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Brangelina Gets Physical

12/12/2006 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina and BradEven though Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she's no fan of PDA, her actions tell another story. TMZ cameras caught Brangelina arriving hand-in-hand at the after party for "The Good Shepherd," and it looked like neither one wanted to let go. Also showing up for the all-star event were Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Later that night at Butter were rap mogul Jay-Z, Heiress Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Val Kilmer and Tyson Beckford -- who looked pretty badass on his bike.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Janice Dickinson and Orlando Jones showed some TMZ love at a Hollywood party for a new Ed Hardy clothing line. Also seen: John Salley and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty." Tony Rock (Chris' brother) saw our cameras at the party and said he knew it was time to go! The nerve!

Check it out in this bi-coastal edition of Star Catcher: New York and L.A.!


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I think Angelina looks great. If she breaths the wrong way, people say something, if her eyes crosses, people will say something, etc, etc,etc.

2871 days ago

Team Aniston    

i think it's just sicking.... Dayum... You don't have to lie about your affair you had. You're not kidding anyone. I don't care who is with who... But if you're gonna tell it...tell it right!! Angie is in Vougue Mag due in stand on Friday...saying that nothing was going on...when clearly there was.... and that they remained "very very close friends"... HELLO??? Who's husband has a very VERY close friend that's a female laying all over him... like the pics showed. And she is qouted as saying.... "I THINK we were both the last two people who were looking for a relationship. I certainly wasn't. I was quite content to be a single mom," HELLO?? What is wrong with this picture?? She thinks??? HELLO.... did the wedding band NOT give it away. Another qoute...
"And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do."

Right... you got rid of the wife so you could take her place...

It's just all very sicking!!

2871 days ago


Angelina is a glorious, healthy and extremely happy human being. So stop with all you're dumb remarks about her past. GET OVER IT!!!

Think today, live in the here and now. Pull your heads out of your @sses and look around. Oh wow see the whole world goes round and round. Your hate has not stop it from turning. She's changed, why can't you?? Stuck somewhere are we?? Well get out of the way of those that are making the world a better place. Will ya, please?

2871 days ago


She is awesome! I love how honest she is about all that stuff.

Oh and they look great together. Like wow!

2871 days ago


She better hold on..he won't be around for long.

2871 days ago


Hey fleeting- You morons have been saying this for 2yrs now. Lets see, he adopted her two kids, ( now his too ) they had a baby together, and now they are talking about having more children. It doesn't look like they are breaking up to me.
Some of you people are hilarious. Brad and Angelina will be getting married next.

2871 days ago


Hey CC - She said in this interview they aren't getting married and that they are legally bound by their children...looks like you're the moron.

2871 days ago


Brad looks so young here...........Angelina is gorgeous as always. I agree. Some people get on here...........and show how stupid they are. Haven't you ever heard, DONT live in the past. I am sick of reading the same crap, about their past.
Look at them today. A happy couple with three beautiful kids. I suggest you haters get over it. Next, we will be hearing about their wedding. I also believe they will be getting married, real soon.

2871 days ago


#45 Tired Momma of 4.

How do you propose Angelina "got rid of the wife"?

Angelina wasn't commited to anyone, Brad was. It's Brad's fault that the relationship between he and Jen ended, not Angelina's. If Brad wasn't happy with Jen and fell in love with someone else then that isn't Angelina's fault.

I hope you're not going to raise your 4 kids with the impression that men can't think for themselves and that if a man leaves it must be the "other womans" fault, because that's just plain unhealthy.

2871 days ago



1: Who the heck wants to trade places with a tortured soul..we all know all the money in world cannot make you feel better............Besides the money is only good for paying your psych bills if you are angie

2: Please people get off your pedestals..making a bad or negative comment does not mean you are jealous of the object of disdian..........Its a comment, thats it........

3: change can be for better or for worse, what change are you advocating, that we all change to become the Black Mamba..hell no..I am way too normal for that and have nothing to appease my soul I breathe easy at night

4: Yeah, she does look skinny, wonder if she is eating or her inbaility to admit her pcychotic tendencies and seek help is giving her insomnia, Maybe she is sacre sh*tless now Manniston is sinngle ..she sees Brad runing after Anniston in her nightmares ahahhahah..Anniston, please keep clear of the hemaphroditic are way better off

5: Ah the day is coming when Angelina will be moping the floor with her tears, or rather her psychotic spells will be pronounced when BRAD BIDS ADIEU..maybe this time Brad will be seeking his thrills chez a japanese giesha girl...travelling all over those exotic lands, he must be acquiring the taste for some fresh sushi hahahhaLOL

6: You know, no matter how mad she is at her father, she shoudl be grateful he even contributed his sperm to bringing her here..a relationship gone sour takes two ..........however denying her children a relationship with their grandfather is just selfish/....did anyone tell the the psycho Mamba about kids, its not about you ..its about them.............and please stop making maddox into another lost hemaphrodite.
What goes around comes around...........the end will even be nearer if they do get married.

2871 days ago


#53............You know history has a tendency to bite you in the arse.. We learn from history, we dont brush it under the carpet..we learn lest we repeat our mistakes...and yes Brad is the one who was in a relationship, so if blame has to be spliced among the threesome, he deserves 50% of it all, then Mamba Whore due to her past indiscretions and lies about her involvement with Hemaprodite deserves to carry about 40% the 10% goes to Anniston, for whatever she did or did not do to make the marriage fail..however I give her a standing ovation..she is well rid of the wishy washy hermaphrodite LOL LOL

Oh just in still dont get the point, why do you think banks use your credit history when you have to borrow...HISTORY IS AN ACCURATE PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE, learning from our HISTORY may help avoid the same mistakes in the FUTURE..........take her head out of your ass now!!!

2871 days ago


It never fails to AMAZE me how much intimate information people have about people they've never met and even with the best of chances, NEVER WILL MEET. I am absolutely thrilled that Brad and Angelina are together and have created what appears to be a happy family. No one outside of the Pitt and Aniston dynamic knows ANYTHING about why that marriage didn't work. Sh*t and divorces happen. A home is wrecked at the point sufficient effort is no longer made by EITHER PARTNER. All of these nasty and POINTLESS (#4 and #9) comments are really signs that Y'ALL NEED TO GET OVER IT. Be happy for someone else for a change. It wasn't your marriage. Damn.

2871 days ago


#51 It takes two to make a thing go right!!! Dont forget it!!

So blame the biatch two for what she did and ofcourse hes a fag for what he did to!

Angie aint no saint and she never has been, but people suffer from memory loss on this sh*t!!! So why argue with buttheads!!

2871 days ago


What's up with all the losers stuck on Billy Bob? Are you serious? They haven't been together since 2002.

2871 days ago


You comment and answer yourself??? Now who's got mental issues??? Loser.

2871 days ago
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