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Britney Threatens Her (Other) Ex-Hubby?

12/3/2006 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Alexander & Shar Jackson: Click to watchSince Brit's split from K-Fed, their exes have come out of the woodwork -- with one claiming that Spears sent him a thinly veiled threat.

Britney's 55-hour ex-husband Jason Alexander appeared with Fed's baby mama Shar Jackson on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show," where Alexander revealed that Britney contacted him by leaving a voicemail saying, "Don't say anything you'd regret." We're guessing this is exactly the behavior she was warning against.

Shar, who reportedly fed Fed on Thanksgiving, believes Kevin fears that Britney will steal their children away from him, saying, "He's probably scared Britney might take his kids and go back to Louisiana and he might not see them."

When asked for her feelings on K-Fed's craptastic rap career, Shar politely danced around it, never giving her opinion and just wishing him luck. A little late.

The full interview with the two exes airs on Monday ... check your local listings.


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J Doe    

jason alexader is free to do whatever he wants to do...britney is petrified of her freak truth coming out

2795 days ago


These two are just as disgusting. They can't do anything themselves so they ride the backs of someone who will get their names in the media. Shar Jackson isn't even a third rate actress and Jason Alexander is some hick from the Louisiana backwoods. They all are sickening.

2795 days ago

J Doe    

shar and jason are two people britney deeply hurt they have every right to be angry..i say good for them for tellin it like it is, theyve got nothing to hide...

they are many people britney has HURT in her selfish quest for more fame and fortune...shar and jason are not the bad people...its britney that deserves sh*t in her face

2795 days ago


It would be interesting to know how much time Kevin spends with his two kids by Shar. I don't think he wants to see any of those children; I think he just wants money from Britney.

2795 days ago

J Doe    

who wants to bet britney will NEVER allow kori kaleb sean and jaydn to have a playdate together

2795 days ago


The only person who has shown any decency and class in this whole situation is Shar. Granted she wasn't too smart when choosing k-dork to father not one, but 2 kids with, but she has never said a condescending thing about him, or Britney, or anyone. You don't see her out at all hours of the night flashing her coot to the world. If anyone should get custody of BS's kids it's Shar!

2795 days ago


Ohhh... i heard Jason Alexander has publish a book... shame on you Jason your using your ex so people would buy your book. You two need to stay away with this two's problem. The reason you guys wanna be a part of this Britney and Kevin divorce because you wanted to use her so you can get money fro her. Come on Jason the wedding with you and Britney you know it all along that was just a game that you and Britney did. And for you Shar, kevin is a loser I don't know why your still depending this guy who left which by the way you were pregnant when Kevin ditch you. This loser doesn't derserve nothing from Britney he needs to get a real job so he can support your kids. Kevin doesn't want to be a part of your kids, the reasoned this loser wants his two kids from Britney because she's got money. Drop this you Jason get a freakin life if you want to be famous do it on your own way and stop using other people...

2795 days ago

nicile c.    

First, they both are slimeballs!!!!!She kinows if she says what she really feels, he'll stop sending the 30 cents in child support, and he is a bigger loser than kfed because he was able to trick Brit for like 3 years. Second, giving them time to lie to themselves and the public as to what K-fraud and Brit say is ridiculious. No one cares, Shar reality check, you were good enough for 2 kids each by two guys and NEVER married, you are the classic baby mamma who will always pick 'em up once they were thrown to the curb. And words could describe how your stench of dollar signs and future reality show is tasteless, PS does anyone else think they are banging each other out, so they are skanks too, watch, Shar will be preggers soon, but still single!!!!!

2795 days ago


How dare Britney threaten him! There must be something embarrassing that he knows about her! Britney is just a user. She uses people for her own gain and could care less about them. I commend these two for not speaking badly about Britney although she has hurt them. That's class. Britney needs to grow up and stop being so dam selfish.

2795 days ago

in the know    

Why are these two constantly seen on talk shows together? Until Brit married Jason he was nobody from Louisiana. Apparently he moved to Hollywood and has been using his marriage to Brit to stay in the spotlight. Nobody and I repeat nobody except k-fed and her friends have heard about Shar since she was on a sitcom years ago. Whoever says that Shar is a wonderful and classy person must be nuts!!! If she is so classy why is she hanging around wilth Britney's ex-husband, childhood friend, and a pathetic loser? Because of publicity, thats why. Without Brit's name they both would be working at Target. The reason Shar is never seen out partying, is because no one is interested in her and she would not be capable of getting in to any top nightclubs. She needs to drop about 30 lbs and consider serious face work.

2795 days ago


#9: Don't worry. Pretty soon, Shar and Jason AND K-Loser will all be employed at Target.

2795 days ago


They have as much right to tell their stories, as K-Fed or Britney has to tell their own. It seems that everyone is on tv, telling personal stories on every station-and they are not always celebrities. These shows only exists because people watch them. If Americans were not so into gossip-these shows would not last.

2795 days ago


The only reason Shar is being so nice and upstanding is she want's K-FED back in her BED. Oh, yea, and the money he is going to get when the divorce is final...she doesn't want any of that either. She fed him for Thanksgiving...I'm sorry but I be darn if I feed the man who walked out on me while I was pregnat with his child, anything for Thanksgiving. Man, if only someone could get all 4 of them to go on Springer, that would be awesome!!!

2795 days ago


#7...instead of spending your time reading & commenting on other peoples' lives, GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Please learn how to spell & correctly punctuate a sentence or two so that you will go further in life & any children you may have will have a parent who can compose a proper sentence!

What a sad commentary on our education system!

2795 days ago


I've always thought that Shar had some class to handle this situation well, and never making any catfights about it. And I wonder why Kevin impregnates all of his women back-to back. Now Shar and Britney both had two babies one after another, and God Knows how much more if he stayed with either one of them longer that he had???? K-fed snds like an alien species from a sci-fi movien species wanting to procreate with humans as much a he could , so as to take over the human race???
believe me, karma going back for Britney's ass in this love triangle or rectangle, whatever I can call it! let Jason has his 15 min of fame, he was
humiliated by Britney 2 years ago in Vegas..As for Shar i'm sure she's
working sumthin up her sleeve..he must surely still love K-Fed too
bits and in a matter of time, she'll accept him back and split Britney's ca$$ ...
And Shar is being so prim and proper on tv that her statement ""about how her kids react to K-fed's fate plastered all over tabloids " is totally
nonsense...Those kids are not old enough to start buying tabloid mags
and understand any of it???? and quote:< they have to decide for
themselves..?????> unquote..what can these under 5 year-olds decide
for themselves. Shar is talking as if she has teenage kids ???I say,
let evryone in this love rectangle milk Britney for all the pain she's
caused them.. huhuhuh (nasty laugh)I'll Be back !

2795 days ago
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