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Bitch-Slapped by PETA

11/29/2006 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole RichieIt seems Nicole Richie fired her stylist a little too late ... she just landed at the top of PETA's Annual Worst-Dressed List.

The animal rights group showed no mercy as they dug their their claws into fur-loving Richie by saying, "This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She's an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match." Meow!

PETA put Hollywood wonder twin Ashley Olsen in the #2 spot: "Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead." Ouch!

Christina Ricci landed at #3 for posing on a magazine cover wearing "fur from slaughtered reindeer." Fur-galicious Eva Longoria was named #4 because they wish "She'd be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits, considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane." Well!

Notably absent from the list: Paris Hilton, who topped the list last year, and Beyoncé, who was ambushed by PETA at a restaurant last June for including fur in her fashion line.


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she needs fur to keep her skeleton warm

2883 days ago


She looks good in her fur!

2883 days ago


Nicole is a tw*t.

2883 days ago


After having seen the story that PETA took Mariah Carey's 7g fur to give to poor mongolians, I don't see how they DARE comment on any celebrity or anyone else for that fact, for wearing furs. By recieving furs from celebrities for socalled "cherity events" they are perpetruating the use of furs. Whats to stom Mariah or any other celebrity from buying another one just to pass on to them for another "Charity Event". They in all honesty applaud the killing of poor animals just for thier fur!.......SHAME ON YOU PETA!!!!!!!!!

2883 days ago


It seems to me that not many people on this site are animal lovers if they are going to say shame on peta. Maybe the fur nicole richie is wearing happens to be fake otherwise she's stupid if she thinks it's not cruelity. I don't think charity events are any excuse for killing and selling animal fur.

2883 days ago


PETA makes me want to wear fur.

2883 days ago


PETA is for IDOITS. GO Nicole. Eat it wear it who cares!

2883 days ago


Screw those whiney hypocritical finatics at p.i.t.a.
Their feelings that anyone actually cares what they
think is highly self exaggerated.

If you will excuse me, I need to flip the steaks on the grill now

2883 days ago


Oh, and BTW, nobody "bitch slapped" anyone, TMZ bitches

2883 days ago


I don't care what the subject is killing animals for their fur to be use for fashion purposes, is wrong. They die inhumanely and suffer. It’s very simple. You can try to change the subject but facts are facts. And don't try to read things into my post. Just realize killing animals for fur is wrong and who the hell does this for their clothing line, including real fur unnecessarily. Most designers are now using faux fur which has improved to the point where you can not tell them apart. Now if you’re an Eskimo and need to kill animals for the food and the fur to survive, that's an entirely different thing. Necessity vs. Narcissistic indulgence.

2883 days ago


Ah pita is a bread honey, but you're right you do mega-bite.

I hate PETA would not be caught dead helping them in anyway. And I eat meat and love it! But I would never condone killing animals for fur alone. It's not right, it's not funny as some of you seem to think. Watch out, your dog may be next. Get educated on the subject, less you look like an idiot.

2883 days ago


Some of you type things that make me say to myself, "Is this person serious?" Killing animals for their fur is disgusting and anyone would suggest that this is ok has got to have some real mental issues. Oh and Mega Bite go ahead and flip your steak because this is about killing animals for their fur sweetheart and not killing them for food! I think you have missed the boat on this issue.

2883 days ago


I'd say the skin the bitch alive and make a coat out of her, but I don't think she has enough skin left for a coat. Perhaps a nice purse.

2883 days ago


This from a group who can't tell the difference between animals and people dressed as animals. PETA gives animal rights advocates a bad name. It's really too bad that's they've basically turned into a cult.

2883 days ago


Saying people who wear fur have 'real mental issues' is a little over the top. Now people who hand out material to children and telling them their parents are murderers as PETA has done, that's pretty insane.

I don't wear fur. It kind of seems gross to me. But I don't judge or put down those who do. PETA is a bunch of freaks.

2883 days ago
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