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Pushy Posh Pooh-Poohs Pix

11/30/2006 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham clearly likes to be in control, even if her outfits are not.

At the Bambi arts awards ceremony in Germany, Associated Press said "no thanks" to the Spice Girl by refusing to sign an agreement in which Posh would limit their coverage of the alleged fashionplate, seen here in a gold embroidered bedspread from the Osaka Hilton.

The document, which also raised eyebrows with Reuters and two German photo agencies, would have allowed Beckham to get copies of all photos, with the ability to use them for promotional purposes, while restricting photogs from revealing "confidential information" they might learn about the former Spice Girl during the ceremony. Gosh, Posh, what are you hiding?

The organizers of the event eventually came up with another agreement which would allow AP to cover the event as long as they promised not to take any pictures of Beckham. They shot down the agreement, forgoing coverage of the show. The other agencies agreed, but said they would purposefully not take photos of her in protest.

At this point, Getty Images is one of the few agencies with pictures of Posh from the ceremony, and from the look of this hideous outfit, the other companies haven't missed a thing.


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Personally, I think this woman has a great body, but she isn't really attractive in any other way. I don't know why she gets all this press. The way she presented herself in the "hat outfit" at TomKat's wedding, you would think she's all that and she isn't.

2884 days ago


To me the gown is wonderful but wearing fishnet stockings with the outfit looks gross.

2884 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

This chick is BUTT ugly...
seriously, what does she do for a living...??

I think she was afraid of the cameras catching her smiling, this
chick NEVER smiles, adding to the "sexy" Robot" thing...I guess some
guys like the robot look???

2884 days ago


to complete the "hotel bedspread" look she is going for, becks dropped a load of splooge on her to authenticate the getup.

2884 days ago

Tazz Devil    

Victoria Beckham looks like Miss Piggy! She is butt ugly and I don't know what her outrageously gorgeous husband sees in her. Yewwwwwwwwwwwww! He probably bags her face before he does her.

2884 days ago

heather siron    

she comes across as a conceited stuck up bitch! i feel sorry for her little boys i bet she doesnt even play with them they always look like accesories in pictures and her husband looks like a trophy that she dresses up, he needs to get some balls and stand up to her i mean hello what has she done lately the spice girls are so old hat!

2884 days ago


All the attention grabbing, photo op, events in her life are over! Her brief singing career, her courtship and wedding, she's had her children etc. She pathectically still wants to garner VIP attention. I don't see any talent there, for all intent and purpose, she's desperately marketing her... thinness?

2884 days ago


......and she's STILL wearing sunglasses!!!!

2884 days ago


I would love to know what "confidential information" this bitch is trying to protect.

I hate this bitch!

2884 days ago


You protest too loudly. Maybe she just wants her privacy.... NOT. Posh Victoria jokes at . Or a British trio of .... Hmmm.

2884 days ago


She acts the way she does because of her husband and his Scientology bullsh*t. Look who she's friends with the dumb ass Tom Cruise.

2884 days ago


How can you call someone a bitch when you don't know them? If you go to and see her interacting with people she is really very nice, funny and not at all conceited. You people jump all over everyone and never have a nice word to say on here. Are you all so miserable in your own lives that you have to just attack everyone? Try to find contentment in your own lives so you don't have to be so negative about everything and everybody.

2884 days ago


This lady thinks the world owes her something , well noone does .

I agree with #1 In everything she said. That HAT was freaking uglyyyyyy.

Also this lady isnt popular so she better go back where she belongs , because she's not getting NO ATTENTION . Her hubby is Ugly ........I also feel so sorry for her children especially to have her as a mother , she has the nannies take care of them , so she's not doing her job as a mother .

2884 days ago


She's important WHY?

2883 days ago


take a stand boys and girls of the press. this wilted flower can always have her hubby snap a few polaroids of her and send them to the AP wire...

2883 days ago
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