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Britney Ditched by Her Biggest Fan(site)

12/28/2006 10:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is losing the respect of even her most ardent fans – and now one of the Britster's most popular fan sites is shutting down.,
a faithful and well-visited chronicler of all things Britney since 2000, is closing up shop, and its webmaster had some parting shots for Spears as he announced his site's demise. "As Britney keeps losing her identity and credibility within fans and industry people, so is [World of Britney]," writes Ruben Garay. "I believe Britney is unfortunately done (for me at least). No matter what anyone thinks or how they may disagree, it's very hard to maintain the respect needed to keep things going."

Garay says that Britney's recent penchant for crotch-exposure isn't the primary reason he's moving on, however, he's going to start another celeb-themed site soon. And he says that he still has respect for Spears "as a human being."

Arresting Cop in Gibson Case Alleges Harassment

The Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI last August alleges that he's being harassed by officials in his own department because they believe he leaked an official report detailing Gibson's drunken, anti-Semitic rant to TMZ. TMZ's reporting ignited a storm of allegations and investigations within the department.

The attorney for Deputy James Mee, Richard Shinee, told the Los Angeles Times yesterday that he was abruptly transferred from his Malibu posting to an assignment in Agoura Hills, and that he's been "unfairly singled out" for scrutiny by his supervisors. Earlier this month, TMZ exclusively obtained letters from Shinee that detail an interrogation of Mee conducted by the Department in October, and request that the Attorney General take over the investigation into the leak. TMZ has never identified the source of the documents.

Steve Irwin's Last Conquest

Steve Irwin wrestled with a venomous, six-foot sea snake – and tamed it – the day before he was fatally wounded by a stingray. In a scene from the nature special "Ocean's Deadliest, as previewed by the New York Post, the "Crocodile Hunter" tussles with the sea snake, which Irwin describes as having a body "fatter than my arm and almost as fat as my leg." The snake, normally a placid creature, then nearly bites Irwin with its quarter-inch-long fangs, prompting Irwin to exclaim, "Lucky he didn't have his mouth open there. You could see how 'ol Steve-O could've taken a hit." The special will run Jan. 21 on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Anne HathawayParty Favors: Anne Hathaway Makes the Best of Being Turned Away ... Pam Anderson's Bad Date ... "Rocky" and "Fargo" Named to National Film Registry

Actress Anne Hathaway went to the Gramercy Park Hotel for a night on the town recently, reports Ben Widdicombe, but got turned away, even though Sean Penn had just gotten through. The plucky Hathaway didn't make a fuss – she just headed to a nearby gay bar called Snaxx. ... The recently separated Pam Anderson had a date the other night with noted playboy Steve Bing, but their pairing didn't end up generating much of a bang. Page Six says that Anderson was home by 9:30 PM, and that she didn't care much for Bing's sweet-talking. ... "Rocky" and "Fargo" are just two of the 25 films entered into the National Film Registry on Wednesday. "Blazing Saddles" and "Halloween" are also among the pictures that will be preserved for posterity.

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No Avatar


World of Britney is a fickle site by a blatant self promoter webmaster Ruben
who runs hot and cold on Britney depending on how he can advance himself,
as evidenced in his press release today to all blogs.
It has long lost its appeal as a site, not because of Britney (voted celebrity queen of 2006) but because audiences are bored with Ruben and his quest to advance his career and his bitterness that Britney never kissed his ass.
(check out the numbers - very few hit World of Britney). is a site that is dedicated to Britney and Britney only. Jordan, the Web Master stays in the background and reports all the reliable Britney news minus his ego and nasty gossip. It has gaining international recognition (including TV quotes) and it's where millions of Brigney fans congregate. Check it out!
Britney will survive a divorce, two babies (& when they teenagers she'll still be a young cool Mom) and all the mistakes we make in our early twenties. She's
a legend, mistakes and all - Mary J. Blige and others defend her- she has the respect of peers and anyone who has been under the microscope of the media. World of Britney - Bye bye - you UNLIKE BRITNEY won't be missed and who cares about your press release to shut down!

2821 days ago


whatever people are always gonna talk about britney, its kinda gettin old.. find a new target celebrity and leave Britney alone. You guys are so harsh to sommeone is a human being, and for some people who say she shouldn't be born, and a condom should've been use that's horrible.. u guys obviosly have no soul or hearts.. for a human being to say something like that.. Grow UP.. obviously these people must be like 16 or whatever.. wel hope they are.. else u guys need serious help.

2821 days ago


The world of Britney is slowly, but surely tumbling down! LMAO!?!? He still has respect for her as a "human Being", but not a mother!

She's pathetic and all will be good when she finally disapears! She's dirty; nasty, looks like crap, she is bloated in the face from all the booze, drugs and cigs! She could never make a comeback - hell, look at Jessica Simpson, she's a fallen no talent celebrity as well. Good riddance!

2821 days ago


TMZ - Please stay on top of this LA sheriff's department issue with Deputy Mee. They shouldn't be permitted to quietly harrass and silence this guy. Recall this agency thought it okay to sanitize the police report about Mel's arrest.

Great job, TMZ. Keep it up.

2821 days ago


#1 Jarrid - you are a dillusional, dumb ass if you think Britney can make the slightest comeback. The bitch is a damn wreck - she looks like she's about 40. She's so OVER. You need to get a life, a**hole, and stay out of that has-been's coot, maybe you will get some oxygen and breath some air - you sound real dumb.

2821 days ago


Eventhough I was never a huge Britney, I liked a couple of her songs, back in her heyday I did think the girl could dance and was cute. She had Madonna's showmanship. I don't know what happened, but she has turned into a nasty skank. She looks gross like she smells. Unless she drastically changes course in her life, I don't see a successful comeback.

2821 days ago


I'm sorry that that World Of Britney website is closing down. I think that Britney Spears' outrageous, bizarre nights in Las Vegas or LA with Paris Hilton and others got too annoying for the webmaster. But Ruben Gray should know that Britney is 25, not 16, when Baby One More Time was a massive hit. She's writing and performing songs about adult themes, sometimes sexy, as in her 4th album. I find it interesting that among all the bizarre displays she made in public and having a second child, she didn't put out an album of new songs in 2006. No one has pointed that out. She should have stayed musically competitive, like Beyonce and others are doing. I think that Ruben was an obsessed fan who thought that Britney was going to do the same fun pop that she's known for. But all artists change and have to grow up musically and artistically. We need to deal with that. And Britney needs to get over her sloppiness and dress better in public--she should know that the tabloids and paparazzi are watching her every move!

2821 days ago


Britney Spears is a disgrace, she should be the happiest young woman and mum in the world and yet she just can't help but look like trash and acting like a dirtbag! I bet splitting with Justin Timberlake was the beginning of the end for this girl. She probably thought she would make him jealous getting married and having kids and all but at the end of the day he must just think that she's a waste of space. I can't belive that people put this girl as a role model for young American girls and girls around the world... Maybe when she was Disney presenter she was worth it but now OMG!! Christina Aguilera was supposed to be the trashy one out of the 2 years ago but I would say Christina got it right from the start and never faked.
Britney should think about retirement or she'll probably end up on some porn shop shelves!

2821 days ago


Worldof britney was a horrible site as evidenced by his extrememly low number of hits. Ruben is ditching his failing site in attempts to compete with celebrity blogs to make more money. In a few months time when she finally comes out with music and not interviews he will be sorry.Sites like breatheheavy and britneyexperts will flourish.Love ya Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2821 days ago

Ms Kris    

Britney is dumb pond scum!!!

Hurray for the site shutting down!!

No talent stupid idiot!!

Those 2 kids will have ALOT to live down when they grow up-their parents!!

2821 days ago


preston:::::: true that!!!!!

2821 days ago


Britney had the world by the ass and she blew it.
She has no one to blame but herself.
If she had a brain she would have never married Kfed.
Now she's spiraling down and showing she has no class,
drinking, smoking, drugs and hanging with the nasty people.
Too bad, so sad.

2821 days ago

just saying    

ruben close his site cause nobody visit it anymore....the best is britneyexperts!

2821 days ago


I watched one of those celebrity shows, E.T. or Access Hollywood or whatever and this lady said that Britney's fans are not leaving her because they are growing with her or something. I mean, do you guys actually think that she is done?? She probably ignores all this crap and she is probably putting a new site out there.

2821 days ago

malvolio it to the recent decision by CR not to wear fur after her fan-based site closed down on principal. it might not be "the site," but it's just one more indicator her career's tanking...all this trouble for one measley little racist drunk, that cop should sue MG's pompous ass and take away all his ill-gotten gains from, tell me SI wasn't badgering that sting-ray. sorry, but he had it coming....crikey!

2821 days ago
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