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Yoko, Oh No!

12/8/2006 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yoko OnoSomeone didn't tell Yoko that Halloween was over a month ago.

The shrieking septuagenarian showed up for an art event in Miami on Thursday in this Willy Wonka meets the Mad Hatter meets Elvira ensemble ... which caused shrieking of another ilk.

Yoko's top hat, sunglasses and plunging neckline create a fashion trilogy of terror that leaves us wishing she'd dress more species-appropriate. Imagine!


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Standards are badly needed.    

I think she looks cute and up for anything. Just look at her.
If I get to be seventy something, I hope to be able to stand
there, look that good, with a silver top hat on and a leprechaun grin.

2845 days ago



john and I know

so ho ho ho

have a merry christmas

2845 days ago

blah blah blah    

omg will somebody please cover this hag up with a blanket so she won't make one puke all over her Please don't pisplay those sagged out tits to us like they were the cover of playboy issue TMZ please take delet this one off the board don't torture us

2845 days ago


FABULOUS!! I bet you guys at her age will need assiatance from a walker or wheelchair. lol

2845 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Everyone Boycott this lame ass website!

2845 days ago


Ok, anyone who's actually surprised by something Yoko OhNo! says, does, or wears should watch "Imagine" or "Beatles Anthology." It's all explained. And this photo is not quite gorgeous, but it's infinitely better than how she looked on the cover of "Two Virgins"...hahaha.
Seriously though, it was kinda bad timing putting this picture on--today is December 8 after all. TMZ should show some respect.

2845 days ago

That's REAL!    

This Woman is in her 70s for crying out loud! How many of you know someone that old that looks THAT GOOD!? Honestly! Replace Yoko's head with that of some 50-something year old actress out there right now and you'll see that she's doing damn good! Like Chip said, by the time you guys turn 70, you'll be longing for the days when you could walk without the aid of a walker, LET ALONE pose for cameras!!

2845 days ago

blah blah blah    

I bet you guys at her age will need assiatance from a walker or wheelchair. lol

Posted at 3:10PM on Dec 8th 2006 by Chip Sanchez

I bet you guys already wear depend diapers

2845 days ago


Yoko was John's only downfall...if he wouldn't have met her....he would be alive someplace else without her and would have been a good father to his son, Julian, who she wanted no part of once they got together.

Jap don't crack...WH.AT.EV.ER. I don't care.

I never ever liked her nor will I ever like her. She needs to disappear ...and BTW, all of John's $$$$ when to her and her kid...NOTHING WENT TO JULIAN. She's a nasty ass smelly bitch..dumb piece of sh*t.Peace!

2845 days ago


isn't her 15 minutes up by now??????????

2845 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Not to mention that this courageous woman has had to forge ahead alone for 26 long years after some whack job murdered her husband, while putting up with
sometimes questionable press. Respect to Yoko. She's forgotten more than most of us know. I hope the art world continues to embrace her quirkiness. She was an artist first.

2845 days ago


I'm hardly in need of be the judge:

2845 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

To #9 Tom - remember this, John chose her. She was his choice. He was free and of age. People forget this. She was hardly wearing a scarlett letter. Life moves on, and it did. Perhaps Julian's mother put up roadblocks. A mother in those circumstances has to forget about her own ego, and encourage a relationship between son and father, and not use the son as a tool for possible reconciliation. Who knows what went on, and who knows how much Julian actually received. Would you leave a child high and dry? From what I've heard about Yoko, she wouldn't leave any of John's children destitute. Peace back.

2845 days ago


Really a horribly rude thing to post on the anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Even more so as this is a day in which, in memory of John, she hopes to become a day of worldwide healing.

Shame on, you keep pushing the bar lower and lower.

2845 days ago

blah blah blah    

shy guy my ass
no proof this is you. anyone can post any picture anywhere
one who likes to advertise is very low on self esteem and has something to proove within himself buddy
besides, looks like a wee little cotton ball on top of those 2 nuts defined as the size of an acorn

2845 days ago
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