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Tara Sinks;

Trump Likes the Ink

12/18/2006 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It won't be a very happy 21st birthday today for Tara Conner: The Kentucky beauty is on the verge of losing her Miss USA crown over allegations of drug use and excessive partying, and sources tell TMZ she will be replaced tomorrow officially by Tamiko Nash, Miss California.

The damning evidence continues to mount against Conner, whose tumultuous reign began in April. Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that Conner had failed a drug test for cocaine. Sources confirm to TMZ that after she was "caught red-handed," she took a hair follicle drug test that returned positive for coke.

What's more, we're told that pageant officials knew they had a problem with Conner and her wild ways "the minute she was crowned," and have been deeply troubled by her friendship with 18-year-old Miss Teen USA Katie Blair. The pair have been spotted kissing (yes -- each other) in bars, and returning together to her posh Trump Place apartment -- which Conner has since vacated -- late at night with a variety of men. To be clear, a rep for the pageant says that the allegations about Miss Teen USA are totally unfounded.

Meanwhile, TMZ has learned that The Donald himself could have made a decision on Conner's future weeks ago, and allowed the matter to pass with a minimum of media attention. However, according to a well-placed insider, Trump has been relishing the publicity that the Conner situation has generated for his pageant and let the fiasco continue to play out.

Tara may be cheered a bit to learn that at least one payday awaits: Penthouse magazine has been actively courting her services for a photo spread...


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Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

No offense ms. Farrah Racist but how did the blacks come to this country involuntarily?

Let's see if you know anything about your own tribal history you would know that black tribes sold your ancestors. OMG did I say your own black people sold your ancestors into slavery.

Now that is something you should be ashamed of.



Besides ms. farrah racist I am from a state tht elected its first black govenor.

My ancestors are dead and had nothing to do with slavery. They came here in the 20/30s. In fact most of the whites that I know do not go back to colonial times.

You are a racist and I say you can kiss my butt.

2831 days ago


Miss Teen USA was seen in a bar...isn't she only 18? Was she drinking? It just goes to show that hot chicks can get just about what ever they want.

Tara looks much hotter with her hair back.

I for one say let 'em party. It makes for good publicity, and I know I wouldn't mind seeing them kiss. How about some pics?

Who can blame them with role models like Britney, and Paris?

2831 days ago

On The Side Lines    

Farrah, you are an idiot. You have been all over the place today screaming(writing) "Racist". That's a load of BS. Held down? How? When I bust my ass for close to 80 hours a week, have a damn good education, and still barely make enough to get by and support my son. When I can walk into the agencies that claim to help, and ask for help, and be denied because I own a POS 1992 Chevy Lumina, but the African-American who walks in behind me driving the new Caddy gets all the benefits....When I sign up for scholarships, if I don't inform them that I am 1/2 Hispanic, I don't get sh*t, but African Americans have over 1000 scholarships available for doing....nothing.

Let me ask you, have you ever been whipped, beat, any of that?
No. You haven't!!
So, really .....SHUT THE HELL UP!!

This girl Tara needs to be dethroned because of her actions, and the 1st runner up should take her place.....not because she is black, but because she deserves it.

2831 days ago

S.R. Wilson    

Give us more Jim Nabors stories.

2831 days ago


The ignorant comments by ignorant posters on this thread - and by ignorant, I mean #s 16, 18, 29, 20, 25, 28 - only expose the racism Farrah is calling out into the open. I am laughing at those of you who have denied racism exists by responding with a clearly racist post. I am laughing, too, because I guarantee that the racist posters on this thread have very little education and really pathetic careers.

And i can GUARANTEE you are ugly as hell, inside and out, and were probably picked on as children. And oh, wait, it gets better.... I bet you call yourselves Christians, too.

2831 days ago



2831 days ago


# 18 - I completely agree. I posted something very similiar on another post and got some nasty replies so it's nice to see someone has the same thoughts.

Farrah - you are correct that you were brought to our country involuntary, by your own people no less, but let me fill you in on the times, blacks can now fly and travel by ship. If you don't like it here than leave nothing is stopping you. Go back to your country. If you choose not to go than that is your choice but don't sit here and start your racism comments, you have a choice.

Also, I noticed that you did not comment on the Miss Black USA pagent being racist. Last time I checked, the Miss USA pagent allowed blacks and other races. Please explain how you can call that racist? And again let me fill you in on a little information, Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss USA. That's right she was black. Again, how is that racist. Maybe the black was not good enough for first place, that's not racist.

2831 days ago


Hey look who is back..Farrah the racist! You know what is sad is that this "Sista" will be Miss USA for what about a few months is something Ironic wouldn't be funny if another white girl was picked! Hahahaha I think Farrah is Jealous because she proberly looks nappy!!!

2831 days ago

im just sayin    

Robyn likes black c**k

2831 days ago


u guys shouldn't reply to the first remark
it's obvious she's doing it to stir trouble
and she's probably enjoying getting all this feed back!!

2831 days ago


Some body pass the Jesus Juice !!!!

2831 days ago



I think you are overreacting. I am sick of blacks not getting their way and playing the racists card. Besides Where I am from White is a minority! Wait maybe I should do what Farrah does...not get my way, cry like a baby and play the race card. Just because someone is sick and tired of hearing the race card does not mean that they are not a "Chrsitian". I work hard and have everything because I WORK FOR IT!!! I am also educated and not ugly and if you like to make fun of others than be honest and don't call yourself a "Christian".

2831 days ago



Farrah will not go back to Africa because there are no welfare programs available.

2831 days ago

coco puff    

Thank you Robyn, finally a voice of reason here. I'm not a racist and I judge people on there character and not there color. The message I try ed to convey was that racism is alive and strong in this country and won't go away if we do not discuss it. Living in the projects is no fun. Murder, rape, robberies are reality of life, here. I think if people knew how hard the struggle is they would have more compassion. Oh, I'm a christian, God Bless you.

2831 days ago



I agree. I had my laugh.

2831 days ago
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