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Hey Lindsay, Watch the Road!

12/19/2006 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled a bonehead automotive move last night on her way to Hyde.

While in the middle of Hollywood traffic with cars whizzing by, Lohan dangerously ducked her head behind the steering wheel of her black Mercedes to avoid being seen by the paparazzi, and later drove off with her hand covering her face.

Back at the club, Pauly Shore, Avril's husband Deryck Whibley and "Girls Gone Wild" kingpin Joe Francis were less camera shy, as were Brody Jenner and Rob Dyrdek of MTV's "Rob and Big." Nick Stahl wasn't far behind.

Later that night, the Paris entourage gathered in the Hollywood Hills for a Christmas party. Nicky Hilton and friend were there with Brandon Davis, who politely wished us a "Happy Hanukkah."

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott were feeling the holiday love last night. After doing a little shopping and signing some DVDs in Hollywood, they were all smiles as they walked to their car, which overflowed with gifts. Quite the jolly little pair were they!

Take a look at the Hollywood holiday action in today's Star Catcher.


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WHY does everyone have to trash people they really dont even know i swear that everyone who calls someone a SLUT!! has issues.... or there trying to cover up for stuff they do !!! you rprob. hate these girls because there rich and beauitful unlike yourself...freaking get over your self i love you lohan!! everyone else needs to GET OVER there SELF!! really

2769 days ago


She should hire a driver it the flashes bother her that much! The girl is going to kill someone driving like that!

I am so sick of seeing this reckless behvior that impacts OTHER PEOPLE! Selfish little skanks.

2829 days ago


I bet if I drove like that, police would stop so quick for reckless driving.

2829 days ago


HeyLindsay: I know a way to avoid the cameras---STAY THE HELL HOME, you drunken slut.

2829 days ago

Torshion Bar    

She won't change her playgrounds, or her playmates. She will never change. That is, until the endless plastic surgeries ensue.

2829 days ago


Gawd I love that girl!

2829 days ago


Her publicists must be so embarrassed to have to CONSTANTLY explain/justify/defend this childish, irresponsible behaviour. Thank goodness they can salve their consciences with the mighty paychecks she doles out.

2829 days ago


See I KNEW it!

Brandon Davis is a really nice guy when he's sober. And he is HOT, HOT,HOT !!!!!!!

2829 days ago


She can wrap it around a tree, as long as she doesn't hurt anyone else.
She's not even old enough to drink and she's already going to AA?
I don't believe she's stopped drinking.

2829 days ago


and this behavior surprises us how?

2829 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

How nice it would be if this little tramp simply drove head-on into a tree!

2829 days ago


Ok, all these "celebraties" that are hiding from the paparazzi should not hang out then at places where they will be. Dumb asses... "I dont' want to be seen, but I"m gonna go to the most popular hang out spot" retards.

2829 days ago


Lindsay invites the photogs by her actions. There are countless celebrities who are only photographed on the red carpet or other public events. They, by their actions, receive respect from the paps. Lindsay and her co-horts do not command respect. Why does this girl still have a driver's license???

2829 days ago

Jo Blo    

Rob drydick is hot.

2829 days ago


Brandon Davis HOT? Ewwwww. He's so greasy and such a pig. Look at the clip of his older, fatter brother - cause that's where the greased pig is headed. And he's just crude and nasty - hanging out with Hilton sisters. I always thought Nicky had more brains than Paris, but now, not so much. NONE of these kids have done anything to make them famous - except Lindsay, and those movies were alot of drugs ago. Now she looks stoned, acts stoned, and treats other people like the whole frikkin world owes her something. And her driving? WTF is wrong with the police? You'd think that they wouldn't be so "star struck" out there, yet they always turn the other way. If any "normal" person would drive like that, they'd be pulled over. I don't know if CA's DMV has a point system for driving licenses, but I'd be interested in how many she has left. She needs one of the ankle bracelets that goes off the second she steps out the front door - maybe then special lights can go on all over L.A. to warn the other drivers. She's a pig.

2829 days ago
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