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Thorny Attendant

Bugs Rose

12/6/2006 8:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rose McGowan upstaged by a gas station attendant?

The fiery hot "Scream" queen was pumping gas at a 76 Station on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, where she was harangued by a chatterbox attendant who bragged about being on E!, "Entertainment Tonight" and in the National Enquirer. Clearly a celebrity in his own mind.

McGowan was totally cool with the geezer when he asked the actress for some tips on how to avoid the paparazzi. Her response: "Don't go down Robertson, how's that for a clue?" adding that convertibles are photog magnets as well.

Lohan, take note.


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Rose is a cool chick and SMOKIN HOT!

2816 days ago


Who is Rose McGowan?

As long as we're posting random people purchasing gas TMZ can my girlfriend get in on the action? She has to avoid the paparazzi too, she played an extra in "Can't Hardly Wait" and actually spoke to, yes spoke to, Jennifer Love HugeTits.

2815 days ago


Who is Rose McGowan? Google her dude...she isn't a nobody. Get a clue. And I'm sure your GF has nothing on this chick!

2815 days ago


#3 If I have to google her she is a nobody. Famous people you just know cause they are always thrown in your face no matter where you look. If I have to whip out google just to see where this skank appeared in no name garbage than she really isn't a big deal. Besides, judging by her skin it looks like she doesn't get out much to be in anything.

2815 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

she used to be engaged to Marilyn Manson

2815 days ago


One of her big roles was on Charmed. (seasons 4-8) She obviously is a a somebody if she is on TMZ.

2815 days ago


Anyone who said that they don't know who Rose McGowan is obviously isn't an entertainment or movie buff at all. She is HUGE in the cult movie scene, dated Marilyn Manson, and also starred in Charmed. She runs with some pretty big celebrities and has quite a chunk of change. To be honest, I'm pretty impressed. She was nicer than probably most of you would have been to the senior attendant! So, get off it.

2815 days ago

tony w.    

I know who Rose Mcgowan is. Has anybody ever heard of Jake Wheeler?

2815 days ago


8. I know who Rose Mcgowan is. Has anybody ever heard of Jake Wheeler?

Posted at 11:28PM on Dec 6th 2006 by T.W

Or his GF... NOT!

2815 days ago


to #6, K-FED is on TMZ. Enough said.

To all the other losers who envy a nobody skank, blow me. The only question I want Rose to answer is what is it like to be a D-List celebrity, sharing candid moments with Tara Reid.

2815 days ago


Hey sounds like you know the D-list...does that mean your GF is on that list too???? lmao!! Honey...catch up with the times...

2815 days ago

tony w.    

lol a REAL nobody calling somebody else who everybody else on this blog has heard of a nobody. delusional? possible pathetic? definitely

2815 days ago


ROFL, all you guys said was that she was in cult films (real hard to do that), on Charmed (ROFL the WB, ROFL LOL STILL LAUGHING ROFL), and engaged to Marilyn Manson (real accomplishment to be engaged/married to someone who matters, just ask K-FED).

Face it, she's D-List at best and building her up higher than that is what you would call delusional and pathetic.

Besides she looks like a ghost.

2815 days ago


So Jake...where's your GF on the list? Hun??? I think farther down the d-list than you think...lmfao!! Yeah...trying to stand up for your GF by doing this...Just because she met Jennifer Love "Big Tits". You just beg that she hits TMZ. Bet if "Jennifer" read that, your girl would get another job in the industry...NOT...lmfao!! Dude admit it...looser...give up...I'm done!

2815 days ago


I'd have Rose's naturally fair skin then the tanned all to hell crap that most celebs seem to have. I guess you guys all think that she's a nobody because she doesn't run around without panties for all to see! Even when she did wear a very, very revealing dress (MTv Movie Awards '98) she had the brains to wear a thong!

She is much more classier than Britney, Paris, Lindsay. Always has been, always will be. They could learn a lot from her. 'Nuff said. Also she has a hellovea singing voice, does a bitchin' job with jazz.

2815 days ago
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