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Bindi Irwin: Wild Child

12/8/2006 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months since the death of her father, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, says she's "...doing pretty good. We're battlin' on."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the ever-adorable Bindi, with mom Terri at her side, revealed that snakes are her favorite animal. "They're really nice creatures once you get to know them." We'll take your word for it, Bin.

As for critics who think that Bindi is too young to be around wildlife, Terri says that the pigtailed princess would rather ride elephants than be cooped up in suburbia. The thought of living in an apartment with a goldfish made Bindi chime in, "I don't think I could cope." No Nemo fan, she.

Bindi, who called Steve "the best dad in the world," is continuing her father's work by bringing her animal-loving tour to the U.S. next month. Hannah Montana, watch out!


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It's gotta be said. I feel for her losing her dad, but that kid is uuuuuuuuuuuugly.

2879 days ago


Leave this beautiful little girl alone! She was raised with the animals at her parents' zoo, she knows what's up. I was raised on a ranch with horses, cows & other animals & my parents taught me how to work & be around them. If they hadn't I could have gotten hurt or worse. Steve & Terri did the RIGHT THING by teaching her. To me, it's like people owning a pool or living near waterbut not teaching their young child to are just asking them to be hurt. It is called prevention!

And spare me! Hannah Montana??? That fake show with "Achey Breaky" Billy Ray? SPARE ME!!! If I had to watch a show, it would be the one with Bindi! She's at least real, not a creation of Hollyweird.....

I wish the best to Bindi & the rest of the Irwin family. I hope that they are able to fulfill all of Steve's dreams & then some!

2879 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Teeks, YOU are ugly, INSIDE and OUT.
Seek help, you are a pathetic person.
I pity you. I really pity you, how said your life must be.

2879 days ago

The Gotti Boys are trash    

Bindi Irwin is an adorable child. She has the perfect attitude to carry on her father's legacy, well-spoken, and charming.

2879 days ago

blah blah blah    

heya teeks

so what makes you think you are god's gift to this earth
all I see is the insensitive piece of sh*t you make yourself to be
hee hee haa haa
what the hell is a teek anyway
a peak of a teek sheek sh*t you are

2879 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

I saw Bindy interviewed today-she is articulate and adorable!

Teeks-you are entitled to your opinion-but are deaf, dumb and blind???

2879 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Afraid for your life, Toby? I don't think they bother with troglodytes...dumbass

2879 days ago


ROCK ON! Bindi and Terri!! Daddy, Steve, is watching over you and LOVING it!!!

2879 days ago


adorable i suppose but would anyone care if her dad hadn't been killed? Why not let the kid be a kid for at least 10 yrs instead of exploiting her just yet. Plenty of time to whore her out later. I'm sure this was the path always, they've just moved up the timeframe now that he got taken out. Flame away bleeding hearts.. LOL!!

2879 days ago

We, are not amused. 'bout going for a swim, luv?
Come on, ask yer mum if she'd like to come for a bit of the splishy-splash!
Me and me mates are waiting....

2879 days ago


a teek is a sh*t ball that toby licks off an elephants ballz!!! teek and toby up in the tree lol racing up for bananas so they can stick them up their asses.

2879 days ago

Becky Williams    

What an absolute doll. I can only wish good luck and happiness to her and her family.

2879 days ago


I never said she wasn't a nice kid, but she sure got shorted in the looks dept. She's got a face like a baby gorilla.

2879 days ago

blah blah blah    

She comes across to me of being mentally sharp, inquisitive with all she has been introduced with in life, since birth.
After all...................isn't this the pattern all children follow when they are taught from the only source (or sources) they have ever known? Their parents and their upbringing of course!!!

At least Terri and Bindi Irwin portray and expose themselves to be who they are, and not hide behind a computer with a phony name like:
Corvette Stingray
Hey Corvette Stingray.................... you have been seen on every discussion blog pertaining to anyone of the Irwin's in general.
Hmmmmm..............................could it be that you are a coward, or is it that why you think you have the excuse to make such a hurtful comment due to the fact that you may be a a PITA member?

Do most of us all a favor and please find yourself a new hobby. You look like a jerk.
Just my opinion here................................although I am for certain you will want to have or get the last word (so be it it) trying to protect your ignorant comment coming from Corvette Stingray and not to forget Toby.
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez you must have and lead boring lives to resort to such insulting behavior.
How juvenile you are

2879 days ago


Come on people!!! This kid looks like a crazy bat!!!!

2879 days ago
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