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Still The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz

12/30/2006 9:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Brown has once again proven that he's still got flair ... even though he died nearly a week ago.
James Brown
The Godfather of Soul, who passed away on Christmas day, underwent one last costume change for his second viewing in Augusta, GA early Saturday morning.

Brown rocked a shiny blue blazer with a matching tie this time around, a drastic change from the suit he wore during the New York viewing on Thursday.

Eat your heart out, Cher!


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We, are not amused.    

"get up on your good do the bad thing"

Seriously, has there ever been a better lyric in all of popular music?
Yeah he was far from a perfect human being, but say what you will another part of the "soundtrack" of my youth is gone and I wonder will anybody care when the "Panic at the Disco" guys pass on.
All I expect of entertainers is ...entertainment. He met that obligation. Too bad for you if he didn't meet your exalted standards of conduct in his personal life.

2818 days ago

We, are not amused.    

You can always count on the schmuck's that run TMZ to be devoid of any class!
Heaven forbid that they would show any consideration to the Brown family, or us dopes that keep coming back to post our comments on this site that is more concerned about use curse words, than hate speech. I agree with the other who were shocked to find pictures for all to see of this man laid out without any warning. How come you guys didn't do that for that son of Anna Nicole Smith? I'm sure there were such pictures?
Whats next TMZ? Here's an idea...get someone to follow Paris, Britney of Lindsey and see if you can get a photo of what they leave behind when the use the toilet at Ivy. I am sure we would all enjoy that.
Miserable tw*ts!

2818 days ago


It was touching how MJ game him a little kiss. The King of Pop was just paying his respects to the King of Soul.

2818 days ago


Just when I think they cant get any dumber, I go and read linda lou's comment.

2818 days ago


james brown made sure he had a veiwing so he could (go out in style) but the jerk has made sure before he died that his child and the mother are locked out of the property? i bet he was a wife beater a drunk and just a plain old rich talented a**hole! rest in peace while your son is homeless you a**hole.

2818 days ago


Thank you #8, I was gonna say the same thing. Ronald Reagan had a funeral everyday for a week. And it looks like the same with Ford. And Anna Nicole let her son lay up in a morgue for a month. So #7 what is your point again?

2818 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

The reason Former President Ford's funeral is taking "so long" is because there is a holiday (New Year's). Most President's have funerals that take up to three days (a 'home' viewing, a 'Washington' viewing, and a burial).

I don't 'get' why Mr. Brown has a change of clothes and caskets. It doesn't make sense to me, but, hey, whatever his wishes. His professional was much more stellar than his personal life. Regardless, whether it be a President or a Singer, I hope they both RIP.

2818 days ago


While I loved James Brown its time for the buriel you can actually see the body shrinking and decomposing

2817 days ago


Sorry , but those "suits" look stupid. Just like balck people to dress like clowns

2817 days ago


#37 - Who's stupid? You can't even spell "black" (balck?). Anyways, LONG LIVE THE KING OF SOUL! !

2817 days ago


I agree with #2; I think there should have been a warning about the photos.
A LOT of people do not walk up to a casket, because they want to remember the person the way they looked when they were alive.
My husband & I have discussed it & neither one of us want people walking by staring at us when we are dead.
I actually feel a little sick to my stomach, because you can tell his body was starting to change... a little too much.

2817 days ago


leave it to some moron (talking to you #37) to bring race into the story of a dead man. you're a real class act dude.

2817 days ago

Linda Lou    

okay - #7 here - I now agree that it's not necessarily a black thing to wait so long to bury someone. Anna Nicole's son's case was the most appalling of all and I think they even had an open casket after all that time. Black or white, rich or poor, it is extremely poor taste to parade a body around that has been dead for several days or more and have everyone gawk at it. Multiple viewings are in even poorer taste.

2817 days ago


May he rest in bliss, he was truly the Godfather of soul. there will never be another like him.

2817 days ago


uh, time to close that casket. the deterioration to his face in a week's time from new york to georgia is nothing short of mummified. from a plum to a prune.

2817 days ago
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