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Lohan Healed! It's a Miracle!

1/5/2007 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a day after surgeons removed her appendix, Lindsay Lohan was already yelling and running around on her way out of the hospital. She's one heckuva healer.

TMZ has obtained exclusive video of Lohan exiting Century Park Hospital in Los Angeles, clutching a get-well bouquet. Shocked by the waiting paparazzi, Lohan screamed for a man name "Michael," and darted back inside the building. Moments later, a mystery man pulled up in Lohan's black Mercedes, and whisked away the surgically repaired star.

Careful Lindsay... you don't want to pop a stitch!


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who cares    

Not that I care about any of this, but when I had my appendix out I was in the hospital for less than 24 hours and was able to walk out. Though most hospitals make you ride in a wheel chair. It is called laperoscopy, and it is a miricle with 2 tiny incisions. Imangine that so before the media wants to pull stuff out of their A** they should know what they are talking about.

2811 days ago


Oh, Mercy get a life already. Looks like you have been posting here all day. Are you like a psycho stalker just some loser that is obsessed with L.L? Dork.

2811 days ago


IShe is so vile. I bet her vagina finally gave way!

2811 days ago


please she had her boobs done there was talk since she slimed down her boobs got droopy and so she had them fixed. That is why she was covering up s much. NASTY FAKE PEOPLE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PIECE OF TRASH! jUST LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS WITH HER LYPOSUCTION AFTER HAVING HER KIDS.

2810 days ago


It was to fix a erupted implant i heard - ewww fake boobs are disgusting - i would rather small real boobs then fake ones - gross!

2810 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch, and I've got the herpes to prove it!!

2810 days ago


Theresa is a firecrotch and I'VE got the herpes to prove it!

2810 days ago


oh please, I have my gallbladder removed, and I went shopping at Nordstroms for shoes and goodies the very same day. This of course was against better judgment and the advice of doctors and family. Now, I had to go back for a lovely little shot of some powerful happy juice for pain, and ended up in lala land at the end of the day. Wow! Nevertheless, I was up and walking around as you see Lindsey, as soon a few hours after my surgery once I was released. THE SAME DAY! So, it is possible. I had "outpatient surgery" laparoscopic at a surgery center. Yet I was wheeled out to my driver, and I was in pain, but the happy meds worked “MIRACLES”.
But for Christ sack people, she is a f**king human, if she is a druggy and she had to be flushed out, so what, if she had surgery and walked out, so what, let her live her life, and go clean up your own glass houses. How many lies have you told lately! HUMMMMM…….. oh what, oh I forgot you who set here and judge are peeerfect, or have had no mistakes of their own, or have had to tell lies of their own making to cover up dirty no no’s. Because I know, I have in my Hey day, and a very few I have been caught in, NOT PROUD to say the least. Whatever…

I think it’s time Lindsey got a new PR…the stupid ass.

2809 days ago


the michael she's yelling for ( the "mystery man" driving her car) is actually her brother.

2809 days ago

White Rabbit    

On today's episode of HOSPITAL HIGHJINKS we have a close race - a trifecta, if you will!:

But first, tied for their Lifelong Outstanding contributions is a tie: Wacko Jacko and Liz Taylor. Mystery illnesses abound, and seem to keep cropping up very conveniently whenever they feel their fanbases wavering.

Show (Third place) = Wacko Jacko again, back into the hospital for the 4th time in as many days, then showing up for any media events in his jammy-whammys. Boo-f*cking-hoo!

Place (2nd): Anna Nicole Smith:
Kills one kid (he knew too much) whilst simultaneously popping out a new one (sympathy vote getter). Out with the old, in with the new. Just like she did w/her gastric bypass--- er, sorry, Slimfast diet.
Our FIRST PLACE Champeeen, the winner is, DRUMROLL please, Monty.... Lindsay Lohan, Queen of all the lying muthers that refuse to restrain themselves and then hide behind publicity and risk management, eliciting only cryptic and extremely implausible reasons for their client's hospital visits. And so young. Go figure. Live and learn folks, live and learn!

2809 days ago

lianna not like the other people here that hate her guts. i just hope that if the surgery wasnt just some untrue story, that shes okay.

2808 days ago


I had my appendix removed and the next day, I was not able to leave the hospital. They had me get out of bed and walk the hallway. I do not believe this story.

2803 days ago
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