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Plastic Man Offers Britney Tummy Tuck

12/5/2006 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a Christmas gift certificate for a free tummy tuck and cosmetic surgery offered by a New York cosmetic surgeon to Britney Spears, to help her regain her famous stomach and abs. Fa la la la la.

Recent photos of the pop princess rocked the Internet by showing her very obvious C-section scar, and, er, a few other things. Plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs, who has shaped over 200 Playboy bunnies, decided to offer his expertise to the former Mousketeer.

Dr. Jacobs said "Prior to getting married, having children, and withdrawing from the musical limelight, Ms. Spears had one of the best bodies in the business -- often appearing onstage in midriff-bearing outfits that showcased her six-pack," and says he is "committed to returning Britney to that form."

La la la la.


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Why does everyone have to look "perfect"? Can't a person look normal without plastic surgeons and their clientele telling them they need to change their appearance?

2848 days ago


Will he fix her brain too?

2848 days ago


well at the partying rate she has been going on lately that tummy aint returning to prior form anytime soon. I hope she goes for it Doc, than maybe we wont have to keep viewing the other parts of her body she thinks we want to see...NOT

2848 days ago


how about a brain transplant while he's at it? That's what the chick really needs.

2848 days ago


She doesn't need plastic surgery.
We all got the grossed out view of her scar from the bottom up. Meaning it is probably pretty far down there so if she wants to wear a low cut outfit, if she ever gets out of the gutter and back on stage, it won't show.
The scar was right above her ....'hooha' for goodness sakes...This guy just wants the free publicity that TMZ just gave him. If he has free time on his hands he should look into having his own ears pinned back a little.

2848 days ago


That's funny. I guess the doctor needs to drum up a little business.

2848 days ago

get a life people    

leave the girl alone she looks great...wear those scars proudly

2848 days ago


Oh, isn’t that just really nice. A top plastic surgeon offering FREE plastic surgery to a person that could afford to have any kind of surgery she wants. It would be nice if the doctor would take the same generosity for one person that is in real need of it, rather than someone that could buy the doctor and his business and his malpractice insurance ten fold! What about all the regular normal nine to five people that have babies and would love to have their “old” figure back, I for one being one of them.

#3 hit the nail on the head, all he wants is free publicity, so he can say --- I did that to Britney Spears --- because I am sure that if I knocked on his door asking for a free tummy tuck, he would laugh in my face.

Way to go TMZ!

2848 days ago


If this surgeon had half a brain he wouldn't even be suggesting this. It goes to show he got his license from a Cracker Jack box. Britney had a baby less then 2 months ago!!!!! What a $@#%^& retard!!

2848 days ago


How nice of him...he offers a multi-millionaire FREE plastic surgery... How about helping some poor kid with a cleft palatte.... Or someone who is badly scarred from burns and cannot afford plastic surgery. How about some poor women who lost both breasts to breast cancer and cannot afford reconstruction. What a jerk! I hope the media crucifies him over this!

2848 days ago


Perhaps the doctor should 'repair' his grammar before sending out a solicitation the whole world will now read.

2848 days ago


Why is the Doctor offering a celebrity such as Britney Spears a "tummy tuck" when not only does she not need one but can certainly afford to pay for it herself if she did need one and yet there are thousands of women who actually could use a "tuck" and have no extra money for something like that. If people out there want to give "freebies" give them to those who genuinely NEED the help, not wealthy people who just take advantage.

2848 days ago


I want a tummy tuck!!! Why should Britney get one for free!! She can afford one give it to me!!

2848 days ago


Maybe, just maybe he should look into learning better grammar before writing letters like this. He is just looking for publicity and advertising… Sad.

2848 days ago


LMAO! This doc is flat out telling her that since the world has seen all of her business, he might as well fix it for her!!! That's too funny! If he is in the business to give out tummy tucks, I gave birth 9 months ago and would love one!!!!!

2848 days ago
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