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12/16/2006 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It took months for the Three Wise Men to ferry across the Holy Land with gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh ... but it only takes a few days In the Zone for celebs to give TMZ the gift of laughter.

Nicole Richie: Booking PhotoNicole Richie: While Kirstie Alley was sighted this week looking like her old "Fat Actress" self, her wafer-thin reality counterpart got the jump on "The Simple Life 5" by ditching Paris and merging some 420 with the 134. As for the Vicodin, which most of us take after a root canal, Richie swears it's to dull the pain of menstrual cramps. Think of it as the "Not Guilty by Reason of Fertility" defense. We know Lionel has been resisting the temptation to write a song about this, but after Kirstie Alley used his Commodores classic "Brickhouse" for her Oprah bikini coming out party, we say it's time for an intervention ballad. Suggested title: "Save You, Save Me."

Kevin Federline K-Fed: Our favorite theory about Britney's peek-a-boo passenger side antics comes from's Mark Ebner. He swears it was all part of a well thought out plan to get the jump on hubby's sex tape threats by devaluing the taboo nature of that potential product's, uh, main commodity. If she doesn't pony-up, how is Britney going to deal with K-Fed's alleged threats to write an X-rated tell-all? Once upon a time, this would have been a job for explosive Tinseltown P.I. Anthony Pellicano. But since he's currently booked, maybe Britney should threaten to cast Screech as her TV Movie K-Fed -- unless Fed-Ex backs off.

Tara Conner Miss USA: Looks like Miss Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton, has some East Coast competition. In the wake of a story first broken by TMZ, reports continue to surface about the colorful smashed-sash behavior of one Tara Conner. Seems when she isn't leading fellow underage title holder Miss Teen USA astray, she has been mixing business with pleasure at New York City hot spot Stereo. We're not sure if Conner knows the meaning of the word "irony," but isn't it just a trip that her main talent has led to the cancellation of her 21st birthday party - the first time she can legally celebrate? Thanks to her talent for bellowing "Bottoms Up!," she may soon go t*ts up when The Donald powwows next week to decide her fate.

Rosie O'Donnell Rosie O'Donnell: Now she knows how fellow tell-it-like-it-is ABC-er Bill Maher once felt. In a bitter coda to limoncello-gate, the outspoken left side tackle of "The View" was forced to apologize this week for her previous mimicking of how DeVito's Taxi-cad confessions were likely to have been discussed in mainland China. O'Donnell, who said she was shocked to learn that her rap was on the level of an Asian N-word, blithely warned that her free-associating ways would probably lead to more of the same. O'Donnell hasn't been this off since she donned leather in the 1994 S&M comedy "Exit to Eden." She once auditioned for the part of Elaine on "Seinfeld," perhaps she should have tried out for the role of Kramer.

Mel Gibson:
It's bad enough that Clint's "Letters from Iwo Jima" has jumped into the awards season race and now looks set to steal away much of "Apocalypto's" Mayan thunder. But that's nothing compared to Mel's apparent personal PR turnaround. After showing up last week on "The Tonight Show" with hat in hand, Gibson has apparently decided that it's time to call a wrap on "Apologypto." In an interview with USA Today, the actor exclaimed, "How many people do you know get a DUI and are kicked around for six months? It's out of proportion. I'm not saying I wasn't at fault. Hey, we're not perfect, we're all human, get over it. I've apologized, done the right thing, now get the hell over it. I'm a work in progress." What's next? Clint going back on "Larry King Live" and suggesting that with two Golden Globe Best Director nominations, "I better "f*ing win!"

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I think Kevin Federline shoulda been Time's Person of the Year--for with getting so far into the celeb-verse with even less than Paris.

2869 days ago


8. "It is very possible that Nicole was taking the Vicodin for cramps........ there is a disease called Endometriosis. I know firsthand, as I was on morphine for mine!
Posted at 9:37AM on Dec 16th 2006 by Jess"

That maybe so. I know about how ugly cramps can get. My question is would drive after taking morphine? She evidently thought it was okay to drive ater taking Vicodin & other things....

"30. This could have been Nicole!

SERVIA, W.Va. --A pickup truck traveling the wrong way on an interstate highway collided head-on with another pickup, killing all five people in both vehicles, authorities said Saturday.......Two people were in the wrong-way pickup and three people were in the second vehicle. The bodies were sent to the state medical examiner in Charleston and their identities were not released Saturday.

Servia is 41 miles northeast of Charleston.

Posted at 7:04PM on Dec 16th 2006 by Lea"

We had one very recently as well!!! Fortunately, no one was killed...I don't think.

Wrong-way driver charged with felony DUI
By PAULA M. FELIPE - MediaNews Group
Article Launched:12/13/2006 12:00:00 AM PST

OROVILLE (about 30 miles away from where I live) -- An intoxicated driver who collided with two vehicles while driving the wrong way down Highway 70 north of Oroville Saturday night has been charged with felony driving under the influence.
Six people were injured in the collision that occurred about 9 p.m.

Richard Davis, 55, of Oroville, apparently turned his Toyota pickup from Highway 149 into the northbound lanes of Highway 70, and headed south toward Oroville, according to California Highway Patrol officer Tag Euritt.

Davis and passenger Susan Hammer, 43, of Oroville, drove nearly two miles down 70 before sideswiping a black Honda Accord driven by Travis Phelps, of Chico, who was not injured during the collision.

The pickup then struck a Honda Civic head-on. The Civic was driven by Dillon Montre of Rough and Ready, and he had three passengers: Angela Daugherty, 22, of Roseville, Seth Evans, 27, of Sacramento, and Timothy Nightingale, 26, of Grass Valley.

2868 days ago

Marie LaCroix    

"In an interview with USA Today, the actor exclaimed, 'How many people do you know get a DUI and are kicked around for six months?'"

Stop whining, Mel. I've known DUI's who have killed people. You're just lucky you weren't one of them.

2868 days ago


hows that monkey nic doing shoppping at marc jacobs when she should be in jail she is lionel real daughter prob some groupie and him ballarina girl indeed.

2868 days ago


Sandy Witherspoon, try not to pay attention to the seriously disturbed who
tend to live on this site. If they weren't among the dregs of
society they wouldn't say such things. Off of this site they most
likely are very meek and socially awkward, with no friends, money or
careers. Be glad you have a family, intelligence and morals. Can
you imagine how awful it would be to wake up every day and be "God
shall smite you"? Makes you feel pretty fortunate doesn't it?
P.S. I also noted you signed your real name. Notice the losers so brave in
spouting their stupidity never do, they're too cowardly.

Happy Hanukah to you and your little boy!

2868 days ago


Iz when you are that skinny or if you are anorexic/bulimic- you usually do not have a regular period or you won't have one at all.

2868 days ago


Uhh-Huh. Let's just say, at 85 lbs, you do not HAVE menses anymore.

What utter crap!

2868 days ago

Ricrdo Lee W.    

23. What's amazing to me (besides the absurd amount of losers out there who are so miserable they're willing to waste their precious time posting trash here; that they should know Mrs. Richie of SIMPLE LIFE fame isn't ever going to bother to read) is how pretty she still looks: intoxicated, embarrassed, arrested, groggy, at 5:00 in the morning, in a bad police mug shot. Even with all the weight she's lost her eyes still sparkle in such a pretty way that you can tell, she's a star.
Her beautiful complexion, her little mouth and even the little smile she managed... She's gorgeous... she's a star!! Even after all the weight loss.

As a young black man that just came home from being stationed overseas the last 3 and a half years in Baumholder Germany (ETS ed 11M A 1/6 Assassin Hooah!) its crazy to hear how much she parties. She looks so fresh faced and innocent its really hard to believe. Even in her mug shot she looks more like an angel than the amazons in the Victoria's Secret ads. Anyway's this chicks living her life and making her money. So why waste energy shaking your fist in the wind?
I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area but Im spending Christmas to New Years in Vegas at the Bellagio where my Pops got us a balcony facing the Strip and the fireworks on New Years eve. What Im getting to is year in and year out people party till they have to lock all the balcony doors on New Years to keep intoxicated people from falling or jumping off! As a kid I spent New Years in Vegas/Reno, New York, New Orleans, Union Square (SF). Ive partied when the Niner's won they're Super Bowl victories. I've been places where the whole cities are out drinking and celebrating. In Idar Oberstein Germany I saw a guy crash his brand new BMW drunk during the Linden Festival. In Ibiza you should see how crazy the British girls get or how we acted during R&R in Bulgaria. All around the world people party, this isnt some new occurrence or something Nicole Richie has just started or invented. Human beings can make mistakes sober. Nicole Richie is not your leader she's no politician or televangelist so why sweat every little move she makes. She's just a girl who grew up in Hollywood, she not a teacher or congressmen or even anytype of civil servant... What type of moron or horrible parent would go around making what Nicole Richie does out to be all important when you have the president who ""didn't inhale"" having affairs with interns, a President in office we've elected twice who had at the very least a DUI (and he's the head of the military chain of command and ""leader of the free world"".)
Getting behind the wheel of a car intoxicated is crazy but more soldiers (that I was personally friends with) got chaptered or Article 15's for drunk driving than anything else. Nicole's definitely not the first person guilty of driving under the influence. You have teachers sleeping with the kids and politicians propositioning pages... and your wasting time here? Trying to think of something nasty to say about a girl who parties???

Youd probably be more well served teaching Your kids the Golden Rule, forgiveness/compassion temperance i.e.; or if your really that worried how to "just say no" & defensive driving...

2867 days ago
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