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Fitness Pixie

Looks for Lindsay

12/26/2006 1:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donning his gayest apparel, bubbly fitness guru Richard Simmons pranced the streets of Beverly Hills to shop and spread some holiday cheer this weekend.

After dishing out some health tips and picking up a few stocking stuffers, the hyperperky aerobics expert embarked on a search to find Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan ... and "that other one, the skinny one."


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Brother Harold, S.J.    

Is this demented little queen STILL running around?

2820 days ago

We, are not amused.    

This F***ing guy!
Him with the shorts and the pot belly, he's in the news because,,,?

2820 days ago


dishing out what health tips? None that he obviously is practicing...sweets eating, paunchy man who prefers anal sex.

2820 days ago


OMG, the quartet is complete - Britney, Lindsey, Paris, and Richard. I can see the pics now - let's hope Richard wears some panties, though!

2820 days ago

Who Cares?    

Begging for publicity.....

2820 days ago



2820 days ago


What's really sad is the foul mouthed comments. Richard is a fantastic guy with a real heart for people. That puts him in a classy class that some people (like the muck-mouths) will never reach. Too bad. The world could use a few more kind compassionate people.

2820 days ago


He'll get those boney drug girls running scared! hee hee

2820 days ago

We, are not amused.    

M.J. #5
You dropped some of your "deal-a-meal" cards.

2819 days ago


he slays me! ;0

2819 days ago

Danny JG    

The term "HAS-BEEN" doesn't even cut the corner of this Zip-lock bag of crap....Don't these creeps EVER GO AWAY ???As for YOU guys at TMZ posting this kind of "so 25 years ago" sh*t, give it a break !!! I'd rather see a stranger's family Xmas photos....What's NEXT ??? An update on Tony Orlando & Dawn ?????????????

2819 days ago


Richard Simmons has a true respect and empathy for other people. He deserves his fame. A Class Act.

2819 days ago


To all of you who have no life except to bad mouth others.....have you looked in the mirror lately?
Maybe you should and you'll see you're no better (no worse either) than ANY of the people you have to bad mouth.
After all don't people who cut others down do it so THEY can feel better about THEMSELVES? It's an ego buster for those with extremely low self-esteem problems.
Now get a life and go look at yourself in the mirror and see that like everyone else YOU are NOT perfect EITHER!
No one is! (And no I'm not either!)

2819 days ago

Linda Lu    

His current level of notoriety is not even the point. Does anyone get this Simmons person? Why would any sane person turn her trust over to a fat slob for weight- loss advice? Where do you go after that little tete a tete? To get your taxes done at H & R Willie Nelson? To Ted Haggard for moral integrity lessons?
He may be as nice, "fantastic," classy and compassionate as the above reader says he is. If so, let him lead compassion workouts and leave the dispensing of weight-loss wisdom to those who have something to dispense.
Do we Americans so hate thinking for ourselves that we'll seek the counsel of anyone who hangs out a shingle -- even when it's clear there's nothing behind it but smiley fluff?
Well, gotta run. Meeting with George W. to learn how to earn love and respect.

2819 days ago

Joseph Palumbo    

Hey People,

Leave Richard alone. These girls need to pack on a few pounds before they melt away onto Hollywood Blvd.

Oh and about the anal sex thing, don't knock it until you have tried it...

2819 days ago
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