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Celebrity Wish List: Michael Richards

12/22/2006 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like kids all over the world, Michael Richards is hoping for a white Christmas. While we can't predict the weather, we can think of presents for the embattled comic.

Check out this video with some gift ideas. If you have a gift suggestion, let us know in the comments section!


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Michael Richards is dreaming of a "white" christmas.. as in the extermination of all races except for the aryan brotherhood.

2864 days ago


i think he should get a medal...he only said what they already call themselves anyway!

2863 days ago


Imagine the Horror and Outrage there would be if a black comedian had gone off on a white member of the audience calling him honky and cracker...oh wait I HAVE seen that and no one cares. Who cares????? If I were black I would boycott the White Miss America Contest and also White History Month...oh wait we as a white race aren't allowed to have those are we???

2863 days ago


Its okay for blacks to be racist but noone else can be. Blacks are the most racist people in America. They act like they are better than everyone else. The dude apoligized so let it go. Besides what in the hell were those black audience members shouting out racist comments to Micheal Richards when he was up on stage anyways. They started the whole thing. F*** n*****s because they always cause trouble and blame other people for it.

2861 days ago


IIt is amazing how the the true feelings of our white conterparts come out when they are in support of such garbage such as this. Joshua, I am positive that were you live, there are few if any blacks, which would explain your behavior and ignorance to this matter. I guess the right word to describe you would be a nigger(which is white for stupid and iignorant) and no they are not the same thing. Truth of the matter is that for anyone to condone racism wheteher it be from a black man or a white man is immoral. There is no race that is more racist in America, because from what I have seen no one ever likes the other. Rich whites dislike the poor whites and the same goes on within all racial communities, Blacks are no different .Look there are bigger things in life to worry about, I mean has anyone noticed that the total amount of casualties of American soldiers have passed the 3,000 mark, and we have yet to see a change since the war began. Fuck racism, by this time next year we all might not exist.

Happy New Year

2859 days ago


Mr. Richards can go straight to hell, he's a loser.

2787 days ago

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