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Hey Britney, Wake Up! You're Rich! And a Mom!

11/29/2006 6:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We started looking at the pictures of Britney at a Malibu gas station, and it got us to thinking...

Why is a woman who is reportedly worth $120 million...

1) ...driving a Porsche Boxster? (It's a $40,000 ride -- Paris drives a $400,000 Mercedes SLR MacLaren, ahem.)

2) ...pumping her own gas? (Aren't there people to do these things for her?)

3) ...going out in public without panties? (Aren't there people to put panties on her?)

What's the weirdest part of all this? Please help us decide!


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Mom of 3    

Britney deserves to have some down time sans Kevin and the kids. Being a Mom myself I TOTALLY understand what it's like to try to recapture your pre-baby self. People are so judgemental. I don't care how much money she has she's still a WOMAN that just got out of a marriage, just had 2 kids pretty much back to back and probably needs to find herself again. We may not agree with her choice of friends or wardrobe (or lack of) but it's not our business really. She can't help that she's photogged every flippin' minute. I feel for her and I hope she finds her way.
As for her kids... I think she's more than likely a GREAT Mom. I don't think she let Sean P. out her sight from the time he was born!! Give her a break... she's gone through a lot. Girl needs to find her groove again.

2883 days ago


I'd question her parenting skills instead of the car she drives. She was also driving a $30,000 Mini-Copper over the summer, so obviously she doesn't concern herself with makes and models. I'd say that's the only thing she has going for her right now.

2882 days ago


i think people need to cut her a break...personally i think she's just going through some kind of rebounding phase. kudos to her and her new body, she looks great and her hard work is showing. i dont think she will be partying it up like this permanently....shes simply getting her name out and getting talked about!! as for the panties...we are all guily of going commando every now and then...maybe she should just get into the habit of closing her legs when she's getting out of the car. speaking of the car, she should drive whatever the hell she wants to! she's britney spears....i mean yeah she could afford something more pricey/luxurious and she could have someone pump her own gas. she's just keeping it real and trying to live her life. now i know some of you all dont agree w/ what i have written but i'm just putting my two cents out there b/c we're all entitled to our own opinions! :) lets all remember that she still is 25 and a single mom

2882 days ago


materialism is an unhealthy thing. it projects negative values to the young. does it really matter that spears is driving a $40,000 car? what's wrong with it? and why shouldn't she pump her own gas? what's wrong with that? something is definitely wrong with a mother of two who flashes her private parts for all to see. what will she say to her children when they see her pantyless pictures later on? britney, please, don't lose your class, girl!

2882 days ago

SR. Frog    

What the hell is she doing ..................driving around in that Vokswagon with a Porsha emblem. Clearly she's been drinking ......................... not even a racing stripe on that thing. Let's air it out Brit, you can do better than that under the hood! Call me Ron Jeremy.

2882 days ago


She is not worth $125 million dollars. Give me a break. That amount is reserved for icons like Janet Jackson and Madonna. And to a much lesser extent, J-Ho who is not an icon. Britany is only worth $65 million. Why is it that the amount of money gets getting inflated. Besides I wonder how much Fed-ex went through it.

2882 days ago


The top selling female of all time is Shania Twain. Get your facts straight. Every one of Twain's albums have gone diamond which over 10 million sold. Britney does not have that record. In the zone was a bomb.

2882 days ago



2882 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    

Don't knock that Porsche; it has an awesome sound system and a smooth ride!

2882 days ago

coco puff    

I think she doesn't were panties because it would make it more difficult for Parasite to muff dive while she's driving her boxster to get gas. What's so weird about that?

2882 days ago

coco puff    

Who the hell is Shania Twain?

2882 days ago


Mama Lynn needs to hogtie her crazy bare behind and get her back to Kentwood ASAP before she completely goes off the deep end (if she hasn't already).

2882 days ago


the only reason brit is out party every night is because shes tired of staying home all those years so ked-fed go out and have no kind of responsiblty(KIDS). i dont blame her for partying some but my god at least cover yourself up. AND be a role model for your children. no one want to see it , it probly lol

2882 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I am the fat, loser "no-life" guy that is often referenced in various post on this site. I hereby offer my services as gas tank filler and (sweet jesus) PANTY PULLER-UPPER.
I will sleep in the garage, or back yard and you can feed me table scraps. Hell, I'll even hand wash you dainty unmentionables and air (huff, huff) dry them.
If you need a trim to your Quim, I'll gladly nip those pesky hairs with my two teeth!

2882 days ago

We, are not amused.    

That reminds me of a joke...
What did the blind man say when he was walking by the fish market?
"Hello ladies"

2882 days ago
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