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Too Hot for TV: TMZ's Naughtiest of 2006

1/1/2007 11:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ invites celeb-watchers of all ages to the Zone, but sometimes we just have to keep the kids away.

Whether it was Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis unleashing the mother of all gynecological oratory, Britney Spears providing her own nether-anatomy lesson, Miss Nevada going wild, or Michael Richards losing his grip onstage -- we captured more than a few less-than-family-friendly video moments.

Brandon Davis: click for video

Word of the Year: Firecrotch

In the rant that made Brandon Davis the Greasy Bear we know and hate, we learned much more about Lindsay Lohan than we ever thought possible.

Miss Nevada: click for photos

XXX Miss Nevada

Proving that beauty queens are often made of more spice than sugar, Miss Nevada couldn't keep her clothes on -- or her tongue in her mouth.

Michael Richards: click for video


Speaking of loose tongues, Michael Richards ignited a firestorm of controversy with a barrage of N-words onstage at the Laugh Factory. TMZ broke the story.


Last, Britney Spears burned a hole in all our retinas that we'd like to forget, with her assortment of panty-free appearances in Hollywood.


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Enough of this year end crap! No one is clicking on anything. You are reviewing things that happened two weeks ago. Get a grip! Stick to fresh entertainment gossip.

2817 days ago


Lets hope some of these stars can pull it together and grow up some in this new year!

2817 days ago


Britney's hoochy momma exposures really topped the stories of the year. What is most amazing is what she would do for attention and to get back at Kevin. She didn't even take into consideration that she has little boys.

2817 days ago


Thats scarry that this is our year in review ......... Did anything GOOD come out of this past year ????? or was it all naked pictures and talk of peoples "items" ..

2817 days ago


We can only hope 07 is 100% better than 06 .

2817 days ago

Don Delury    

We need to keep Paris away from everyone and everyone from her! That might save a few people.

2817 days ago


What a great year. It will be tough to beat.

2817 days ago


My take on the pantyless Britney was that somebody told her that Marilyn Monroe did that, and that is why Britney had to do it. She's obsessed with being America's top sex symbol, and with all the competition out there for her title........

2817 days ago


To By the Fly on the Wall:

I think Brittany needs to get over the fact that she's as sexy as Marilyn Monroe or even think about being the next MM. . .Even from my woman's stand point MM was sexy and classy.

Brittany is neither sexy or very classy. . .She doesn't have want Marilyn had or ever will. She will always be skank and hootchy mama. Not a very good role model for very young girls.

2817 days ago

george vieto    

Brad and Angelina visiting Panama City? Enjoy your stay in the Central American nation. To the stars who acted naughty get your act together or it will to haunt you in 2007.

2817 days ago

duh...totally !    

I'm sorry , but there is absolutely NO reason at all for Lohan or Spears to go out in public, wearing no underwear...with a dress or skirt !!!

these girls are total TRASH !

2817 days ago

Psychic Clara    

Yes, there were a lot of controversial videos during 2006.

Psychic Clara.

2816 days ago


# 11 hotmama-I agree with what you said. I don't think we the public,should
buy anything that have these disgraceful girls names on it. Like CD's,Perfume,
or go to their Movies.They have bad behavior and they think that is acceptable.
Whoever disagrees with their behavior should show them it is not acceptable.
After the last few months of 2006,I dread to think what we have in store for us
in 2007,with these attention-getters.

2816 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Only the metrosexuals at TMZ would say "...Britney Spears burned a hole in all our retinas that we'd like to forget, with her assortment of pantie-free appearances in Hollywood." There is nothing WRONG with her flashing the happy clam!
In regards to the supposed low IQ of Marlyn Monroe I don't think there is any evidence of that being a fact. Monroe tried to overcome the typecasting of Hollywood as being a "dumb" blond. She took her craft as an actor seriously. If you get the chance see her performance in her (and Clark Gable's) last movie "The Misfits".That my friends is not the performance of some dim light nit wit.
Marilyn Monroe was NEVER photographed sans panties, I'm assuming that some people are assuming that from the famous scene of her standing over the subway exhaust grate in "The Seven Year Itch." In the 1950's I can assure you that her Hollywood career would have come to a screeching halt AND SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED if she HAD allowed herself to be so photographed, as well as EVERYONE involved with the production of that movie. Anybody that knows ANYTHING knows that what passed for hardcore pornography from that era NEVER showed the "happiest place on earth." Marlyn Monroe was the first centerfold of "Playboy", and Playboy didn't start showing the "Vag" until the 1980's.
If you are young you assume that the world has always been as you know it now.
Britney Spears striving to be like Marilyn...if she should even have a dream about that, she should slap herself when she wakes up.

2816 days ago


I think Britney's little snapper is precious.

2816 days ago
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