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Lohan Healed! It's a Miracle!

1/5/2007 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a day after surgeons removed her appendix, Lindsay Lohan was already yelling and running around on her way out of the hospital. She's one heckuva healer.

TMZ has obtained exclusive video of Lohan exiting Century Park Hospital in Los Angeles, clutching a get-well bouquet. Shocked by the waiting paparazzi, Lohan screamed for a man name "Michael," and darted back inside the building. Moments later, a mystery man pulled up in Lohan's black Mercedes, and whisked away the surgically repaired star.

Careful Lindsay... you don't want to pop a stitch!


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Ho Hum...does she even do anything to warrant calling her a celeb? All I can remember is SNL and that movie with jamie Lee Curtis. Now she is just paid to be stupid.

2818 days ago

hard as nails    

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2818 days ago


I think she was pregnant and had a quickie abortion. The appendectomy was just a cover up.

2818 days ago


OMG!!!! I had mine out in feb... and i'm in good shape... and it took me a WEEK to walk normal!!!! heck, they had me on morphene the first 12 hours!

2818 days ago


Michael is the brother

2818 days ago


Most of you guys probably wouldn't last but 20 seconds if you stuck your dick in that.

2818 days ago


Remember the huge stink she caused by calling in sick when she was supposed to be on set filming her last movie? Remember how the severity of her illness increased each time she called in until she wound up going to the hospital for a few hours and left with a doctor excusing her from work for a few days? I know everybody remembers the studio writing a letter to her telling her they knew she wasnt sick, just hungover. This is more of the same.

2818 days ago


That whore did not have surgery, and if she did I hope someone left the scapel inside her and she gets an infection and dies.

2818 days ago


i suppose it's possible she's ok after one day... I had laproscopic abdominal surgery several years ago.... I was hoome that day, but dang the PAIN from the gas they put into you to puff you up so they can see what they are doing is INCREDIBLE. Your diaphram shares nerve endings with your neck and shoulders.... good god I felt like i had had the worst whiplash ever.... the incision and residual pain in my abdomonem was nothing compared with that.

Personally I feel sorry for t his chick. I recently viewed that greasy bear vid.... what a bunch of nasty things to say about someone, i don't care if you like them or not. What a scummy a**hole that guy is. People are constantly on this chick's back... I know that's the price of fame, etc., but that doesn't mean I can't feel bad for her for not hacking it and turning to booze and drugs and indiscriminate sex.

2818 days ago


I went in in the morning and got out the same day that I got my appendix out. so it is possible. I even walked out of the hospitial on my own. Get well soon Lindsay

2818 days ago


Clair she must have done something to you personally, someone oughta break a broomstick off in your ass while bangin your p***y with a longneck, say something else I dare you.

2818 days ago


Can we all say TICK TOCK..???????????????
Someone help this child.
She is a cry for help.
No way no how did she have surgery.
She drinks, smokes and does drugs.
How long before she rehabs or dies?

2818 days ago


Jally go do your insulin shot before you have an epilectic siezure

2818 days ago


no seizures here. Just my opinion. I have a right to it.

2818 days ago


Some people may go in for appendectomies and walk out the next day ( most people dont). They didnt want me to leave the next day, but I told them they had no choice. They called in the surgeon and 2 nurses and gave me a speil about dangers,etc. I told them I was leaving and the doctor asked me to sign a form saying I was leaving against the doctors advice. Then they refused to take out the I.V. until a guy showed up with a wheelchair and the nurse had spoken to my wife (to make sure I wasnt the one driving home.) I was still in alot of pain, not just in the area of the appendectomy, but through my whole body. My eyes were two black and blue circles and I had to hook my thumb through the waistband of my sweats and hold them away from the area of the appendectomy as I hobbled to the car. Lindsay Lohan did not have an appendectomy! Not the way she looks and the way she's running around. Its pretty obvious she partied hard throughout new years and beyond and was to hungover to report for work on the set of "I know who killed me". She pulled the same sh*t on one of her other movies. She has fans who will make excuses and believe anything she says. It's sad that she still thinks the studios will do the same.

2818 days ago
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