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Britney & K-Fed Agree to Temporary Custody

1/5/2007 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyTMZ has learned that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have mutually agreed to a custody arrangement during the month of January.

Under the terms of the stipulated agreement, just filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney and Kevin will have joint legal custody of their two children, one-year-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James. Spears custody agreementBritney will have the lion's share of physical custody. Kevin's physical custody is extremely limited. He will be allowed to be with the children from noon to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Spears' residence. Under the agreement, Spears can be present, but no one may interfere with Federline's right to be with the children.

Also under the terms of the stipulation, Federline is allowing Spears to take the children to Miami for a week, starting today through the 11th.

No agreement has been reached on custody matters after January.

In her petition for divorce filed in November, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the couple's two children. Federline responded one day later asking for the same thing.

Federline is represented by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. Spears is represented by Laura Wasser.


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Awwwww I really think people should give Britt a break , she had a hard couple of years trying to support that two timing a**hole

2827 days ago

Marie House    

K-Fed wants those kids to receive child support. You don't see him fighting to get the 2 kids from Shar Jackson. If he gets custody of the kids maybe he'll go back to Shar so he'll have someone to care for them. Big joke...

2827 days ago


Neither seem like fit parents, but k-fag left two kids in the lurch for Brit's $$$. Now he has four and has to get off his lazy ,freeloading ass and get a job. He dosen't deserve a dime of Britney's money.

2827 days ago


I guess these types of people have all the time in the world to hate on Britney Spears who is FREE, SANE, RICH, BEAUTIFUL, and loved by many "

Are you sane? After her recent deplorable behavior, I think she should be locked up. She should not be trusted to raise her kids. The kids would have a better life with foster parents. Neither Britany or Federline should have custody.

2827 days ago

L Moss    

Brittany needs to be a mother not a party girl. She is not alone in this world by herself anymore and there are things that are more important than getting drunk and going out every night UMM I THINK THE KIDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOING OUT. Kevin is a sorry looser. He didn't even wait for his other baby mama to have her second child yet before he got Brittany pregnant which shows how irresponsible he is. Does he care about the kids or getting laid? That is a good question for that free loader. Kevin get a real job you reject pimp.

2827 days ago


Doesn't anyone on AOL monitor the language on these blogs?

2827 days ago


Wow, I'm so relieved this sort of got settled; now I can sleep. Who gives a nuclear strengthed rats ass about theses lowlifes with money???!!!

2827 days ago


In my opinion both parents need to be taught parenting skills.... It's easy to make babies but hard to raise them
The babies are better off with their mother but if she is gonna act like a barroom hussey then she dont need them
It's obivous K-fed doesnt want anything but money cause he is can't sing can't wrestle and i doubt if he is smart enough to flip burgers at jack in the box

2827 days ago


Look at Weird Al Yakovich's "interview" with K-Mart-Fed-Ex. It's a riot. Look on YouTube.
If I was a therapist in Beverly Hills, I would already be getting the couch warm for the kids in my retirement; sending fliers to their trailer, making sure my business card was floating in their bottle of Jack Daniels, my secretary's worn underwear (worn everyday for a week--and fed Mexican food daily) sent as a gift to K-Fed-Ex. I lived in LA for years. Believe it or not; that town worships celebrities, THIS is why garbage like them can exist, and white trash like them, and Pam Anderson (and whomever is worshipping her implants with their 10 inch) can be deified like royalty. This country is becoming FAR TO AWARE of white trash. Once we get rid of the Bushwhackers, maybe we'll all lighten up. Hopefully, Hilary will become President. Wait, then the country will be focusing on Lesbos...oh, well "Rosie for congress!"

2827 days ago

Circus Tim    

Who gets custody of the parents? They both need to be locked in a oom and taught to act like adults. (He needs to be catrated before he knocks up another victim)

2827 days ago

Psychic Clara    

It is good that they share custody of the kids, they should get along on that subject.

Psychic Clara.

2827 days ago


I see at that she's out and about in the nightlife AGAIN. What is this? Night #4,365 in a row?

Britney, do you ever stay home? Sit on your barenaked butt for a night or so? Feed your kids? Read them a five-minute story so they hear your voice? Do ANY of those things mothers do? You they can figure out who you ARE????

What a pathetic mother this twit is. All talk and no action. She's going to get it together when hell freezes over. It's hard to get it together when you're too stupid to know what you're doing wrong.

2827 days ago


m, w, f from 12-4? so he's not going to work? so no child support?

2827 days ago


I don't think at this time either parent is responsible enough to have custody. If this situation was about us we would have lost custody long ago.

2827 days ago


Not to sound like Im biased, But?
Lets face the facts, Britney is a talented performer, She has recorded some good songs, Her video's (the way she acts in them) are more to be desired
Obviously she has/had to dress like a bimbo to get people to notice her. She apparently feels her singing abilities are not enough to carry her through her performances. Also the way she has been carrying on lately has done much to damage her credibility. She needs to rethink why on earth is she hanging out with that porno bimbo paris hilton, If hilton was not part of the Hilton hotel chain, she would be just another tramp walking the streets.
And as for federline, well what can you say about him, other than he's a freeloader NO TALENT LOSER, if britney never married him, he would still be a back up dancer, MAYBE, everyone else saw that he was looking to FREE LOAD of britney and her money,and she just let him rough ride all over her, and later her Children.
As it was stated earlier ferline's ONLY REASON why he wants custody is for the nice fat child support cheque that he will get for the children,
I wonder ? how much of the child support money would actually be used for the children.
You know the reason why he never wanted custody of the children from the previous relationship.
IT SIMPLE She has no money.
So Sad for the Children. So Sad.

2827 days ago
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