's good to see she still has it. you made the right choice nicole!! and it's good to see that w/that weight you lost, at least you didn't lose your giant balls!!! LOVE YA!!

2863 days ago


Nicole seriously looks like skin stressed over skeleton. She is in desperate need for professional help concerning her issues - not small issues --- mega issues. Rachel should not have even bothered publicizing any affiliation with this girl.

2863 days ago


Why is E.T. Ritchie calling someone else raisin face??

Look in the mirror, Nicole!

You are NO gem of the deep.

2863 days ago


Nicole is a no talent waste of time. TMZ should devote some time to young people who are doing something positive with their lives other than partying, sleeping around and acting like jackasses! What about the actresses/actors and singers who are washing dishes and waiting tables by day and trying to break into show biz. Enough with Spears, Hilton and Ritchie.

2863 days ago


It is bad enough that Nicole and her has been father use each other for publicity, and now she resorts to using her ex-hairdresser. The only raisin face I see is her. Who is she anyway? The real talents in the industry are home studying their craft instead of shopping and gossiping.

2863 days ago



2863 days ago


This was not a smart move of Nicole's part. After 2 years together, I'm sure Rachel has PLENTY of dirt on Nicole......she's asking for trouble.

NOT classy, Nicole....not at ALL

2863 days ago


True, but the way I see it - this is Miss Ritchie's first good move in a long time. I think this stylist was somewhat encouraging her to live dangerously.

But on another note - you know what I don't get? How come everyone pronounces Lionel Ritchie's last name "rich-ee" and pronounces Nicole's last name "Ree-chee"? It makes no damn sense. To me it just makes her look stupid carrying on, introducing yourself one way and your whole family is using using another way.

2863 days ago


Nicole needs to read what she wrote & take it into consideration for herself. EAT!!!

2863 days ago
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