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Rosie to Trump: Bring It On, Bankrupt Boy

12/21/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump may have threatened to sue her, and worse yet, break up her marriage, but Rosie isn't flinching. In fact, now she's taunting him on her blog, laying bare the Donald's history of bankruptcies for all to see.

The Donald, responding to Rosie's rant against him on yesterday's "The View," called her a "fat slob," and bizarrely insisted on dragging O'Donnell's wife Kelli into the fray. He told the New York Daily News (among other media outlets), "I imagine it would be pretty easy to take her girlfriend away, considering how Rosie looks."

Rosie shot back last night on her blog, posting a Wikipedia entry that chronicled Trump's checkered financial past (which she referred to on "The View") and ending with a taunt (in her lowercase style), "i will let u know if the Donald sues me or if kelli leaves me for one of his pals/don't u find him charming." Earlier in the day, Rosie had charmingly directed Trump to "sit and spin, my friend."

Britney's New Beverly Hills Digs

Britney Spears has officially moved on from her Malibu mansion – and now she's shacking up in a $7.2 million, five-bedroom Mediterranean-style pad in Beverly Hills, right around the corner from Ed McMahon and Gwen Stefani, according to People. The house also has six-and-a-half baths, a pool, a media room and a library, say People's sources. Brit apparently liked the place so much that she decided to move into the place even though the house was officially listed as being in escrow. Whatever the case, the house is in a gated community, so there's very little chance of tour buses or other interlopers peeking in, or so Brit thinks.

Miss Teen USA Katie Blair Dumped by MADD

Miss USA Tara Conner may have survived to reign another day, but at least one organization thinks that she's tainted the image of "little sister" Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, and is cutting ties with Blair as a result. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) announced Wednesday that it has ended its relationship with Blair, saying in a statement, "We do not feel, at this time, that Ms. Blair can be an effective spokesperson on underage drinking and will not ask her to represent MADD in future initiatives."

Party Favors: Nick Needs Underwear! ... Madge's Dad-in-Law Shakes His Head ... Rowling Dreams of Being Harry Potter

Nick Lachey might have the fabulous pop-star life and the delectable girlfriend, but the one thing he doesn't have enough of ... is underwear. While performing at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York, report Rush & Molloy, Nick took time to thank 2(x)ist underwear for taking care of his needs. "I would have run out of underwear if it wasn't for you guys." ... Madonna's father-in-law, John Ritchie, tells the London Daily Mail (via Page Six) that his son Guy has had enough of the adopting. "They've had a difficult time," says Ritchie the elder. "I don't think he'd want to adopt again." ... As she finishes the final installment of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling says that, for the first time ever, she had an "epic dream" in which she was, simultaneously, Harry and the narrator. "Perhaps I should cut back on the caffeine?" she asks.

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No Avatar


It,s ashame that MADD does not post photograghs of their senior members with home adresses so that all their supporters can stop by and their gratitude . I hope losing their support does not effect her chances of a playboy spread . I'm sure Hugh would look down on substance abuse and a life of debauchery.

2827 days ago


It's time to apologise and say.. that was too much. Okay you don't agree with Trumps decision, but that doesn't give you the right to defame and destroy him with things not even germane to the debate.. You give rosie a inch, her hateful, spiteful mouth takes her to bankruptcy court eventually. She asks for a public bruising everytime she lets her mean spirit loose.. maybe she'll get a well deserved one. And Joy,.. you are next.

2827 days ago


Donald is a dick.

2827 days ago

Ms Urban Legend    

Rosie scares the bajeezus outta me.

2827 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

On the next installment of Celebrity Boxing - The Donald and Rosie should be the featured bout. An arrogant windbag germophobe against a rabid angry lesbian.

Ching Chong Ching Chong !!!

2827 days ago

Ms Urban Legend    

It's no wonder that Madonna and Guy are having problems, Guy's dad can't stop dry snitching to the press.

2827 days ago


Rosie could get gang-banged all night with jiz shootin from every angle and still show up for the view looking fresh as daisy , and ready to talk sh*t. What a beast she is.

2827 days ago


What a hypocrite ... in an Oct. 11 press release, Miss Teen USA said:

"Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA, who will serve as the THINK national spokesperson has been personally affected by drunk driving. “My junior year of high school, a classmate was killed after drinking alcohol and crashing his motorcycle. I saw firsthand how his death impacted my friends, school and community,” she said. “Just because the law says people under 21 can't drink doesn't mean teens don't have a choice to make.” During Katie’s reign, she will work to be an example to other teens and ask that they join her in not drinking alcohol underage."

I guess Miss Katie made her choice clear.
Now, how's Donald going to get out of this one ... send another to 'rehab'? He can't very well keep Miss USA, and take away Miss Teen USA's second chance!
And now there's the next Miss scandel ... Miss Nevada's lewd photos popping up, showing her popping out.

2827 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Rosie's right on target with The Donald. That creature is a piece of utter trash--one of those verminous wretches the world could do well without. Rose will trump Trump. She's blessed with more guts, and a bigger mouth. Good luck to her. Jesus will protect her, and send The Donald back to Hell where he came from. Praise The Lord!

2827 days ago


Imagines Nick in his prime in 2xist underwear. *Drools*

2827 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

#9 I doubt seriously that Jesus would waste his time with either of these vermin.

2827 days ago


What does "sit and spin, my friend" mean?

2827 days ago


Trump is correct where O'Donnell is concerned. Talk about second chances? How many is this now for the over-hyped, over-rated and hugely untalented O'Donnell? She's disgusting, ignorant, insecure and she needs to be put out of commission. I hope O'Donnell gets annihilated by Trump's lawsuit, and gets put out on the street, along with the other trash. Hopefully in 2007, Walters and ABC will finally come to their senses and dump her.


2827 days ago


I'm not Team Rosie, but she had a couple valid points. She may not be innocent in the matter, but Donald Trump sounds like a crazy old man with his tirades. Calling her a failure and a nobody? He's off his meds. Wait until someone with money and hair comes and takes his trophy wife du jour.

2827 days ago

Oh Canada    

I don't always agree with Rosie's views, but she's right on target about that pompous ASS that is Donald Frump.
He's one of those people who believes having money or the appearance of wealth makes you better than everybody else. He has three "baby mamas", and he's declared bankruptcy several times just to get out of paying his creditors, but somehow his personal $$ remains untouched.

The Donald is a loser, but for some reason people suck up to him. Good for Rosie for having the "Balls" to say that "the Emperor is stark naked".

2827 days ago
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