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Goo Father?

12/28/2006 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Brown was laid out at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater today.

With Al Sharpton standing at the side of his gold coffin, thousands of fans paid their respects to the "Godfather of Soul."

The body will be taken to Georgia tonight for a second viewing and funeral. Brown died on Christmas morning of heart failure at age 73.


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Sense of reason    

You guys are suck JERKS!

2856 days ago


Oh come on TMZ!! Making fun of a sign at a funeral. You know it says "God Father". I understand you all have to do this type of thing to spark responses but sheesh!

2856 days ago


Flowers was suppose to read GOD FATHER... From a distance it look's like GOO FATHER.

2856 days ago

coco puff    

LOL! It definitely looks like GOO father. These stupid n*****s can't even write the letter D. Somebody has to do a better job stabbing that c**k sucker Sharpton! I want to see his black ass in a casket!

2856 days ago



2856 days ago

seriously it that slow of a news day?....

sure first ammendment blah blah blah...but give it a're trying to make fun of a sign at a funeral taken from a camera at an odd angle that makes a D look like an O? where's the humor?..and where's the news?

this is really beneath you guys....I'm really surprised....I thought you guys were cooler than that....I guess....I ....was....wrong.......

2856 days ago


It seems very low and juvenile of TMZ to make fun of a sign at a funeral. It obviously says GOD FATHER. TMZ, show a little class. I know you're only a half step ahead of the Enquirer as far as gossip rags are concerned, but even they wouldn't go this low. Ridiculous. What if were your mother's funeral?

2856 days ago

Patricia Meisels    

Pleaseeeeee!!! The "Goo Father" was an ex con. He abused women, and spent time in Prison for it. He's laid out in gold, with Sharpton and other posse members right beside him. Give me a break, he wasn't my "Goo Father" LOLOL He was just another "has been celebrity" that has finally is going going gone!!! I understand that his widow was locked out of their home. What kind of person would have that done to his widow????? Good Riddance.

2856 days ago


Lighten up, people -- I thought it was funny!

If it were at your mother's funeral, it would be "GOO MOTHER!"

2856 days ago


Oh be nice! That poor man...

2856 days ago


Plus the main reason I didn't like him. He couldn't sing like Donnie Osmond!

2856 days ago


Please- pick on people who are alive and can at least read what is said. Are you that desperate for material? Your site just went from scummy to bottom feeder.

2856 days ago


This man was a great entertainer, regardless of what his personal life was all
about. He made something of his life against all odds, and encountered alot of users and abusers because of the wealth he achieved. We have no idea what this man endured during his lifetime, but we all know how he paid for his mistakes. God bless his soul. He will be missed. Even from a distance it doesn't read Goo...We all need to FEEL GOOD, like we know we should, Only in America...

2856 days ago


heh. no love for the deseased, huh?

- we feel good

2856 days ago


It is a bit pathetic to make fun of the sign, especially when you could instead have made fun of the fact that Al Sharpton, of all people, is standing next to the body. I can't believe that Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the best the black community can come up with as representatives most of the time. Sharpton is so self-serving it makes me sick.

Maybe he's the "Goo Father"?

2856 days ago
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