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Was Britney Drunk?

Did She Pass Out?

1/2/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first celeb controversy of 2007 -- Did Britney Spears get smashed at Pure nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve and pass out?

Britney Spears Photo Gallery
She was swigging champagne, passed out cold and fell to the floor, if you believe the New York Post. Brit's rep says it's all b.s. -- she was just so damn tired she was falling asleep.

Look at the pics of Brit at Pure. You be the judge


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@ "Brit ate Paris" What's wrong with having a mexican nanny?

2847 days ago


Well its obvious that she is on something don't yah think? She seems just a little to happy. Why she is on this spiral is not kewl at all. But, what the heck she is douable as long as you wear a condom, wouldn't want to get that rash she has hehe ;-)

2847 days ago


Well, this is a person who thinks its "ok" to smack gum on a national interview so does really surprise anyone anymore at her behavior? All i know is if there were pics of me partying as much as she does with kids at home waiting on her to come home and be a grown up i would have the state on my ass wondering if im even fit to raise them. just goes to show money gets you alot of things but its never going to buy you common sense. just ask Britney.

2847 days ago


I think it's funny that everyone on here thinks that have right to comment on someone else's lifestyle choices. She is a grown woman who has to live with her own consequences,whos' to say if she was drunk or not. She knows and she has to live with the reprocusions of her decisions, but to call names and be so accusing is quite sad. I would love to see how perfect all your families are, based on how you judge someone you have never met before. I think Britney has made some bad decisions,but she has time to change and make up for them. It all in her hands,not some idiots who make comments about being a "bitch" and a "whore". Very sad.

2847 days ago


Stop worrying about this child. She is a pop icon not the Pope Icon or any other person that is one of the many of us doesn't live life, party, make mistakes, and have children. If she did pass out she only did what most of us did on New Year's and if not one day if not everyday at one point of our lives. As for her career, you all failed to forget the same people she helped make rich are hating on her becuase they want to make more money off of her and will do anything to do so! So Brittany do you boo, boo, as long as you care for your babies and can afford the best for them party on!!!!!!!

2847 days ago


Why did she have kids? She should be ashamed of herself. I feel sorry for her kids.

2847 days ago

Nancy Stuart    

What #113 said

2847 days ago


She doesn't look drunk to me. We are no one to judge her. Divorce can be emotional. I am sure she loves her kids she just had a looser for a husband. She is young and if she wants to have fun, she has that right. Maybe the Stars should turn the table and print out information and pictures of the stupid papparazzi. They probably take money to print things that are not true on people. No telling what kind of criminals they are. If you like her music you should buy it anyway. I hope she will find a good man and have fun. You go Britt!!! Have fun just always remember your kids are first in your life.

2847 days ago


Get a life. Why do they keep giving her publicity. The media needs to move on. I'm so sick of Paris, Britney and Lindsey.

2847 days ago


who gives a f@ck shes aloud to have fun . let her be

2847 days ago


All the celebs got nannies. The got the money to afford them so quit being hater's. She probably hasen't had to take care of those 2 kids by herself for a whole day yet! And K-fed is a JOKE! EVERY mother deserves to have a little fun every now and then.

2847 days ago


Its ok to go out on NYE, however it might not be the best idea to do so while your life appears to be in shambles. Brit needs to take some advice from her pr people (if she has any) and do some MAJOR damage control and FAST! She will soon be like Whitney selling bras to pay for her must have, 7mil. home in BHills if shes not careful. Just ok albums and questionable singing are far easier to forgive than bad parenting. Publicity good, laughing stock--not so much.

2847 days ago


Brittany is not the only female to go commando in this world. It's unfortunate that she has cameras on her all the time. If we had cameras on individuals who didn't expect it, I bet it would be amazing what we discovered about them. As for her being drunk...I'm sure she was drunk on New Years....Her and half of the American population. That's what New Years is known for. You party in the New Year. But again, the focus is only on Brittany, as if she is the only one that got drunk that night. As for her puking at a K-fed look alike, hell I almost puke at the hearing of his name, so kudos to her for holding her cookies until she physically sees someone like him. Brittany is mother, she is not dead. Bottom line, she is no different than half the people in the U.S. It's just that her movements are contanstanly being documented and just because she does something that you wouldn't, doesn't mean that she is wrong for doing it. It's her life, not yours. If parents don't like her actions, then they can put their parental skills to work and prevent their children from viewing her antics, instead of being lazy parents and expect Brittany to be the role model for them so they don't have to do THEIR job as parents. If your child wants to smoke, do you leave it up to the smoking industry to teach them not to smoke. No, you inform them that it is not the right thing to do. Besides, we are all human, we make mistakes. Let the girl live her live, learn from her mistakes. If you don't like what you see, no one is making you read the articles on her, or making you buy the magazines regarding her. Don't like what you see.............LOOK AWAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!

2847 days ago


Brit, you need to find your way back to some [class] again,you we're such a precious girl at one time, you don't see jessica & ashley simpson makeing trash of themselves, make better choices in your friends, you need to want that desire back in being respected, we all fall at times in our life, but we have to pick the pieces back up & keep fighting for respect, you can still do it all but in moderation, please some how fight for your respect back, there may be one's that will never give you a chance but those that don't forgive are no better,this is not what you really want to be like, so make that come back, I believe you can do it & someone's right about who's doing your hair,maybe try Jessica's S. guy, I think he's the best yet ! get back into beleaving in yourself & your higher power to help you find your self back to decency ! your looking better slowly,keep working on it...Krystal, from baton rouge!

2847 days ago


So what if she is drunk?! I am a mother of two! Just because you are a mother means you cant go out, and have a good time?!!! I went out and got drunk on new years too does that make me a bad mom? NO ! It means I had a release.... every body INCLUDING MOTHERS need a break every so often. With the stress of a divorce its no wonder she needs a release. Will you give the poor girl a break!!!

2847 days ago
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