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Rosie Cyberbombs Trump:

You're a Pimp

12/28/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought the war between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump was over, Rosie dropped a stealth bomb on the Donald. Then, the Donald struck back, saying that Rosie wants to die.

In a free-form blog reverie at, Ro called Trump a pimp, in so many words, likening his situation with Miss USA to an episode of "Cagney & Lacey," in which a pimp lures a woman to New York and into a life of servitude and emotional torture. Then the pimp gets arrested, and the woman is set free.

She also takes a shot at Trump's blistering attack on her last week on "Larry King Live," calling him "the comb over" ... "so what happens/when us say the emperor has no clothes/the comb over goes ballistic/via phone to mr king."

Trump responded to Rosie this morning, telling the New York Post, "Rosie got mentally beaten up by me, because she's a mental midget, a lowlife. I think she's got a death wish. It's too bad a degenerate is able to get away with things like that."


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I kind of agree with Rosie on this one... Donald found a hot young piece of ass and wants to keep her close.
Check out some Tara Conner Videos and the Trump VS. Rosie

2853 days ago


He is absolutely deranged.

2853 days ago

Black Sheep    

Trump, you're no gentleman and it's obvious you only judge women by one thing: appearance. If you can't be dignified at least shut the hell up!

2853 days ago

Mario Dopoza    

I hate this dang dyke... Why doesn't she mud wrestle trump or something!

2853 days ago


Trump saying that Rosie has a death wish sounds like a thinly veiled threat to me. So he agrees with the First Amendment as long as he's the one doing the talking?

2853 days ago


rosie doesn't know when to shut up. she's a raging lunitic. zip it already and get on with your loud obnoxious miserable life.
i can't stand looking at her.

2853 days ago


Trump is an immature IDIOT. What kind of "so called" professional man would get into it with a tv show...........gee, could it be for publicity???? Yes I think so.

Rosie is a great addition to the view and I think if you took a survey today, you would see that the majority of people are on her side. She SPEAKS the truth. I would have to say the same thing and many people are except they don't have a t.v. show. She is only geteting bashed because she is in the public eye!

Donald, GROW UP............leave Rosie and the View alone!

2853 days ago


How old are these two?? I feel like I'm back in 5th grade again!. The next line from either of em should be " 3. I still take rosie's side tho.It's funny that trump(a "man") is standing up for a young woman w/money,semi-fame looks, etc. Meanwhile, if he wasn't married SHE would be his next young wife.She reminds me of his new wife , they have the same resume. DAMN, its STILL a mans world!!!.

2853 days ago


I just saw a news article: "Looking at Rosie causes cancer in laboratory animals."

Damn she's fugly.

2853 days ago


rosie............SHUT UP!!! she is a crude, loud mouthed skank.

2853 days ago


uM... rosir IS a far slob just like trump said... these ARE the facts...she needs to get over herself and find something better to do than to nose around in some else's business... She should have learned her lesson when she butted in the situation between Kelly Rippa and Clay Aiken.. oh wait there wasn't a situation until rosie again butted in!! STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES... you need to worry about your own!!

2853 days ago


Rosie must of touched a nerve on the Don. He could of ignored her as well...but no the idiot went on every news show to show how STUPID he is.
And he thinks his wife married him because she loved him???? Get Real Trump. She loved the green that you claim you have...once that's gone so will she.

2853 days ago


Donald Trump is full of hot air. His mouth is as big as his ego. He is nothing more than the school yard bully all grown up. Obviously Rosie has hit him where it hurts most...thought that would be his bank account but obviously it's his ego. He never could stand up to his father so he bullies everyone else. No one respects Donald Trump and no woman ever loved him either. The only reason anyone would be forced to sleep with that "man" is the promise of big bucks. He is a pimp...a controlling, money hungry sleaze bag.

2853 days ago


Rosie has made Donald make him self confirm what
as ASS Hole he Really is...............

We love Rosie..................Let's talk about the Truth as
Babra says..............hahahahahahahahaha

2853 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2853 days ago
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