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Paris Gives Brit Bitch Gift

12/20/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After an online New York Dog magazine poll bestowed Britney Spears with the title "Worst Celebrity Dog Owner," she received a consolation prize from her new BFF, and last year's winner, Paris Hilton.

From Paris to Britney
Hilton gave Spears a Bali puppy carrying case from The $500 orchid colored bag is made of Italian leather and comes with a detachable fur-lined pad. Only the best for Brit's bitches!

At last, we can take comfort in knowing that at least one of Britney's pets will remained covered in public.


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43: what line of argumentation is that? And if you had been an attentive or intelligent reader you would have noticed, that my keyboard is skipping one or two letters, guess which? Remember, just like in first grade. And it is not about being holy. But that is just it, people that "get" my post, most likely are not the once posting ill-spirited stuff about strangers, and people that don't get my take on life, just confirm it with posts like yours.
It is about being a smart, blessed and successful grown up. The closer you live life in that healthy and superio fashion, the better you life goes. Why do you think the majority of the population is not a success story so to speak, because the majority is just like you.
People that mind their own business are usually the once successful, because they naturally get more done that way. But this would go on too long and too deep, and I am no Tony Robbins, just a blessed, well to do, light hearted woman with too much time on her hands tonight. It is cold out, I got "my days" and don't have a TV (time stealer), and I like intellectual argumentation.
And why is it that usually the simple minded people with the nasty comments have to use the swear words. Did you Mama not teach you not to speak that way, and that you practically out yourself that way, or are you already belonging to the second generation of homo primitivus? Well, if so, at least you get to blame you Mama.

2866 days ago


I am sure that Brit will care for her doggie better than she cares for her kiddies. Just watch...She'll carry that little dog everywhere - down the red carpet, shopping, etc. But where will her kids be? Who the hell knows? Brit is better off with a dog than a child!!

2866 days ago

mikiejoe bitch giving another bitch a bitch bag...maybe they should buy each other some underwewar so we don't have to look at their nasty cooches.

James Crum -- get a life pal...Paris wouldn't give you the time of go back to whacking to her pictures.

2866 days ago


awwww! look how cute the doggy looks in his new bag . To bad you can't hollywood is not interested in marketing something that might up your IQ. That probably would not be considered HOT!

2866 days ago


Oh look the dog sh*t inside the Louey Vitton . . Throw it away.

2866 days ago


Because the big fat straight lines are only railed out for us Hotties. Go figure.

2866 days ago


Rosie was built to take dick . Just think her high school prom date felt like a pencil dick . She figured if she could not satisfy her own puss she might as well satisfy someone elses. She could take dick from every side------4---way----north south east west at the same time and would show up for the view untehered. What a beast..

2866 days ago


PLEASE! This is a gossip web site, not a place for compassionate discourse or whatever in the hell some people go on & on about. Britney & Paris PUT themselves in the public eye. THEY allow themselves to be photographed in compromising positions. THEY will do anything for attention & sometimes the attention they so desperately crave is less than flattering. They(literally & figuratively) open themselves up for any sort of derision that comes their way. Face it, these are 2 UNtalented, not particularly attractive slutty morons who deserve all of the negativity that comes their way. And their actions ARE a reflexion on their character, or lack thereof. If it weren't for all their money & the suckers who idolize these idiots, they'd be turning tricks at a truck stop.

2866 days ago


Your right not a place to mention rosie / (capassionate non-intercourse ) she,s niether hot or slutty so is rarely news worthy . And your right they are photographed in comprimising positions. But does this story really have any news worthiness , who gives a about their dogs wardrobe. These dogs would make a batch of tamales in some other country and feed an entire family and noone would give a damn. This chick should be concerned about her image and the custody & welfare of her children at this point. Who you associate with is a big part of that . As long as people report stupid sh*t as news expect equally mindless responses. Both of them dumber than a box of rocks but can wipe their ass with $100 dollar bills if they run out toilet paper. And then joke about it and find it amusing.

2866 days ago


And what will Brit give her?
I think the name of the Doctor who did Brit's nose job would be very helpful for her.

2866 days ago


I think Brit stopped bringing her kids along because Paris told her "babies are so last week-not Hot "and like the dumb ass she is replied " really? so like what should I do, you know they live at my house and all? And Paris told her "nannies , gawd, its like they would have no jobs if you took care of them yourself! And the very bright Brit said " you are right- I have a nanny for my dogs and I leave them and Ive had the dogs longer than the kids ,I'll do it! Paris thank you so much for making see the light ,! No problem , thats what friends are for- now go put on your best slut outfit, and remember no pantties! Ok, Thats HOT!

I am just saying, I didnt hear any of this conversation, but somehow I feel it went something like that. Peace and Love and keep your panties on :)

2865 days ago


You guys are disgusting, this is smut at its worst and not worth commenting on, big flipping deal. Go get a life and quit reflecting your own stupid comments. Man just let her go. (Brit)

2865 days ago


56 that sh*t was hilarious

2865 days ago


Let Paris and Brit have their fun., they're harmless.

What is everyone bitching about? Those pampered pets have it better than most humans around the world.

Why doesn't someone complain about Bush and his crazy Christians who got US into a war under false pretenses? Now THAT'S something to get angry about. F***ing evangelicals, they LOVE humanity - it's people they can't stand.

2865 days ago


check britney out on people. com------ the lastest photos part........she actually looks nice!!!!

2865 days ago
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