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J. Lo on Thin Ice

12/29/2006 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez traipsed the icy streets of Aspen in five-inch heels, accompanied by a bevy of fur-lined friends.

Lopez set off a photog frenzy in the Colorado ski community, with one onlooker asking paparazzi, "Are you sure that's her and not just some random person?" Uh, yeah.

How many Jennifer Lopez lookalikes wander around Aspen in five-inch heels and (hopefully) faux fur?


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Wearing fur sucks no doubt. All racist pigs eat shit and die. Minorities are fighting and dying for this the country so f*ck off!!

2808 days ago


Why does this have to turn into a racial issue? If some of you don't believe in wearing fur coats then that's fine, but to put down a nationality or race is pure ignorance and stupidity.

#19, you sound like Jethro Bodine of the Beverly Hillbillies. The guy had a top level of 5th grade education. You seriously need to take some grammar lessons.

#8 and #17, GET A LIFE! I mean that too!

2807 days ago


She looks good with or without fur. However, her "music" is trash and her movies just ain't that good (remember "Anaconda"?).

2806 days ago


To hell with all you dumb asses, Jealousy is a bitch, It's crazy that there are still so many ignorant racist people out there NOT ALL LATIN PEOPLE ARE MEXICAN DON'T GET ME WRONG THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MEXICANS.

2804 days ago


I personally think miss j lo is a home recker & is only concerned w / what she wants. She as others is & will be a has been? She got her 15 minutes of fame & neeeds to vanish in to society. I personally have seen better loking female latinas who have a personality & are open & j lo is only concerned w/ herself.

2804 days ago


Hello to everyone, I know and understood some people dislike JLO at all because of her way and idea. Of course some poor and rich people are getting huge mistake and should move on then do not look at PAST. You all people should show your and their respect no matter what if you dislike JLO or other hollywood people are so EGO with RICH or POOR. These people are FAIR!!! Well, I guess If you or famous people are talk too much like negative language that's meant it is NOT nomarl or NOT engouh mature to be....

Be honest, I really like JLO's music, dance, and actress..She is amazing person and very smart to be so beautiful woman but I understand she DID make huge mistake. Well, I hope JLO will getting best one this year 2007 to became more success than her past.... Wish her good luck go for it (Jennifer Lopez!!!)

2803 days ago


this is to number 8, you know something you must be stuck in a little box first of all j.lo is beautiful your just mad cuz a Spanish person actually made it in this world without sleeping around, partying, doing drugs, having kids and then letting them fall everywhere like other people.. It’s ok to hate on another female, but really don’t ever say that we want to be or act white... never that.... really, we Latinas are exotic we don’t all look like we came out of a box... (Barbie) we have class and yeah we do have big asses and you know something it looks good in jeans. Honestly I don’t know what guy would want a girl with a flat ass... sweetie you must be fat or really skinny, broke and ALONE!! You know something show me a white girl that’s famous that doesn’t act dirty. Good luck with that..... People are such haters... if your ever visiting Boston go to Dudley and run your mouth with that crap lets see how far it takes you.... OH YEAH to all who are talking so much crap about us PUERTO RICANS AND OTHER LATIN people close your eyes cuz where moving up in the world and im sorry it bothers you but the truth hurts sometimes ive been told... ha ha ha... dont hate its your turn to take the back seat.....

2802 days ago


JLO is the best paid (money) in Hollywood and she is Puerto Rico - and surely some people just donnt dig it!! - mala suerte!!!! in other words TOO BAD!!

Nobody can beat up!! - wepa Boricua!!!

God bless JLO & Marc Anthony

2798 days ago


Fat retard coming out of the gutter alley ... she should go back since it's where she belongs. I absolutely cannot stand the sight of this bitch. It makes me sick that Selena's unfortunate demise has brought us this piece of shit subsitute.

2781 days ago

Liz Villega    

Wow, interesting comments. I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything. But, I thank God for the ability and the USA for the freedom to say what we damn please! But for those of you who hate, confront your issues and improve your lives. When you do die, you may be in an uncomfortable situation, standing in judgement before God, who happens to be a beautiful, bountiful Puerto Rican wearing a fur coat. LOL. Peace, Love and Tolerance to all! CO Jewlgoil

2778 days ago


Selina Selina girl whats wrong, tell us more tell us more!

2745 days ago


I thought it was Bendeho, Ben's laughing and loving this1

2745 days ago


If you love your family please continue to not purchase "LIVE" cologne
This goes straight to the heart of family
Something this girl gave up long ago

2745 days ago


I swear by my dead father's grave to have my justice my revenge!

2745 days ago


You stole my identity Jennifer how many years has it been now just like you did in the movie Maid in Manhattan to Caroline
When the day comes that you fall well I hope you fall hard!
Because the worse you do unto others the harder you fall

2745 days ago
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