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Oprah: I'm No Madonna

1/3/2007 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amid controversy over her new South African school, Oprah Winfrey has thrown her support behind Madonna's controversial adoption. But unlike Madge, O won't be bringing any of the kids home anytime soon.

In an interview with "EXTRA" correspondent Jon Kelley that airs tonight, Winfrey pats celebs like Brangelina and the Material Girl on the back for their adoption of non-caucasian children. "With somebody like Brad and Angelina, their family is a little United Nations," says Winfrey, who also believes the negative response to Madonna's adoption of a Malawian child was "craziness."

Will Oprah follow in Madge's footsteps and bring one of the schoolgirls home with her? That's a big "No, no no no," from O.


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Does Oprah look like Della Reese's twin sister?

2814 days ago


Hey #14 what differnece does it make if "your people" (whatever that means anyway) want to be called African American or Black if your skin color is Black your Black if your White your White it does not matter when you come from i was born and raised in south africa i lived there until the age of 21 when my family and i were forced to leave becasue the country was handed ove to a bunch of un educated fools who screwed up the economy and thought they had the right to come and take our land even thought my father earned it and bought and paid for it we immigrated to America i am proud to be a citizen of this wondefull country I am now a REAL African American and i have WHITE skin get my point.................................

2814 days ago


#18 Ofcourse, there was mostly black kids. THEY'RE IN AFRICA!!! What would be the point of going to Africa opening a school to help the underprivledged locals and then filling the school w/ South African white kids who already have the best opportunities. I wish Americans would stop using the word "starving". We do not have poor people in this country starving. When is the last time u have seen a homeless person who is completely emmaciated w/ a distended belly unable to even walk b/c of malnutrition. No matter how poor u r here u can always find a soup kitchen, shelter, charity, or gov assistance program to ensure ur survival. Most Africans have NOTHING. Stop whining about what Oprah isn't doing for the children in the wealthiest country in the world w/ the most powerful gov in the world. We already have someone here who should be taking care of poor people. He's is called THE PRESIDENT.

2814 days ago


huh. good look oprah

2814 days ago


Tmz Your website is messed up. How many double posts are there because you can't figure out what the heck you're doing? Asses.

2814 days ago


#26- "mind you-we want to be called African American and not Black but the instant someone does anything in Africa they are scrutinized".

Read the sentence and get the context, sweetheart. I was speaking on how hypocritical it is for us to use the term 'African American' and turn a blind eye to the plight in Africa. I was not speaking of how we portray ourselves to Whites and the N-word- completely different subjects. I would rather be referenced by my name, thank you much.

And, while I am not a fan of Oprah myself, she stated that the reason her school was for Black girls is because of the AIDS pandemic, which of course, is in a higher percentage among Black Africans. It is well known that education is the only cure we have (yes I did see the interview, by the way).
As I stated before, try and get at least a few facts straight so you only sound MILDY ignorant!

2814 days ago


all you people hating on Oprah are full of so much hatred and resentment for anything positive done for and/or by people of color, it's a miracle you manage to breathe. it's apparent to me, not just from this "contraversy" that white people (and some African Americans!) deeply resent Oprah Winfrey, because she has so much power in the media. Anything she does is closely dissected or attacked. She is a media empire, who has held a massive influence over television programming, book sales, and consumer products for a number of years. And this makes many people very, very uncomfortable. And she's wealthy. The nerve of her to shine so much light on a grossly underprivledged African community!

2814 days ago


To those of you criticizing Oprah's accomplishments and good deeds: What have any of you done to help mankind? How dare you criticize anyone who is making a difference in this world. If you think skin color or geographic location should dictate who gets help then you are doomed to a life of ignorance and discontent. What is your purpose in life other than spewing hate, ignorance and misery? It's a pity you were raised by bigoted, uneducated parents who taught you to judge people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.

2814 days ago


I have a feeling no matter what this woman does there will always be people who will find something wrong with it......sad, sad.

Hopefully one day we'll see an Africa where the people are healthy and prospering just like people in other parts of the world.

Those people deserve it! Thank you OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2814 days ago


I'm completely baffled as to why Madonna was so highly crticized for adopting an African child, while Angelina Jolie is touted as a saint for carting her poor little babies around the world like they're accessories. And why are people like Oprah criticized every time they help kids who would otherwise have no hope in other countries? We all live on the same planet you know. Oprah probably helps poor kids here plenty but it's just not as highly publicized, people who complain about helping out in other countries are both ignorant and racist.

2814 days ago

Steve Turner    

Can you say ego maniac? When you invite the world to celebrate and record your every philanthropic move as well as to document every pound you shed or gain; all to further boost your image and financial empire; well it speaks for itself now doesn't it? For shame big "O".

2814 days ago


Why dont you racist people leave Oprah alone. So, she named the school after her? It is her money that built it therefore she has every right to name it Oprah. Why dont you attack someone such as Trump who never done sh*t for children in America, better yet why dont you haters start a charity and donate to the needy of this country instead of criticizing someone who is doing for others.

2814 days ago


I admire Oprah for what she does even if it's for prestige and attention. But your kindness Oprah won't get you into Heaven. Just remember this when it's time to meet Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

2814 days ago

Steve Turner    

Hey #65, Susan Clarke. Bless you. Finally someone has the courage to tell the rest of the story and having the first hand experience to back it up. Unlike the politically correct talking heads, who inccessantly run around sqwacking that white skinned humans are the sole creators of hatred and racism, we who have the honesty to speak the truth know otherwise. Hate and racism is and has always been a global phenomenon, affecting every race; even Ms Oprah I dare say!

2814 days ago


The "What have you done" argument is stupid! We wouldn't have charity of any type if not for normal, everyday Americans without money. You think celebs help so much because it's publicized.

2814 days ago
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