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Britney Gets "Greasy"

11/30/2006 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears: Click to watchWith Paris Hilton nowhere in sight, Britney Spears settled for a D-list sidekick last night.

TMZ spotted the pop star-turned-trainwreck at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, and while she finally kept her goodies to herself, she had a posse even more pathetic than her recent late-night peep shows. Among the hangers-on; Hilton BFF Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis.

We're down for you having fun Brit, but what do you see in a guy whose claim to fame is making the word "firecrotch" synonymous with Lindsay Lohan? Ick.


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Britt just keeps digging a bigger hole for herself day after day! She's now hanging out with Brandon Davis! These are not the people you hang out with when your trying to boost your image! Are all those cigs. she's smoking must be laced with something!

2882 days ago


Greasy makes me want to puke. Britney is at an all time low.

2882 days ago


Not good Brittany...Not Good At All !!!

2882 days ago


Oh Lord, Britney what the hell are you doing? This is not going to be pretty....

2882 days ago


She is just getting down right nasty. She is just trashy. She just keeps sinking lower and lower.

2882 days ago


So, where are the Kids??

2882 days ago


i wonder if she has a family or people just dont care about her, i dont think people are going to be interested in buying her album or going to her concerts, she is forgetting this are way to different since the last time she was around, sorry brit but you are done

2882 days ago


Well, now it's pretty much confirmed that Britney isn't hanging out with this crowd just to have some innocent fun. Obviously drugs are part of what's she after beause there's no way someone's hanging out with Brandon Davis for the stimulating conversation.

Place your bets on how long it takes Britney to turn around and make an empassioned plea to the public that she's truly a hands-on, loving mother who has been greatly misunderstood. I say she'll be doing another weepy primetime interview during February sweeps.

2882 days ago



2882 days ago


People are so quick to judge.....Can you imagine what people say about some of your friends people?? I'm sure we all dont hang out with the best group of people ALL THE TIME!!! There has to be one of your friends that is either a slut, or a player or a really big JERK!!! C'mon guys...Stop judging everyone and GET OVER IT!!!

2882 days ago


O.K. Never been a Britney fan but I would rather see her hanging with anybody but Paris Hilton's triafling......,I can not stand paris she is not a real friend you can look at that child and see she is evil and sneaky and not a true friend at all, can't britney spears realize she is just trying to get in her buisness and when their no longer friends she's going to be dragging for her if she's not already with brandon davis and everybody else, I can see her talking about britneys weight and all and she would hands down sleep with kevin f . if given the chance, you all know I'm telling the truth. she is very 2 faced and full of mess. I do want to say i need to get a team shanna shirt .I can not stand paris hilton, i just cant say it enough she gives me the hee bee jeebies, that lil ragga muffin needs to stop trying to be in the lime light and just go away.,please.

2882 days ago


Where is her mother? Does no one in her family care about her? It's only a matter of time before her sister joins her! SICK!!!

Go home bitch, you have kids! Two month olds don't sleep through the night, neither do most 14 month olds! Where is CPS?

2882 days ago

Nanu Nanu    

Nice, Greasy Bear and Crusty Crotch. Couple of the year. He will make a great stepdad when she impulsively, i.e. during a crack smoking binge, decides to marry him in Vegas.

2882 days ago

Nanu Nanu    

Another reason why the world hates us! Losers like these two that don't contribute anything positive to the world.

2882 days ago

Mrs Pickle Hopper    

Am I the only one that can't see the video's at TMZ? They are very blurry so I can't really make anything out. Is it just me? I only have this problem at this site.

2882 days ago
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