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Dueling Celebs Ring in New Year

12/31/2006 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

britneyFormer BFFs, now mortal enemies Britney Spears and Paris Hilton can't get far enough away from each other. Britney, who was sucking face with QB Matt Leinart Friday night in Arizona, will be hosting a party at Pure in Vegas, while Paris has gone down under -- we mean, she'll host a New Year's Eve party in Australia.

Meanwhile, according to People, Nicole Richie's new squeeze, Joel Madden, will DJ at the Palms in Las Vegas, and we're betting she'll be there to party. Exes Pam Anderson and Kid Rock will host dueling parties in Sin City -- Pam will be hanging out at Tao at the Venetian, while Kid rocks out across the street at Jet at the Mirage. But what could make the night even more interesting is that the buxom blonde's first hubby, Tommy Lee, will be playing a gig just down the street at the Hard Rock.

In the Big Apple, Christina Aguilera will host a bash at the Hudson Hotel -- a Heineken party, and hubby Jordan Bratman has already requested eight cases of Heineken Light. That should make for an interesting night!

Brad PittBrad Has No Sole for Jen

Jennifer Aniston must be pissed! According to Us Weekly, ex hubby Brad Pitt went to their favorite restaurant, Il Sole in West Hollywood, last week.

Brad reportedly dined with George Clooney, Steven Soderberg and about 20 other guests to celebrate Brad's 43rd birthday in the restaurant's private wine room. Angelina and the kids weren't there. Nevertheless, Il Sole is where Brad and Jen spent many a night while they were married. Ouch!

Michael Jackson

Jacko Steals James Brown's Spotlight -- at Funeral!

It was near pandemonium during the Godfather of Soul's final viewing when Michael Jackson entered the James Brown Arena. The packed house screamed as the reclusive King of Pop stopped by to pay his respects with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. "James Brown is my greatest inspiration, ever since I was a small child," said Jackson, who wore a black leather suit and dark sunglasses. "When I saw him move, I was mesmerized. I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown, and right then and there, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." He then bent down and kissed Brown's forehead.

Party Favors: Robert DeNiro Claims He Owns Tribeca ... Tiger Woods Is Going to Be a Dad ... Mariah Carey to Appear in Playboy

Reminiscent of Mel Gibson owning Malibu, Robert DeNiro believes he owns the rights to the name Tribeca, and has demanded that the indie arts-oriented website be discontinued. The site's owner says DeNiro is "acting like a real bully" ... Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, are expecting their first child ... Mariah Carey will appear in the March issue of Playboy -- with clothes. A source says the photos are outtakes from an album photo shoot.


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Happy New Year skanks and hoes.

2832 days ago


Doesn't matter where Pitt had his party. Shows how selfish Holie is to have not been there or perhaps he didn't want her skankiness around others. Can't much blame him for that.

2832 days ago


I hardly think that jennifer was upset because Brad went to eat at a place where the 2 of them went, Im sure there is a lot of places they went together, they were together for 7 years...

2832 days ago


I think Anniston could care less. Brad is an ass.
Party on Brit, Paris, Nicole, you low lifes.
Michael J is just plain xxxking weird.

2832 days ago

Lite it    

So what Brad can never go to that restuarant again? Thats lame.Why don't we just move it along? Marrying Brad CAN'T be the only thing that Aniston HAD going for herself. Oh wait, yeah I guess it WAS!!!

2832 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

This is the same story that appeared on US blog a week ago. Is TMZ just a copy cat now? The group, according to US went to eat after doing O13 reshoots all day and Angelina was at the set with Brad. Supposely she and the kids had cake and ice cream with Brad earlier and then later, again according to a tab, they spent the night togethr sans kids at their Malibu home. Who knows what the truth is? And anyone can eat at any place if they want to I do believe. I really doubt that JA cares where he eats or with whom. Two years and counting people they have been over and definitely moved on. TMZ, where are the pixs of Brad and Angelina holding hands on vacation in Panama from yesterday? Need recent news on this blog.

2832 days ago


God almighty what a S-T-U-P-I-D story about Brad's birthday party. Are Brad and/or the Maniston the only ones who have ever eaten there? Just another lame attempt to link the Maniston to Brad. Give it up already.

How sweet of Angelina to give Brad some space and time to celebrate his birthday with some friends. How very unselfish of her.

2832 days ago


Happy New Year and F*** the Haters!

Paris Hilton is still my favorite celebrity EVER!!!

She was the most googled person of 2006!

Paris is HOT!

2832 days ago


I used to like Britney.

But I think it was very unfair that when Britney showed her tw*t to the world Paris got the blame for it.
Paris did not do anything but be a very nice friend to Britney.
Paris even tried to close Brit's legs, you can see it on one picture!

Celebs have NO loyalty. Britney is an ungrateful bitch.

2832 days ago


I'm betting Elin Nordegren's baby won't look much like Tiger. Just sayin' ...

2832 days ago


Sorry #4 I think that Brad was ALL she had going for her. She is a bad movie actress, i dont know if shes tried Broadway but if Julia Roberts who is a much better actress ( and looks better too ) could not hack it , Aniston could no way do anything but suck. And thank you #5 , I dont think Brad has time to think about Jen, with a hot career, hot chick, three beautiful kids, and learning - fron Angie- how to give back to the world unlike most " hot " people , he really learned in the third world contries that " life's a bitch, and then you die " is their way of life, and is trying to help make it better. Also , I like the fact that Brad and Angie look like a normal family even though the kids are different races. Ive seen some " real" bio families that look more like stangers than the Jolie-Pitts. The reason I feel that Brad and Angie dig each other is that she did not feel the need to hang with him and his boyz at his party. Ladies , this is one of the biggest lessons I learned from my first marrage, let your man remember you have your own life. Give him some space and trust me, he will come home without you saying a word, cause he wonders what you are doing that you are letting him leave without worry. I had the horrible first marrage because I was to needy, Ive got the second marrage ( more love, money and 10 years younger than me) and I could not be more happy. That info was for the Ladies, but Aniston its for you too. Stop playing the marter and find someone and act like you have a brain working. Brad anit comin' back. Peace and Love :)

2832 days ago


Sorry AngieG1, but what you think doesn't make you right either.
It's just an opinion so don't be saying I'm wrong. What you think
is only your opinion. Don't be naming names. Just say what you think
and get the hell out. This is a gossip site.
These no life losers who come in here and bash others cause they
don't agree is the lowest. Get a life.

2832 days ago


May everyone's New Year be Happy, Healthy and HILTON-FREE!

2832 days ago


Hey Prnzez and AngelG1, you both say good things. I still think Brad is good looking, but he WAS a dog for doing that to Jen. I think he and that ho Angelina started something while he was still married. He should've taken care of old business before starting new business, if you know what I mean. I hope karma gets them both and Jolie dumps him because she's so freaky and gets tired of him because she can't stand living in a normal world or Brad realizes how freaky she is and cheats on her!!! (That sounds bad, sorry!)
As for Jen, I hope she marries someone who treats her better than Brad did. AngelG1, thanx for your comment about giving your man space. It's so true--believe me, I've lived through it and once i loosened up, he actually wanted to go out less and when he did, he always came back earlier than I expected. And I worried for nothing. So thanks for reminding us!
Prinzez, keep on posting! I love this site! it makes me laugh and adds some comic relief to my life! Don't be haters--2007 is a new year! Good wishes and happy times for everyone for the new year!!!

2832 days ago


Hey, everybody, Im sorry, I got started on my soapbox and let my own stuff get in the way, and # 12 (oops,sorry :) ), I do have a wonderful life , hope you do too. And #14 thanks too you also, sometimes another point of view opens eyes to see more clearly. To ALL, TMZ included, this space is great , we have it all : gossip about crazy stars, the abilty to say what we want, and be thankful to God that I might not be rich like these stars, but I love my life and the people that are in it. I hope everyone has a fabulous new years eve!!! Peace and Love :)

2832 days ago
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