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12/17/2006 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly ClarksonDreams really do come true. If you can meet their price, you can party with your favorite "American Idol."

According to the New York Post, the going rate for the reality show's castoffs, finalists and winners ranges from pocket change to big bucks. It all depends on whether you want them to sing their little hearts out or just show up and pretend they care.

So who makes the most? Ruben Studdard gets anywhere from $30K-$75K for three songs; Taylor Hicks sells his soul for $150K; and Kelly Clarkson is worth $300K. Meanwhile, a lowly castoff like Kimberly Caldwell -- wait, who? -- only charges $2,000.

Ed NortonThanks for Nothing, Ed Norton

There'll be no swanky swag at the Oscars or Golden Globes, courtesy of altruistic Edward Norton. The awards have scrapped giving out gift bags -- which are usually worth up to $100K -- because the actor complained so much, and the IRS got wind of the extent of the freebies. Norton tells New York magazine: "Picking through $35,000 gift baskets is disgusting and shameful. My suggestion was to have the Academy commit to [charitable] contributions in the name of the winners." Yeah, right. Look for Ed sitting alone during this year's festivities.

Martha StewartMartha Dishes Dirt With Stern

How does he do it? Howard Stern had Martha Stewart talking dirty during his show last week. The usually stuffy domestic diva told Stern she owns a $1,200 vibrator, which she called "a very good tool," reports the New York Post. She also dished on her short-lived relationships with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and actor Anthony Hopkins. "I couldn't get past the Lechter thing," she said. "Do you want someone eating your brain while you are sitting in your beautiful dining room in Maine?" Fair enough.

Party Favors: Steven Spielberg and Christy Turlington Team Up for Fashion Show ... "Apprentice" Champ and E! News Reporter Engaged ... Michael Jackson's Japanese VIP Party

Steven Spielberg is jumping on the reality TV bandwagon. The Oscar-winning director is developing a show about the fashion world featuring supermodel Christy Turlington ... PEOPLE reports "Apprentice" winner Bill Rancic and E! News' Giuliana DePandi are engaged. The couple met when she interviewed him on E! two years ago ... Michael Jackson is charging Japanese fans $3,500 a pop to shake his hand and snap a photo. The "Premium VIP Party" takes place March 8.

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No Avatar


Good for Norton, like these pampered celebrities need those freebies. He's my new hero.

2866 days ago


That is NOT a flattering picture of Kelly Clarkson.

2866 days ago


Your a good man Mr. Norton

2866 days ago


I knew there was a reason I liked Ed Norton. It is amazing that the people who can most afford these swag items get them for free and that one person who stands up against that becomes an outcast. It's okay Ed, I'll buy a ticket to your next movie.

2866 days ago


Finally....someone in Hollywood who has good principles, a good heart and does not think only of himself! Way to go Ed Norton!! (I always see Ralph, Trixie and Alice whenever I hear that name lol!!)

2866 days ago


Thank you Mr Norton! What a disgusting picture... all these celebs pawing through freebie gift bags for "loot", and complaining about having to pay taxes on it! In the meantime, the people who support them, their fans, enter sweepstakes hoping to win 1 of these bags, and even those do not have the high price coveted items the celebs get.

All this while people are starving in our country. People in louisiana and Mississippi still don't have homes. Granted, many celebs have helped in the recovery effort. But, it would really be great if the celebs could get the money spent on these bags donated to the cause of poverty. However, that won't happen. Gift bags will be stopped, and whoever paid for providing them will just save some money. Sad.

But, at least the appearance of celeb greed will be eliminated. Good for you, Ed Norton!

2866 days ago


Ed Norton is right. I don't think he will be sitting alone anywhere.

2866 days ago


I'd say most of the people who read your column make less than what those gift bags are worth in a year, so writing about it like it's a bad thing is not really gonna reach your audience.

2866 days ago


Why do it make getting paid for your job sound bad? Do you not get paid for what you do. These young artists are making their way and I think the prices quoted are a real bargin.

2866 days ago


Amy you make no sense. Go play.

2866 days ago


I think Norton has a very good point. We all know celebs are way overpaid so why not take the money instead of the gift basket and donate it to Katrina victims?

2866 days ago


"the maven", is that you Harry? Amy makes perfect sense and I DO make more than the gift basket is worth and I still think it's dispicable. I've worked on shoots with celebs and they want EVERYTHING for free...I would have to actually GUARD the clothes so they wouldn't take them...not all of course but I'm not naming names...but I will say it's especially young hollywood celebs...and that's what this type of thing creates monsters. BRAVO MR. NORTON!

2866 days ago


You go Eddie. Celebrities do not need freebies.

2866 days ago


Good for Edward Norton. I bow to thee. About damn time someone spoke up and thought of a more reasonable way to handle this. To give so much materialistic stuff worth so much to those that make more than the normal average Joe can imagine never made sense to me. I think he needs to be respected and I doubt he'll be sitting alone. At least he'll have George Clooney right there with him.

2866 days ago


I agree with Mr. Norton. While I do make more than the gift bags are worth I see no reason why they shouldn't have to at least pay taxes on them! After all if I win the lottery or come into any other kind of windfall I have to claim it and pay taxes so why should the celebs be any different?? I like his idea of donating money in their name instead! Way to go Mr. Norton. You may not be the most popular star in Hollywood but I'd sit next to you anywhere!

2866 days ago
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