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O, Really? Oprah Uses the N-Word?

12/2/2006 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In response to Michael Richards' racist rant, Oprah's gal pal Gayle King admits that she uses the N-word -- and hints that some of her closest friends (um, like BFF Oprah Winfrey?) do to.

Page Six reports that on her XM Radio show, Gayle told listeners: "In the privacy of my own home, with my closest friends, who shall remain nameless, we have used that [word] when we're talking about other people. I go back and forth between [using it as] a term of endearment, and [it being] just a very hateful, bad thing."

Oprah has been very public about her distaste for the word, often berating rappers, including Ludacris, on her show for using it in their songs. But it's hard to know what she's really thinking behind closed doors. Until someone (hello, Gayle) spills the beans, of course.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan: You Mean I Have to Stop Drinking?

It's official. Well, sort of. Lindsay Lohan's publicist confirms that the party girl is attending AA meetings, as first revealed by Lohan's mom, Dina, on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. "I think it's a positive thing," the publicist told AP. "It's a place to go and feel safe. No one judges her, and it's going to be a slow process." But fear not, Britney. Lindsay doesn't plan on hanging up her party dress just yet. "She's not saying she'll stop drinking tomorrow," the publicist adds. Phew!

George to Danny: Thanks for Dragging Me Into This

It seems George Clooney is answering a lot of questions about Danny DeVito's drunken visit to "The View." During a private dinner for his new movie, "The Good German," at New York's swanky Plaza Anthenee Hotel, the "Sexiest Man Alive" tried to keep a straight face while retelling the tale of his big night out with DeVito. The New York Daily News reports that Clooney called it a "brutal night" of doing limoncello shots. "I got to the point where I was dumping the shots into, ah, you know, a plant next to me and, um, I don't think Danny saw me do that," admits the actor. Next time, maybe Danny will follow George's lead.

Party Favors: FedEx Pitches Reality TV Show ... Paul McCartney Admits He Needs Some Help After Breakup ... Jesse James Offers Jobs to the Homeless

K-Fed is still hoping his 15 minutes of fame aren't over. He's pitching his own reality TV show to the producers of E's "House of Carters." Says producer Kenneth Crear, "The show will show him for who he is, but [will] not smear" Britney. Stay tuned ... Paul McCartney says he is seeing a psychiatrist to help him deal with the breakup of his marriage from Heather Mills ... Jesse James, "Monster Garage" host and Mr. Sandra Bullock, has hired some homeless people to work at his Long Beach, Calif., motorcycle shop. "I felt the need to step up and help because [homelessness] wasn't going to magically disappear," he says.

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No Avatar


O and her "my best friend Gayle" use the N word? Doesnt surprise me as the lines of acceptance and who can use the word without retribution have become so unclear I guess even they are confused....its all "context" we hear----if used the Richard Pryor way, its cool...if used the Michael Richards way its very uncool---unless his own context got confused while trying to use it the Richard Pryor way, after all it was a place called the Laugh Factory...I suspect though he didnt mean it that way...

Maybe Jesse is right on at least one thing lately----eliminate the word in all entertainment, including the behind closed doors with closest friends use that Miss O and her best friend Gayle apparently are using in both the "cool" and "uncool" way of the words use.

2880 days ago


Oprah's a fat phony. Deal with it.

2880 days ago

Connie Waffensmith    

I know it's your VIEW, but it really ticks me off when you say you won't support Mel Gibson after things he has said, but Danny DeVito can trash the president, and you say, Oh, I would see things HE does. You can sure tell what your leanings are. It's okay if a Liberal does something bad, but heaven help the poor Replublican who speaks his mind!

2880 days ago


How can you compare racism with hatred of the president? Get a brain.

2880 days ago


Why does the headline read Oprah says the N word? It's Gayle that said she uses the word! She never said Oprah said it! I'm sure she has other friends! You are assuming the person who remains nameless is O because it would make your story better!

2880 days ago


Lindsay at AA meetings, im so happy for that girl. All the stuff she's been through with her family. I mean for christ sake her dad has messed up A LOT, and her mom acts like shes 25, she needed somewhere to turn and she did it the way a lot of young adults her age do, including myself, except it was in the public eye. Im glad she wants to improve her lifestyle. Let her grow up people we all got to F up and fix it, let her...Good Luck Lindsay

2880 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is such a lush! She needs to clean up her act before she ends up married to Kramer, or Screech!

2880 days ago


Oprah may not use the N word. But i bet she can still peel a Banana with her feet.

2880 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#8 Joesph...
Wrong! Only your dear mother has that skill set,
Monkey boy!

2880 days ago


Oprah can jack me off with her feet!

2880 days ago


Does anybody even care that Lindsay is not even of legal age to drink, yet she's already having to go to AA? Geez! Maybe there's a reason why there is a minimum age for alcohol....I think it's shameful that she is allowed into clubs in the first place (and I'm in the biz!) That just proves no one really cares about her. All the clubs care about is getting publicity (translates into $$$) and her mother?? I'm sure she's on the payroll too. I'm not saying she would listen to what anyone would counsel her about, but still, someone should tell her the TRUTH. Moderation never killed anyone....

2880 days ago

Lenn K    

As I watched the Terrible Three, I've noticed Paris seems to be the only one who is in control. Lindsay is so totally out of control, and Britney seems clueless to the events that are happening in her life. Paris just smiles and jerks the strings on these two dummies.

2880 days ago


Joseph, You are a dick!

2880 days ago


I'll watch Keven Federlines new show to see what he is really like..who knows if you really think about it how do we know that he wasn't away all the time because of all the reports from others around him that he was trying to stay away from Britney...can you blame him? I don't think I do. I'll give the guy a second chance maybe everyone jumped the gun ..after all to all men and women in the world how many of you can honestly say that you would not of done what he did under the circumstances..if a big rock star pop star whatever the hell she is asked you out with tons of money how many of you can Honestly say you wouldn't think about it or you would say no? Not to many I bet:)

2880 days ago


Hey # 9 & # 14
The Only Lip I Wants From C**t's Like You Is On My Zipper !!!!!

2880 days ago
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