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Bindi Irwin: Wild Child

12/8/2006 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months since the death of her father, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, says she's "...doing pretty good. We're battlin' on."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the ever-adorable Bindi, with mom Terri at her side, revealed that snakes are her favorite animal. "They're really nice creatures once you get to know them." We'll take your word for it, Bin.

As for critics who think that Bindi is too young to be around wildlife, Terri says that the pigtailed princess would rather ride elephants than be cooped up in suburbia. The thought of living in an apartment with a goldfish made Bindi chime in, "I don't think I could cope." No Nemo fan, she.

Bindi, who called Steve "the best dad in the world," is continuing her father's work by bringing her animal-loving tour to the U.S. next month. Hannah Montana, watch out!


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OK, So Bindi is no super model, but her inner beauty is amazing. She is so like her father... warm, charming, intelligent and knows more about animals than any other child her age will ever know. How wonderful it is that Bindi can carry on her father's work and be comfortable in her own shoes. Get used to seeing her... she is going to be the next ambassador of animal rights and preservation.

BTW teeks, what did you look like at 8 years old?? Bindi will blossom into the
most beautiful person on the planet and she may be the one who keep the animals alive that your grandchildren may enjoy in the future.

2878 days ago


You are so bad. Bindi is such a cute kid. Takes after her dad !

2878 days ago


i always find these blogs an interesting sort of example of how little we feel when the heat isn't on ourselves. i wonder how ugly bindi looks to the soldier sitting on the roadside who has just been bombed. our country allows for the freedom of speech and yet those with the most to say, say the stupid, ignorant, and most cruel things. thank goodness we have that right to say it and yet, also thank goodness there are those of us who can figure out who the dumbsh*ts are and avoid reproducing with them. the animal show was entertaining, informative and original. isnt' that enough? i guess dragging a child through the mudd is an after thought of what is lacking in the lives of some who live among us. if you are sooo bored and sooo opinionated as to the state of world affairs, why not go sit with that soldier on an iraqi road side for a year to two? then return here to this site and see what your opinion is, regarding the life of one so young. especially one, that has not yet learned of the stupidity of the human race and some of it's morbid thinking off spring.

2878 days ago


To ALL you sick people out there who makes fun of children, i hope and pray YOU dont have children because I feel so sorry for them. YOU dont deserve to have kids. Leave her alone, it could be worse, like drugs and alchol and a whole lot of other stuff. We should be supporting these kids who do good things for others, not disgrading them. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all of you SICK MEAN PATHETIC SICKOS.


2878 days ago


OMG...we are talking about a little child..she is absolutley adorable! when she grows up she is going to be drop dead beautiful! i think its insane that people have to pick on little children to feel better about themselves.

2878 days ago

Larry Davis    

Teeks (?). Everyone, please ignore this person. This must be one pathetic moron. Can you only imagine the pathetic life this no brain idiot lives. Can you imagine what type of job this person has or probably doesn't have. Can you also imagine the pig sty and filth this person lives in. Lastly, this ugly Teeks must have had one ugly childhood, don't you agree? Anyone who would post a comment like his will never amount to anything in this world. Hey Teeks, take a look in the mirror. Doesn't it make you sick to your stomach looking at your waste of nothingness?

2878 days ago


wow wait till the ones who make the negative comments stand in front of god
on reckoning day and he tells them your to rude and grude to enter the gates of heaven you cant tell a lie in the eyes of the confesser naked as the day you were born good luck in hell you sick f***s

2878 days ago


Those of you who have criticized Bindi's appearance, have you watched the video? She's really a cute kid! The still photo above doesn't do her justice. And her personality is absolutely adorable!

2878 days ago


No disrespect intended, but why would we care how this particualr child is coping when there are children all over the world who do not have her advantages who are also coping with the death of a parent.
Is it some how more tragic for Bindi Irwin than it is for an average Joe's kid??

2878 days ago


I'm going to say one more thing and then I'm done. I really did not intend for this to dominate the entire damn post for cryinoutloud. I KNOW that Bindi is a very sweet and articulate child, I have heard her speak and she is surprisingly composed for such a young girl. Especially considering she just lost her father.

However, I am NOT one of those saps who think ALL kids are adorable. Let's face it, the child was not blessed in the looks department, and that's all I'm saying. She seems to have inherited the worst of both of her parent's features. And as far as her being in an awkward phase, she's been a pretty homely kid since about birth, he has had her on his show, and she is on that kids show "The Wiggles" a lot. But who knows. Let's hope she'll grow out of it.

As far as the venomous comments, you know, last time I checked, free speech was in our Constitution. I can't remember who said, but there's a famous quote that says, "I don't agree with what you said, but I respect your right to say it." If you don't agree with me, how about saying it without all the vitriol?

2878 days ago


What goes around, comes around.If you are negative and encouragable,
well, you get it back. No wonder your lives are not fullfilling. You sit around
and talk like the trash that you live. Good luck to you and your pitiful attitudes.

2878 days ago


Hey, I think you are beautiful so don't listen to them mean people there just mad because they never got to have the experience of growing up with animals and having the wonderful life that you have!!! I think you are beautiful and you are defiantly one of my role modules!!! And personally you people leaving these mean comments are pretty inmajor..............I mean I'm only 12 and I'm more major than yall are!!!

**love you lots Rebeka**

2878 days ago


If I had a dog that looked like Bindi...I'd shave its *ss and walk it backwards!!!

2878 days ago


sorry i have to agree with teeks this little girl is not cute she has a smashed in face..i saw the interview i tried to look at her from every angel and could find nothing cute about her.. but she may be going through that awkward stage right now and grow up to be a lovely young lady..she is only 8 but she is werid looking..but good for her to continue he dad's work!

2878 days ago


I think that it's great that she wants to work with animals. She's just like her father

2878 days ago
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