Too Hot for TV: TMZ's Naughtiest of 2006

1/1/2007 11:02 AM PST

Too Hot for TV: TMZ's Naughtiest of 2006

TMZ invites celeb-watchers of all ages to the Zone, but sometimes we just have to keep the kids away.

Whether it was Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis unleashing the mother of all gynecological oratory, Britney Spears providing her own nether-anatomy lesson, Miss Nevada going wild, or Michael Richards losing his grip onstage -- we captured more than a few less-than-family-friendly video moments.

Word of the Year: Firecrotch

In the rant that made Brandon Davis the Greasy Bear we know and hate, we learned much more about Lindsay Lohan than we ever thought possible.

XXX Miss Nevada

Proving that beauty queens are often made of more spice than sugar, Miss Nevada couldn't keep her clothes on -- or her tongue in her mouth.


Speaking of loose tongues, Michael Richards ignited a firestorm of controversy with a barrage of N-words onstage at the Laugh Factory. TMZ broke the story.


Last, Britney Spears burned a hole in all our retinas that we'd like to forget, with her assortment of panty-free appearances in Hollywood.