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Brangelina Gets Physical

12/12/2006 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina and BradEven though Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she's no fan of PDA, her actions tell another story. TMZ cameras caught Brangelina arriving hand-in-hand at the after party for "The Good Shepherd," and it looked like neither one wanted to let go. Also showing up for the all-star event were Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Later that night at Butter were rap mogul Jay-Z, Heiress Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Val Kilmer and Tyson Beckford -- who looked pretty badass on his bike.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Janice Dickinson and Orlando Jones showed some TMZ love at a Hollywood party for a new Ed Hardy clothing line. Also seen: John Salley and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty." Tony Rock (Chris' brother) saw our cameras at the party and said he knew it was time to go! The nerve!

Check it out in this bi-coastal edition of Star Catcher: New York and L.A.!


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Cathy..... are a very UNHAPPY person....MAY GOD BLESS YOU TOO!

2837 days ago


sorry its #75 that is a Very UnHappy Person.... MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

2837 days ago


#72...I like your post. This is a good example of people posting. #75, you have a lot to learn. enuff said. Brad is looking good here.

2837 days ago


miapocca, how old are you? whorelina? all the venom anger and name calling, seems you are immature, are you in middle school? when you grow up you will be more rational.

2837 days ago



Best post ever...calling someone ignorant when you don't know how to spell or turn off your caps lock is great

2837 days ago


Just another one who cannot come up with an orginal comment about the TMZ posting...please think for yourselves and come up with your own comments instead of swinging off other peoples comment.

My opinion is mine, if you reject it can say so not come up with assumptions about the blogger............................

A negative comment directed at the hermaphrodite and the black mamba are not personal attacks on you.......Any sane person should know this......


2837 days ago


I think it's amazing that any of us can pass judgement on people we don't even know! If Brad left Jen for another woman, that's Brad's bad. Just because they sell cookies at the store, doesn't mean you have to eat them, even if they're handing out free samples..... bottom line - we don't know what Brad 'n' Jen's marriage was like, or whether he and Angelina were "involved" before, during or after the separation. I hope none of you "hatemongers" live in glass houses, or I hope you have insurance against heavy stones. There is a little thing called karma people.

2837 days ago


Hi Brad..the school teachers are meeting in the hen house ,,,care to join them and check for grammar and puntuaction ahahhahah LMAO

In case you havent heard.ignorance has little to do with spelling in different lol lol lol

2837 days ago


OH my!!!! I come here for amusement and it never fails to make me laugh. Like anyone can even pretend to know what happened and how and why. Speculate, judge, call names, does it make you all feel better?

Sh*t happens and life is what it is. No one will ever know what happened except the people it happened to. I know, I have experienced it. And what does it matter? If anything, it says HEY, here are HUMAN BEINGS, making mistakes and doing their best. It also says, growth is possible and people change and that totally rocks!!!! God forbid we should be held accountable forever for mistakes that we made when we were young. Life is about learning and growing and as far as I am concerned they are doing it. Many could use that and do better in their own lives. We dont have to grow up in public, thank god. More power to them I say!!!

2837 days ago


miapocca, i agree with you, all our opinions certainly don't have to be the same, it would be boring if they were, it is the venom and hate you have for people you don't know that is odd.

2837 days ago


She is way too thin. Was starving herself the way she went about losing the baby weight, b/c that is definitely not healthy?

In regards to the interview, she seems on the up-and-up, but I don't think that Vogue should've asked her about Aniston. It's not up to her to talk about Aniston or offer Aniston a sit-down if she(Aniston) would like. What would she say? That should have been resolved 2 years ago.

2837 days ago


what now? Is TMZ bias just like most of gossip media? Just becasue Jen smiles whenever she sees any camara is no reason for media to close its intellect to Jen's manipution of the public sympathy. I dont adore AJ, but I'm sick of media bias. Give a little more credit to the public. We're not all morons. Give us unbiased entertainment, please.

2837 days ago


85 or notsilly..glad you get the drift..its a place of great amusement...thats it..enjoy reading negative or positve and leave people alone simply because they are into idol worship of the balck mamba..defintely makes scientology a better

I hear the drumbeats in Africa already.and the winds of tthe sahara whispers..karma aaaaaaaaaaaaa karmaaaaaaaaaa..the drums take over ..tun tum biatch tum tum biatch........welcome to the land of black magic..teh spirits have ears in africa dont have to tell them , they know...aahahhaLOL........

2837 days ago


She's better than most the saps in Hollywood. At least she gets off her @ss and does something that makes a difference. I can't knock anyone for that.

2837 days ago

Luke Dogg    

Angelina Jolie should just keep her mouth shut about her relationship with Brad Pitt, that's how these celebrity relationships end, once you start talking about them to the public. How embarassing this all must be for Jennifer Aniston, her hubby leaves her and then they have a baby right after their divorce, all in the public eye. And the truth is, she is a homewrecker. This is the second time she's stole someone else's man. I don't think she's changed a bit. And please stop toting your kids around in front of the cameras, I've never seen so many pics of someone's celebrity kids. Please Brangelina protect your kids, keep them at home.

2837 days ago
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