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Paris to Britney -- You're An Animal!

12/30/2006 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton and Britney SpearsLooks like the Paris Hilton-Britney Spears lovefest is officially over. Not even a month after the pair were BFF for all the world to see, Paris left Brit off her Christmas party invite list, and is going around calling her "Animal" behind her back.

Brit abruptly stopped partying with Paris a couple weeks ago, and according to Us Weekly, she told Paris that it wasn't "personal." Well, Paris apparently took it that way, snubbing her and smearing her to others. A rep says, "I've never heard Paris use that phrase about anybody, and I won't be surprised to see them together in the future."

Miss Nevada Not Getting A Second Chance – For Sure

Even though Donald Trump seemed to open the door last week for Katie Rees, the disgraced Miss Nevada, to take her crown back (if not her dignity), the door was officially slammed in her face yesterday. Paula Shugart, head of the Miss Universe Organization, told the AP that she'd "thoroughly considered" Rees' request to be reinstated, but that there was "no recourse but to stand by our decision." The Donald had told "EXTRA" last week that he was looking into the decision to strip Rees of her title, inciting speculation that Rees might come back.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Goes Wild on Joe Francis

It might be a case of a few too many Red Bulls, but Lindsay Lohan got into it with flash-and-flesh impresario Joe Francis in Miami recently. According to Page Six, Lohan and Francis were hanging at club Mokai, when Francis ignored Lohan to hit on other girls, which didn't please Lindsay one bit. "Lindsay gave him a piece of her mind," says a Post spy. "They had to be physically pulled apart." Lohan simmered down enough to hang with her new best pal (and close Paris Hilton associate) Scott Storch.

Harrison FordParty Favors: "Indiana Jones" 4 Set to Begin Filming ... Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox Wed ... Networks Weigh Showing Hussein Hanging Footage

George Lucas said yesterday that the long-awaited "Indiana Jones" sequel is finally coming to the big screen, and that it'll start shooting next year. The script has been finalized by Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford is set to take the whip once more. ... Actor Jay Mohr and actress Nikki Cox have gotten hitched, reports People. The bosomy Cox met Mohr on the set of her show "Las Vegas," and the couple were engaged in February. It's the first marriage for Cox, who was once engaged to comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, and the second for Mohr. ... In the aftermath of Saddam Hussein's surprisingly sudden execution last night, networks are scrambling to figure out whether to air footage of the actual hanging, if in fact it exists. NBC News execs hinted that they might use "a wide shot" for history's sake, but most of the newsmen who talked to the New York Times seemed to take a wait-and-see posture.


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I think someone needs to introduce Paris to the term "Pot calling the kettle black" if the bitch for Nikki Cox...she only married that turd Jay Mohr because my wife wasn't down for a threesome...oh well..

2855 days ago


Paris and Britney were doing each other. Brit didn't like it much I'm guessing.
Now Paris is trashing her. What pigs. If these skanks didn't having
so much money, they'd be asking if you want fries with that.

2855 days ago

in the know    

Af few weeks back Paris called Britney a very sweet person who she loved going out with and just wanted her to be happy. I knew it wouldn't be long before they weren't speaking. Britney stopped hanging with Paris because she said it was not good for her reputation, then went out and ruined her reputation all by herself. Unfortunately Britney has turned in to an animal. With all her money she could have the best stylists, even hire a few friends for that matter. She looks so bad, her hair hasn't been washed or combed in months. She wouldn't even have to do it herself, she could go to a salon daily to have it done. She is desperately insecure and could probably benefit from prozac. She said she is lonely and goes out on daily basis in the hopes of meeting someone. Her appearance and mannerisms are so embarrassing it is doubtful she will meet anyone better than Kevin Federline for now. I truly believe she no longer wants to be a parent.

2855 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hey sh*theads there at tmz nice of you to put the saddam at the end of an article that has Brit and Nikki Cox ?!? before that . Shows that you guys have a great sense of history . dickheads . The side bar to the execution should have been in "this weeks biggest losers " . Beside all my tirades the Boil really has no great hate for anyone but this bastard deserved what he got . Dickhead in Death .

2855 days ago


You mean Brit and Paris's friendship wasn't REAL? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!!

2855 days ago


The name calling is all a set up to ruin anyone that tries to befriend the Hiltons.. They are so envious and jealous of everybody and thing. So Paris's favorite thing with her acquantices is to tempt them to do wrong, treat them to a bitter taste of public humilation and fatal backstabbing.. so the send-off had to reflect bady on the victim they never liked anyway. I loved them like a sister? best friends for a long time. I loved him but he was too demanding? Brit, Linds, Richie, the Olsons, Tara, unknown amount of men are cruel, mean, or an Animal to her?! How dare they ..whatever? Haha. We know.. we know.. We all know what you did Paris, what you do to others.. so Shaddup with your childish spite and GO AWAY!

2855 days ago

Ms Kris    

As an Indiana Jones fan since the opening of the 1st film, I was 1st in the door opening day for all 3 films, I have 1 thing to say---------I will believe it when I see it.


2855 days ago


To be called an animal should be a compliment, not an insult, when we see what is going on in the world these days. Now that Saddam Hussein is dead, can we leave him in God's hands and stop the name-calling. Saddam Hussein is not the only one who deserved to be hanged, there are many others, right here in the USA.

2855 days ago


Paris Hilton backstabs everyone and all he friends. Then they go back to her. The Hiltons have no class. Nicky Hilton isn't great either. I hope their business goes down the drain and those two spoiled bitches die penniless. Paris is insecure. She has every right to be.

2855 days ago


What do you think of my imaginary plan to make Britney get off the "behaving badly" category and on to the "famous and talented" category? Note that this plan is IMAGINARY, and not supposed to be used or be realistic or logical in any way.
First all the Britney fans gather together and raise money for something that I shall call The Britney Foundation... a foundation dedicated to making Britney Spears talented and famous again!
Once the money is raised, we shall hire builders to create a building complete with a fitness room, music studio, spa, beauty salon, and garden in the back (just for fun.) Then, we hire makeup artists, camera people, fitness trainers, coreagraphers, and spa workers. Then we invite Britney to join this Britney Foundation, and go to our new building! We have fashion designers make a completely new fashion line for Britney so she can look in style again. Then we shall have Britney relax at the spa until she looks refreshed and ready, then we have her reanact her old videos, and sing the songs and make the videos just the way she used to with all the same dance moves, until she makes all her old videos again, except better! Then we have her work out in the fitness room to make her nice and strong and in-shape, and finally we have her go to the beauty salon- and make her hair and skin and nails all shiny and do some photo shoots! Then Britney will be a GOOD celebrity instead of a bad one!!! WE can help save Britney's life... and before you know it, Justin Timberlake will be so impressed with Britney, that Cameron Diaz gets jealous, dumps him, and Britney and Justin hook up again so they can BOTH be happy... and we also invite Jessica Simpson to a Jessica Foundation next door... right beside the Hillary Foundation.

2855 days ago

Dr. M    






Dr. M

2855 days ago


The internet hs been flooded in the past few years of Americans being heheaded by these radicals. The image is something you should never see but once seeing it you know every American should see it. It seems to give the idea of what animals we can be dealing with in our near future. Show Saddam and let people decide what is approppriate for them.

2855 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Maria #11:
That's very VERY nice dear!
You ARE SO very smart, cleaver and BEAUTFUL!
Now put your coloring things away and finish up your homework, so we can go to the mall like I promised and buy you the latest Britney CD...Oh? She doesn't have a new one? Well, maybe we'll buy her friend's CD...what's her name again?

2855 days ago

marland countryman    

Britany is just a small home town girl that struck it rich and not she hasbeen hurt by a person who really didnt love her and she doesnt really know what to do so she was hanging out with Paris for this time and trying to be like her , she will get back to a fairly normal life style soon if she doesnt get pregant by some guy-lol

2855 days ago


Ms. nevada I like how that chick is squeezing your tits, it makes me jealous. Here's 5 bucks can Ido it to. I think I'm love with you ,you nasty whore.

2855 days ago
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