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Stars with Crappy Cars

12/9/2006 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood might be the most materialistic place on earth, but some celebs manage to avoid conformity by driving around in a hoopty that doesn't fit their cash status.
Stars and their crappy cars gallery: Click to launch
From the Vince Vaughn to Clint Eastwood, these famous faces are not riding in style -- and by Tinseltown standards, can even be considered slumming it. Whether it's more affordable, or a ruse to elude the paparazzi, or simply for comfort -- it's still strange to see your favorite actor in a beater.Celebrity car crashes gallery: Click to launch gallery

Check out TMZ's gallery stars with the most un-pimped-out rides in Hollywood.


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Merle MacNab    

I didn't know Colin Farrell wore glasses ... is he near-sighted? Just curious! ;->

2841 days ago


Celena, tell it like it is girlllllllllll

TMZ, how are you gonna look down on these stars but turn around and constantly give us play by play on all the 20-something year old party sluts in H-wood?? I stopped looking at this website because I actually felt like I knew Paris' every move BEFORE she freakin made it. And who the F*ck cares about Britney going underwearless. It's gross, but we all know she did it on purpose, but yall keep reporting like it's some big thing. I think yall are getting off on that crap!


2841 days ago


Angel, you are on the wrong thread.
Lol, TH is not beautiful, she is ugly. Wow, look at these crappy cars. You would think with their money, they could buy better rides. I drive a 2006 Lexus.
Celena, if its a waste of time why do you come here? Get over yourself.
I'm a man, these are not real man cars, like you said. They are junk cars.

2841 days ago


believe me, I"ve seen crappy cars & this doesn't really even scratch the surface! Course then I don't live in LA or anything like that! A crappy car to me is one that has duct tape or something holding the bumper on!! ;-)

And ya know, Clint's truck & Colin's SUV kinda suit them! Besides ever think that not everyone WANTS a fancy car? It's a car for God's sake!!! DUH!!!

2841 days ago

george vieto    

Celebrities drive cheap cars because fear of carjacking. Just ask Mexican celebrites who have been victim of carjackings because of their fame and jealously of the have nots.

2841 days ago

Howard is not the devil incarnate...    

I agree with quite a few of you, I don't see anything wrong with these cars. As someone who lives in the rust/snow belt of America, I can look around my apartment complex parking lot and see so many rusted out junkers that look much worse than these dusty cars from the 60's through the early 90's. I'm wondering if these celebrities just have a work car and a play car to use. The parazzi just caught them in their everyday vehicles. I think it's a good idea to have those in LA, where the traffic is probably horrendous. Who really wants to pay for damages on a $200,000+ car from accidents on a daily commute? Very sensible and practical.

2841 days ago


Get over YOURSELF, who gives a flying crap what YOU drive!!!!
You might drive a 2006 Lexus, but I bet you have to work your ass off to make the monthly payment. And let's not talk about the insurance your paying each month. I hope you are having fun driving your 06 Lexus from job to job!! WOW, your a real man!! At least these stars OWN their vehicles and dont have a bank breathing down necks.

2841 days ago

Vegas Terri    

Totally agree with poster Julie: "Is there nothing cooler than a VW bus?!" One of my earliest childhood memories of "what I wanna be when I grow up", circa early 1970s, was to drive all around the country in a VW bus and take pictures. HA!!!

Hey, wait a minute ... that's not such a bad career goal after all! (Sure beats my last 18+ years, post college, of being nothing more than an office whore with "a case of the Mondays" nearly each and every day!)

2841 days ago


Yaaaawn. Is this what we're judging people on? Is it a slow celebrity news day? No one's gone to jail, been openly racist or gone shopping today? We gotta worry about people not spending enough money on their cars now?


2841 days ago


The rich stay rich because they know not to waste their money on something that depreciates in cars...the poor and middle class keep chasing their dreams and stay poor and middle class because they buy overpriced Eurotrash....TMZ, you just proved that point well.

2841 days ago


Regis is a cheap bastard.

2841 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Hey Eli? How about we take your pretty Lexus, I will grab either Priven's old school Bronco, or Colin's newer (but still classic) Bronco, I will lock in the hubs, and drive over your piece of junk. You know what they say about guys who brag about how expensive their ride is? Just over compensating huh? hehehe
And I would take either of the Broncos, or Terri and that van, over Paris and ANY car she drives!

2841 days ago


Geez. What is it a very slow news day???

2841 days ago


II think these guys are pretty cool driving around in their old cars.It goes to show not all celebs let money go to their heads and some of them are still down to earth.

2841 days ago


that one with Regis was a stunt for David Letterman's show. Regis was waiting outside honking the horn for Kelly Ripa to hurry up when she was a guest on Dave's show.

2841 days ago
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